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My Favorite Father’s Day Craft Yet: Daddy’s Little Monsters

Happy belated Father’s Day to all you fathers out there! I hope you enjoyed celebrating a dad in your life, or remembering someone special to you. We had a wonderful weekend spending time with Adam, and other than a date night on Friday night, we mostly hung out around the house with the kids. I’m planning on sharing the details of our date night soon – it was kind of a big deal! It was the first date night we’ve been on using a babysitter that wasn’t family or a close friend! Spoiler alert: it was amazing, and Adeline was obsessed!

father's day craft from kids

I thought I’d share the fun little craft we made for Adam for Father’s Day. I actually wasn’t planning on sharing this, and didn’t take any photos of it while we made it because I honestly believed it might be a flop! The thought of doing a craft for the first time with a toddler AND a baby had me slightly nervous, and I knew it would probably take years off of my Type-A life, but I wanted to at least try! Ha! Thankfully, it actually ended up going pretty smoothly, much smoother than I envisioned, and I was so excited with how it turned out! A & B ended up being rockstar hand and footprint makers – who knew?!

I came across the basis for this idea on Pinterest, of course, but tweaked it into something a little different. The idea I saw was actually a “Monsters Inc” themed craft, with the monsters decorated as Mike and Sully. To personalize it for us though, I let Adeline pick out her pink paint, and a blue paint for Barrett, then some googly eyes, glitter, and I already had some poofs at home to use for noses. I drew on some horns, a mouth, and called it a win!

It was also very cheap. I bought a 3 pack of small canvases from Walmart for less than $5, 2 little paints for $0.87 a piece, a pack of googly eyes for $2, and a tube of glitter for probably $1 something.

To actually make it, I first had Adeline do her hand print. I ended up making 3 – one for Adam, one for my dad, and one for my FIL. So Adeline did her handprint 3 times, which she LOVED doing, then we sprinkled on some glitter while the paint was still wet. Next, with Barrett sitting in his highchair eating a snack and Adeline to distract him, I sat on the floor under him and painted his foot, then miraculously pressed his chubby little foot onto each canvas. Somehow he didn’t smear them at all – seriously, a miracle! We also sprinkled on a little glitter to his footprints too.

father's day craft

Once dry, I flipped the canvases over so the monsters were upside down (so the fingers were the legs!) then I hot glued the googly eyes, the nose, and drew on the mouths, and horns. Then I wrote “Daddy’s Little Monsters” on the bottom, and a little note on the back. Ta-Da! (I know you’re jealous of my handwriting! The good thing about kids crafts is you can get away with bad handwriting!)

easy fathers day craft

I’m just so tickled with how it turned out! It’s cheesy, and imperfect, and silly, and oh so dorky. And while we made it, Adeline may or may not have spilt an entire tube of glitter all over the counter and the floor, making my head spin in the process, but out handy hand vacuum saved the day and we laughed it out. Eventually. HA! Adeline had a blast making it for Daddy, and she was so proud of herself. She talked about it all day, and was so excited to finally give it to him yesterday. I truly believe if you don’t make a cheesy Father’s Day craft on Father’s Day with your kids – are you even celebrating Father’s Day?? Adam is going to have a collection of the cheesiest craft once the kids are grown – and I know he’s pumped.

Did you make anything fun for Father’s Day? What did you do to celebrate the dads in your life?

father's day craft for kids


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    Alicia K
    June 17, 2019 at 7:02 am

    That craft is so adorable!!

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      June 27, 2019 at 10:04 am

      Thank you!

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