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Eight Weeks of Sweetness

It’s been 8 whole weeks since we brought home our little Bear. 8 weeks of pure sweetness. I know everyone says it about their own babies, but we really do have a sweet one on our hands. Maybe it’s because it’s the first time I’m experiencing all things baby boy, but he has just got me wrapped around his tiny little finger. I love the newborn stage, but now that we’re entering more of the infant stage, where his personality is starting to show and he’s acting a little more human and a little less sleepy alien, I’m remembering how much I love every stage for different reasons. It’s true how they say your heart can grow a little more each day, because I really do feel like I’m falling more and more in love with this little dude everyday. It’s just so much fun getting to know him, and I know he’s going to be completely different in 8 more weeks!

I’ll be back to share B’s 2 month update soon, but I wanted to quickly jot down some of my favorite things I’ve learned about him so far.

His squishy thighs grow so fast!

He makes the cutest noises when he’s eating and right after he’s fallen asleep, I can’t wait to hear what his big boy voice will be like!

His half smiles want so badly to be big, big smiles and as he’s smiling he kicks his legs like crazy.

His feet are the softest part of his body.

His combover hairline stays perfectly parted.

He loves having something soft against his face while he’s falling asleep.

He still does the “baby budha” after eating or after being asleep in the car seat.

When he’s in his car seat he has the best double chin.

He only likes tummy time for about two seconds but he does a great job!

He rolled from tummy to back at like 6 weeks.

After he’s done eating, his burps are sometimes loud enough to hear clear across the house.

Speaking of burps, if he’s going to spit up it’s almost always in an “aftershock” after his burp.

He sleeps best laying on my chest, but when he wakes up his head is always so sweaty.

He’ll fall asleep almost instantly if he’s swaddled on his back and we rub his eyebrows.

He almost always sneezes in groups of 3.

He can make the saddest pout face and it’s almost comical how sad he can look!

If he’s asleep but hears my voice, he’ll wake up instantly.

When he yawns, he lets out the most pathetic (but cute!) sigh.

He loves to “sit up” in our laps, or lay back on our knees and sway side to side.

When he sneezes, it throws back his entire body and he throws open his arms.

When it’s bath time, he lays by the bathtub and kicks his legs and coos with excitement.

He likes to hold my finger sometimes when he’s nursing.

He has a silver/white patch in the back of his hair.

He can sneeze-toot like a champ.

He’s a mover and a shaker. Literally. He likes to always be moving.

We love you baby B!


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    October 2, 2018 at 3:04 pm

    He’s so sweet Sarah ❤

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