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Easter Shelves, Outside Time, and a Daddy Daughter Dance

Hi again! Somehow I’ve found a few minutes to pop back in – YAY! This weekend was.a.lonnnnng.one. Wowzers I am exhausted. Parenting solo is not for the faint of heart. Adam was gone Thursday-today and needless to say, keeping both kiddos and myself sane all weekend was quite the challenge. But, it was also so, so good. It was only the second time I’ve had them by myself for any period of time and I once again felt like it was much needed. We had so much fun playing together and just spending time together that it really did fly by. I love these little nuggets so much, but my goodness they wear me out!

I managed to pull my big camera back out a few times over the weekend and thought I’d share 3 things in particular!

Easter shelves!

Hello there new holiday shelfie! I’ve been loving decorating our kitchen shelves for holidays and couldn’t let the Easter season be any different! I ran into Hobby Lobby on my lunch break last week and left with a handful of little Easter goodies I knew would look right at home on our shelves. I also picked up 2 of these adorable Easter bunny coffee mugs at Target and am obsessed!

Outside Time!

This weekend was BEAUTIFUL!! I’m talkin’ highs in the upper 70’s and mostly sunny! We spent the majority of the weekend playing outside together and I loved every second. This season of life is what I always dreamed it would be. Letting the kids run and play together while I curl up on the patio with a cup of coffee is a complete dream. Now that Barrett is big enough to play (mostly) safely and independently with Adeline, it’s so much fun just sitting back and watching. I know this season is just going to get sweeter, and I am soaking it up! Saturday morning while it was still a little chilly, they couldn’t wait to get outside and play together so we bundled up in jackets and jammies and got right to it! (PS Barrett’s cowboy boots and bear jammies CAN YOU EVEN BECAUSE I CANNOT!)

Daddy Daughter Dance!

This weekend Adeline got to attend her very first daddy-daughter dance put on by our church. Since Adam was out of town for his marathon, his dad stepped in to take her and her big cousin. He picked up his “dates” and even gave them both a pink rose – precious! It was very sweet, and while Adam was so bummed he missed it, the girls had such a special night with their grandfather. I surprised Adeline with a new dress and sandals, and she opted for an “Elsa braid” to complete her look. She is so grownup I can barely stand it! The girls had a blast, and she came home with lots of fun memories. She’s already asked me if Daddy can take her next year, and P Daddy after that (my dad!), and then Pops (Adam’s dad!) again after that, and then Daddy after that….HA! She’s ready to rotate through her favorite men! Easy, right?? Her little heart is just the sweetest!

^^^ So sweet! Adeline will love looking back at this one day, I’m sure!

And that’s a wrap! We made it to church on Sunday, went to lunch and had nap time, and then made a trip to Home Depot to buy supplies for a DIY raised flower bed. I’m planning on blogging it at some point as well – so stay tuned! I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

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