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Dreaming About House #3

Before you read this post, a lot has changed. In fact, this post is already irrelevant as we’ve now sold our home AND purchased a new one! But, I think in order to truly show how the Lord has blessed us and led us to our new home, I felt like I should go ahead and publish this post that’s been sitting in my queue since early January, just to set the stage for how this story unfolds.

So we’ve been doing a lot of daydreaming about house #3. We’ve been ready to move for quite a while actually and now finally feels like a good time to get the process started!

It wasn’t long in our current home that we began to realize we’d inadvertently moved to the main entrance/exit of our neighborhood. Which, normally wouldn’t be a big deal, but apparently we’re surrounded by lots of people who don’t particularly enjoy driving slow through a residential area, which means we’re always nervous about the kids being out front. It’s the biggest complaint of anyone on our street really and the only way to fix it is to just move, honestly. We’ve complained to the city, to police officers, tried signs in our yards, chalk on the road – you name it, we’ve tried it. But, it’s just a lost cause. Combine this with the desire to simply downsize to a home that has a better usage of space, on a much larger lot for the kids to play (with actual trees), in a different school district, and we can’t WAIT to move.

Circa 2017

We knew when we bought this house that it would be for a particular season, and it has served its purpose well. But, we’re starting to feel suffocated being surrounded by a dozen houses on either side, what feels like two feet apart (literally packed in like sardines), with barely any sizable trees. It’s just not our style, and we desperately want our kids to have an actual yard to play in and explore. So, the hunt has begun and we’re hoping to get our house on the market within the next few weeks. (Remember, I wrote this in early January.)

Since our last moving experience was so stressful, we’re planning on being as PICKY as possible and taking our time. Our plan is to get our house sold, then move in with Adam’s parents until we find something we really love. Our list of needs, wants, and preferences seems to change day by day, but overall I think we’ve landed on some ideas that are fairly consistent. Here’s what we’re hoping we’ll find:

  • Older ranch style home. I wouldn’t say two stories is a deal breaker but we’d prefer a single story this time.
  • Open concept, large living space, smaller bedrooms. Our master bedroom right now has SO much wasted space it’s ridiculous.
  • 4 bed, 2 bath, with additional space for a dedicated office for Adam and a play space for the kids (or a formal dining that could be a play space if there’s also a breakfast nook big enough for our table). OR 3 bed, 2 bath if one bedroom is big enough for two kids to share. Either way, Adam HAS to have an office with a door, away from the majority of the house. (Or, a yard big enough for an outside office!)
  • Brick fireplace, either painted or would have the potential to be painted
  • Wood beam(s) in the living room
  • Wood floors, nice laminate floors, or updated floors in general. OR the potential to update them easily. (i.e. I’m not buying a house that has tile in literally every room that would have to be ripped up!)
  • Brick exterior
  • NO POOL. If we LOVE the house, and the pool doesn’t take up a huge portion of the yard, we might consider it.
  • .25 to .5 acre lot at minimum
  • Ideally a kitchen that is either easy to update, or has updates that we actually like. I’m not opposed to having to have the cabinets painted, or having to update the countertops or backsplash. But if it’s already been nicely updated and we just don’t LIKE it, that seems wasteful to me.
  • A front porch we can sit on
  • A usable backyard and porch or patio space
  • Big, mature trees (DEAL BREAKER!) I’m not kidding – if we find the most perfect house in the world but there are no ACTUAL trees, I’m out.
  • WHITE TRIM FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY. When we bought this house we didn’t notice the trim and all the doors were BEIGE and I hate it so much. I’ve mostly painted the downstairs trim and doors white, but upstairs is all beige still.
  • Office space that is actually an office. OR a yard large enough to build an exterior office. So often we see formal dining rooms converted to an office but aren’t fully walled off, or like in our current house, the office is attached to the playroom. It’s been a major source of stress for Adam throughout Covid because well, working from home full time with an office that shares a wall with the playroom isn’t exactly ideal.
  • A driveway that is flat and long enough for the kids to ride bikes and for both our cars, and guest cars. One of the most annoying parts about living in a neighborhood like we currently do is that no one has anywhere to park.
  • Something smaller than what we have now. Our current house is 4 bed, 2.5 bath, 2,600ish sq ft and honestly we feel like it’s too big. Even if we had a third child, we’d still want something a little smaller.
  • A good neighborhood. If the house is awesome but the neighborhood is full of questionable neighbors, trashy cars, and just icky feeling, no amount of awesome house is going to fix that.
  • Zoned for TOP elementary schools. We’re hoping to move school districts. When we moved here, the district we’re currently zoned for was considered the best. But since then, the city of Forth Worth has built umpteen-million apartment complexes near us which have only flooded the schools. The high school we’re zoned for is AMAZING, but I worry more about the elementary and middle we’re zoned for.
  • An HOA (or no HOA) that isn’t a constant source of drama for the entire neighborhood.
  • Location that is ideal for both of us. We’d love to be somewhere that’s both easy for Adam to get to the highway for when he needs to commute to Dallas and is also easy for me to commute down to my office in a shorter amount of time than I am now.

It’s not too much to ask for, right? What we’re most concerned about is being able to get an offer accepted. The market down here is crazy, and with so many people moving in from places like California, houses are only sitting on the market for a day before they’re snatched up. And, most often by a full cash price offer! Here’s hoping we can sell our house quickly AND not have to endure a months long search!

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    February 17, 2021 at 10:22 am

    Can’t wait to see the new house!! I hope it’s a smooth process closing on both!

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