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Picking Out Our First Double Stroller: The Chicco Bravo For 2

This post is in partnership with buybuy BABY.

When it came to baby equipment for baby #2, there were certain things we just didn’t need right away, and knew we could wait on. One of those things being a double stroller. I knew we’d eventually need a double stroller, but I wanted to wait until we truly had a need for it to make sure we could find one that would check the appropriate boxes, and serve us well. Double strollers aren’t exactly cheap, so I wanted to make sure we waited until we had a better idea on what we’d actually be using it for before investing in one. Plus, I knew Barrett would be in his carseat for several months, clicked into our City Mini anyways, and Adeline was (at the time) big into walking on her own everywhere. (“I do it myself! Get me out I want to walk!”)

I knew buybuy BABY had a huge selection of strollers, and would be the perfect place to help us find the perfect new ride for our family, so off we went. We scheduled time to meet with an associate, who listened to me ramble on about our needs and wants and pointed us in the right direction. She was so helpful in helping us narrow down their huge selection, and hone in on the ones that would make the most sense for us. Adeline got to try out all the different styles, and Barrett even got in on the action, testing out the seats and approving of their comfort level.

Since our kids are about 3 years apart, finding a double stroller that would work for us was actually a little tricky. We needed a double stroller that would fit multiple stages of childhood, and easily work for things like travel, and our family’s active lifestyle. Think – a baby able to sit up and no longer riding in a clicked-in carseat, a toddler that may or may not want to sit for long periods of time but who also wants the occasional freedom of getting on or off to run around, and even the far-far-far away thought of potentially needing room for a third baby/transitioning the second baby to a more flexible position once the first baby was too big for a stroller all together. The latter reason being a very, very tiny reasoning point, but still something to at least consider. (Read: VERY tiny)

We have two major trips coming up this summer for our new little family of FOUR. And both of these trips are going to involve flying (cue anxiety induced fingernail biting) and staying at our destination for about a week. The biggest part about flying with two littles, one who is very mobile and independent and one who is still very dependent, is smoothly moving throughout the airport and keeping our eyes on both of them. The thought of not being able to keep both of them safely restrained in one place stresses me out to no end. So, thus began our initial search and need for a double stroller. And with travel in mind, flying specifically, we knew we needed to also consider things like weight, portability, how well it collapses, overall size and bulk, and general functionality. It also needed to be something that could function outside of the airport as we move around our destination for the week, and even when we return home and get back into our active lifestyle routine of regular family walks.

So, turns out, there are about as many kinds of double strollers as there are brands of shoes. I went into our shopping trip with a pretty strict list of requirements. Here is what I was primarily looking for in a double stroller:

  • Not absurdly heavy
  • Able to be gate-checked at the airport
  • Not feel like driving a giant bus
  • Cupholder/phone compartment
  • A place for Adeline to potentially sit/stand and a place for Barrett to sit
  • OR a place for them both to sit, but not be something Adeline would outgrow too quick
  • A decent sun canopy
  • Good quality wheels, able to withstand long walks
  • Something that could be compatible with another carseat in the far off future should it ever be needed
  • A smooth ride, easy to maneuver, easy to fit through doors and around stores

Before trying out double strollers in-store, I actually went back and forth between a side-by-side and sit-n-stand for MONTHS. I had honestly even registered for our beloved City Mini Double side-by-side back before Barrett was born and was convinced that would be the route I would go come time to finally buy one. I even considered a double jogging stroller. But, after testing them out in-store, and really thinking about Adeline and how long she would actually tolerate sitting in it/how fast she might outgrow it (girl’s got some long legs!), and even realizing how WIDE they are, we quickly decided a side-by-side was out of the question. If our kids were closer in age, I think it would have been perfect. But, with having an almost 3.5 year old, and a 9 month old, getting something that ultimately allowed Adeline a bit more freedom made more sense. We also wanted something a bit narrower and not as heavy for flying this summer, so, a sit-n-stand is what we narrowed it down to!

I’m so excited with what we finally picked out. We opted to go with the Chicco Bravo For 2 LE Double Stroller. And so far, it’s been perfect, and already taken many spins around the neighborhood with both kids! There aren’t actually a TON of sit-n-stand strollers on the market, so we didn’t have a lot of options to choose from. But, this ended up being the make and model that seemed to fit our needs and lifestyle the best. Plus, the quality felt superb without breaking the bank.

The Chicco Bravo For 2 is so great, and I’m just so tickled that I can now take BOTH kids with me on walks anytime I want to. It’s literally been life changing, you guys. Being able to stroll with both my babies is such a dream – I’m loving it! Adeline thinks it’s just the coolest thing ever, and calls it “the double stroller”. She’ll say, “Mommy, I want to go ride on the double stroller with you and baby brother!” And of course I’m like, YOU GOT IT!

This particular stroller is a 4 wheel stroller, with a little bench seat and standing board in the back for an older child, and a seat in the front for a younger child. The bench seat in the back has a seatbelt, can be folded up or left down, and there are two handles for extra grip. The seat in the front has the ability to also accept any Chicco carseat clicked into it. There’s a good sized sun canopy, cup holders, a zippable parent’s compartment, a decent storage compartment underneath, and two break levers on the back beside each rear wheel. It rides smoothly, and is super easy to steer. The stroller all together only weighs 29.6 lbs, and can easily be collapsed with one hand. When it’s collapsed, it remains standing, and collapses down like a hamburger, as opposed to a hotdog, if that makes sense. (We looked at a Joovy sit-n-stand that collapsed hotdog wise which just seemed bizarre and would never be easy to fly with/gate check!)

We have really love it so far, but I will say it’s not 100% perfect. I would say it’s perfect for our current needs, and is going to suit our travel needs wonderfully. But, the stroller itself does have a few things I would change. When Adeline is riding on it standing, it feels a little top heavy when rounding corners. This could simply be because duh, there’s a kid standing on it, but just wanted to throw that out there. Also, I do wish the front seat reclined further. I would have loved a side-by-side double simply for the sake of one or both kids being able to recline and take a comfortable nap. This one reclines ever so slightly, but I’m not sure that Barrett will ever really nap in it. Whereas our City Mini single stroller, which is the bomb dot com, reclines almost fully and he can snooze in it all day long. Side-note: yes, we did consider the Baby Jogger City Select double, hello dream stroller, but just felt like we didn’t need that many bells and whistles and I just couldn’t see Adeline riding in it that long for the price to be worth it.

All in all, finally finding a double stroller that will work for our upcoming travels this summer has really helped to reduce a little bit of the stress and anxiety that comes with said travels. Especially cruising safely through the airports! I’m excited to take it with us on our trips and know it’s going to be a lifesaver. It’s already helped us form some pretty precious memories as a family just out and about taking after dinner walks together, and I can only imagine it will help us make even more memories during our time together traveling. This will be the first flight that Adeline will, potentially, actually remember as well as Barrett’s first flight completely. Wish us luck!

If you’re in need of a double stroller, buybuy BABY was immensely helpful in helping us make our final purchase. They are so knowledgable, and will walk you through every scenario you can think of to ensure you make the right choice for your family!

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