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A Dad’s Bucket List For The New Year

Hey everyone, we’re almost halfway through January, so I am due to let you guys know about my 2018 bucket list.

I have never been a fan of New Year’s Resolutions. Anytime I make one, I feel like it is a disaster when I fail one time and the resolution is now broken. I heard someone recently mention that they have replaced their resolutions with a bucket list for the year. This seemed to line up more with the way that I am motivated, so I stole it. My bucket list hasn’t seemed to change much over the past couple of years, but now I have you to hold me accountable!

a dads new year bucket list

Take Adeline on one-on-one dates at least once a month

I have recently been taking her to Cabelas to look at all the animals and fish (as well as some hunting gear for dad) and she has a blast. It’s fun running around the store with her and Sarah appreciates the alone time.

Take Sarah on one-on-one dates at least once a month

It is very important to date your spouse. The time that we spend going to dinner and a movie, or any other of our random dates, allows us to grow closer as a couple which in turn will make us better parents. Plus, she’s super hot so I want everyone to see that a nerdy guy like me can land a girl like her.

Clean up my diet

This one is tough since it is less quantifiable than the rest. I don’t drinks cokes at all and I rarely eat candy, but I’m a sucker for desserts. I will never give up on pies, but I need to wrangle in how often I eat them.

Double my Side Hustle Revenue

Last year, I made it a goal to dig into my hobby and make a profit off of it, and I succeeded. I started turning pens more often, opened a website and etsy shop, and had a booth at a couple local festivals. Not only did I make a little bit of extra money, but I got away from my computer and worked with my hands which doubled as a health benefit. This year, I would like to do another festival and expand my inventory on Etsy.

Create a Zero-Based budget and stick with it

We have always been pretty good at budgeting, but have always found ways around it and spent on little random things that add up. Zero-Based budgets give every dollar a job before they even hit your bank account. I have always loved personal finance and I am definitely CFO of the family. If we know that there is no wiggle room to make random purchases (outside of designated “allowances”) then it should help us stay on budget.

Create a data backup solution for all of our stuff

I’m feeding off of one of Sarah’s goals here, but I can make it mine. In all of my professional life, I have been king of data backups. This has not carried over into my home life at all. Sarah stores her photos in the cloud as well as some external drives, but I want to set up a network attached solution that can be accessed from anywhere. If it isn’t easy to access, she won’t use it, so it needs to work seamlessly with her Mac as well as my PCs. This is going to be a fun project for me that I have been wanting to do for years…I’m a nerd.

I think that is about it for now. Apparently I’m better at thinking up goals than I thought. There are some other things that I would like to get done, but I wouldn’t be upset if they didn’t happen. I have been wanting to make my own blog for a while, but I haven’t figured out where I fit in the blogosphere. Also, I want to get back to weight lifting, but I need to get healthy first.

This is going to be a great year.

Do you give up on resolutions if you mess up once? What is your not so typical goal? Any interest in a guide to home backups?



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    January 12, 2018 at 8:12 am

    Yes dating your spouse (or boyfriend in my case) is so important! With the holidays, him and I got off fell off our monthly date night wagon but I want to get back on it now that everything has slowed down. It’s so important to actually date the person you live with so you don’t just become roommates who love each other.

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    Kelly Runs For Food
    January 12, 2018 at 8:25 am

    My husband and I go out on a date once a week! Of course, we don’t have kids so it’s must easier for us haha. He’s on the “healthy eating” train right now and I’m really hoping he doesn’t give up after having a setback. He tends to be an all-or-nothing type, which always makes it hard when you’re trying to change a habit. I love your list!
    Kelly Runs For Food recently posted…Friday Thoughts 1.12.18My Profile

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    January 13, 2018 at 10:27 am

    Love these! I made it a goal of mine to do one on one dates with my husband once a month too! Time away from our daughter is great for her too as she can enjoy time with other people!
    My husband and I pay a little bit each month for a larger amount of storage using Dropbox. Have you used it before? It’s a really great way to keep everything in one place and you can make separate files for different things. It’s about $10 a month for a terabyte of storage! You can get up to 6 gigs of storage for free though if that’s enough for all of your things.
    Heather recently posted…Currently: January 2018My Profile

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      January 13, 2018 at 10:31 am

      I’ve used Dropbox but I’m now using Microsoft OneDrive for my cloud files. I’m planning on building a 20TB storage solution for the home which should keep us for a while.

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    January 18, 2018 at 1:20 pm

    Jordan and I are going to try to do more dates this year! Once a month might even be too much for us, but we are going to try to do more regular dates for sure 🙂 That’s an important one.
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