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Christmas Time With Zondervan: A Book Review

I received the books featured in this post for free from Zondervan as part of my participation with the Z Blog Squad.

One of my favorite traditions with the kids that we’re starting to tap into is collecting holiday books. Anyone else a fan of this? I love cultivating a stash of books that pertain to specific holidays to pull out as special treats. And Christmas books are no different! They’re probably my favorite because there are SO many great options to choose from. We’ve got a small collection going thus far, and now that Barrett has joined us, we’re adding Christmas books for him into the mix. Both kids are at ages where reading is so important, and considering how many toys we have and don’t actually need, books is one thing I’m okay acquiring too many of!

Recently, we came across two new titles, and we are LOVING them at bedtime right now. Adeline typically gets to pick two books at bedtime, though she often begs for a third. Barrett usually can only sit through one, but I know he’ll soon be asking for more too!

For Adeline, we picked out A Very Fiona Christmas. And ya’ll, this book is ADORABLE. The illustrations are super cute to begin with, but the storyline itself is so sweet. So basically, this little hippo arrives at a new zoo, and she’s like, the kid in town. Well, it’s Christmas time and all the other animals are hyped for all things Christmas and she’s like, “what is Christmas??” So throughout the book, she tries to piece together what exactly Christmas IS and what it means to all the different animals until a new little animal friend comes along, and well, I don’t want to spoil it for you! It’s precious, and Adam and I just about have it memories already, HA! No shame. Adeline, of course, loves the animals and pointing out her favorites, but it’s just such a great feel-good book for the holidays. Highly recommend.

For Barrett, we picked out a classic Berenstain Bears book – The Berenstain Bears Go Christmas Caroling. (It’s even got Christmas cards you can tear out and mail!) I feel like you just can’t go wrong with anything from this series, and it brings my heart so much joy to now be reading my own kids a book, or a very similar book at least, that I remember my own parents reading to my brother and I growing up. Anyone else have Berenstain Bears memories? If you’re a product of the 80’s or early 90’s, I’m sure you do!

This Christmas, Santa is bringing LOTS of books to our two little bookworms, and I can’t wait to enjoy them as a family throughout this next year! These two Zondervan books, in particular, have already been a special part of our 2019 holiday season! Check them out, for sure! (Look for them at your local Lifeway, Mardel’s, or even Amazon!)

What are two holiday books you’re currently loving? Do you have either of these two?

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