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Christmas Gift Ideas For One Year Old Boys

This post is in partnership with buybuy BABY.

It’s amazing how quickly you forget the different stages of toddlerhood once they’re in your past and you’re full steam ahead into a new stage. Now that Barrett is officially a ONE year old, I feel like I’m re-learning all about the 12-18 month old stage. And even more so, I feel like I’m just beginning to learn about BOYS! I’ve always heard that boys and girls are so, so different, and now that I’ve got one of each, I’m seeing it first hand! Barrett has been so much fun to get to know, and we’ve tried not to compare him too much to his big sis, but it’s just so hard not to. They are alike in many ways, but my goodness, they are also incredibly different. He is simply a louder, more rambunctious, stronger and mightier (stout, maybe?), and overall more intense toddler than his big sis was. We jokingly call him Baby Hulk! He’s a huge climber, is constantly finding ways to hurt himself (and scare me half to death), and just loves being a noisy, playful kid. So, this Christmas time, we are going to load.him.up. with toys that will suit him to a tee and allow him to continue to explore and be our favorite stinky little Barrett! It has already been so much fun switching gears (no pun intended!) and shopping for cars, trucks, and dinosaurs!

One of our favorite places to shop for toys this holiday season is buybuy BABY. We’ve been big fans for several years now, and it has become my absolute go-to for literally everything. They seriously have it all. I practically lived there right after Barrett was born. They have anything you could ever need for your newborn baby up to Adeline’s age (4-5 years!), thereby making it a one-stop-shop for us mamas. If you’re looking for a place to pick out some fun, unique toys – buybuy BABY has a great selection! Again, for a wide variety of ages. They have tons of super cute, new toys that are both “on trend” and well, very 2019! Having a second baby, nearly 3 years after our first, has also meant catching up on the latest and greatest of toys. It seems like things have already changed so much, and I’ve had to remind myself what exactly he really needs at his age! Shopping for a one-year-old in some ways feels like muscle memory, but in other ways, feels like starting over. buybuy BABY’s toys will bring you up to speed, and they have many that I had never seen before.

buybuy baby toy shopping

Recently, I took Adeline with me on a little girls-only shopping trip to load up on some age-appropriate toys for Barrett for Christmas. She had a blast helping me pick out some fun items, and even got to do a fun craft while I checked out! Like I mentioned above, it’s been fun shopping for Barrett specifically, and really trying to hone in on things that are ideal for HIM and not just a hand-me-down from big sis. For this shopping trip, we tried to focus on things that just screamed “Barrett!” and I think we succeeded! (Adeline made herself quite the wish-list too while we were there, so I guess I’ll have to go back!)

Here’s what all we picked out –

Baby Einstein Flip & Riff Keytar – Pretty excited about this one! If it makes noise, lots of noise, Barrett is all about it. So, this piano/keytar seemed perfect for him!

Monster Truck Party Bath Squirties – How cute are these?! They had several different varieties but the monster trucks looked like something our little guy would love! He already loves playing with cars, and now he’ll FINALLY have his OWN bath toys!

Fisher-Price Little People Travel Together Airplane – Barrett LOVES airplanes! Anytime he sees one in the sky he excitedly points and says “dat! dat!” and in the house, he’ll run around with “his wings out” behind him and it’s the cuuuuutest thing ever. I know he will love this fun little airplane toy! You can’t go wrong with Little People!

Sesame Street 12″ Plush Elmo – Speaking of things he excitedly points at…the kid LOVVVEESSS Elmo! Anytime he hears Sesame Street start to play, or he sees it come on our TV as the YouTube screensaver, he freaks out and starts jumping up and down! I know he is going to snuggle this little Elmo stuffed animal something fierce when he sees it!

Tonka 25-Piece Mighty Builders Constructions Dump Truck – Oh my goodness, ya’ll. Barrett is going to FLIP when he sees this. He’s currently into pushing things, climbing onto things, and digging through Adeline’s Legos so this giant Tonka truck is going to be perfect for him!!

All in all this toy haul for Barrett was roughly $100, and I was able to then apply both buybuy BABY coupons + bed bath & beyond coupons to drop the total even more. Quite the deal, I’d say! Even if Santa didn’t bring him anything else this Christmas, I’d say our best boy is going to be pretty excited!

Be sure to check out buybuy BABY for your toy shopping this year! You’ll probably be surprised like I was at how diverse their toy selection is. And, if you happen to be having a Baby Shark themed Christmas – they’ve got a huge display, full of all things Baby Shark! It’s quite the rage right now, I hear! 😉

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