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Christmas 2019 Home Tour: The Busiest One of All

It’s hard to believe this is our THIRD Christmas season in our new home! I guess I can stop calling it our new home now? On one hand, it feels like we’ve been here forever, and on another hand, it still feels like we just moved in. Either way, the one thing that’s for certain is that our Christmases just keep getting busier and busier and this one is for sure the busiest one of all. Between the new job, two kids, crazy routines, and trying to find time to shop and participate in all the things, my head is spinning pretty much at all times and a 9:00pm bedtime has become the norm. The hustle and bustle of the holidays couldn’t be more true – we are HUSTLIN’ over here, I don’t know about ya’ll! In a good way, of course! I couldn’t love it more.

Several weeks ago, on a somewhat slow weekend, I quickly photographed our Christmas decor while the house was clean. We have LOVED decorating our home each Christmas, but this year has felt a little more thrown together, and less strategic. I’ll chalk it up to simply being busier and focused on other things at the moment, but the title of this blog post could really be two-fold. Our Christmas decor this year is simply busier too – we basically put it all out for the kids, kept most of it up high out of reach, and called it a day! I’m not sure any of it really goes together, but a lot of it has been loved for many years now that it’s just sort of become the norm.

We’re still big fans of the traditional reds and greens, and haven’t quite been convinced of the dreamy white farmhouse look just yet. We love it in theory, but between the kids and Truckee, it wouldn’t stand a chance. So, we’ve once again stuck to what we know, and had on hand. We did purchase a new tree skirt and a “vintage” ceramic tree for the kids’ bathroom, decorate our new kitchen shelves, and have lots of the kids’ crafts displayed around the house, which have only added to the coziness. The fireplace pops a bit more this year now that it’s white, so it feels totally new to us! And, our stockings are still my favorite thing ever – I would have been happy only hanging our stockings, ahh love them so much. Our outdoor decor looks exactly the same as last year – wreathe, lights and greenery around our door, and lights on the shrubs. Oh, and a small little reindeer per Adeline’s request. She keeps begging for a giant blowup Olaf, but we’re not quite there yet. (Who knew the large inflatables were so expensive!)

Regardless of how busy we are, or how thrown together our decor is, or how undecorated the bottom half of our tree is, or how messy the house is every other weekend except for in these pictures, I just want our kids to remember Christmas. I want Adeline to remember the stockings hung on the mantle, and the lights up and down the banister, and the glow of her Christmas tree in her room when we read bedtime stories. (Still need to get B one – second child probs.) I want Barrett to remember his little nativity scene toy and the feeling of ripping ornaments off the tree. It truly is the most magical season.

2018 Christmas Home Tour – If you didn’t read anything above, just know that this year basically looks the same with the exception of a half decorated Christmas tree (now downstairs), a few small new details, and most things now just live in a different spot due to an extra grabby toddler. #easypeasy

Have you decorated fully for Christmas? What’s your style? When do you decorate?

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