Can I Run 10k Without Training?

Can I Run 10k Without Training

Whether you are an avid runner or just starting out, completing a 10K race is a difficult feat. These runs are not something that new runners should ever consider taking on unless they are in good health and are experienced athletes.  Yes, you can run a 10K without any training, but you won’t achieve your … Read more

Do Spikes Make You Run Faster? [Solved]

Do Spikes Make You Run Faster?

If you’re getting into running and want to get every advantage that you can, then you may have heard about runners using spikes to get more speed, but is that actually true? Do spikes make you run faster? Spikes offer more grip and stability on the racetrack and are used by professionals and enthusiasts alike … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Get Good At Running?

How Long Does It Take To Get Good At Running?

The benefits of running are endless. Whether you are looking to lose weight, improve your overall health, or run a 5k with your friends, learning to run can literally change your life. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy, especially at the beginning, and it can take some time to get good at running. For beginners, it will … Read more

Will I Lose Muscle If I Run In The Morning?

will I lose muscle if I run in the morning

Running in the morning is a regular habit of a lot of fitness enthusiasts, but some people argue that running in the morning can actually cause you to lose muscle instead of gaining muscle. So can you lose muscle from running in the morning? What about on an empty stomach? Running in the morning isn’t … Read more

Why Is Running So Hard? – How To Make It Easy!

Why Is Running So Hard

Running is a hard and intense workout by nature.  As your body gets conditioned to running, it does get easier. We will talk about why running is hard for beginners.  Then we will go over ways to make running easier and how you can work up to running a mile at a time.  Finally, we … Read more

Are Runners Attractive? – You’ll Be Shocked!

Are Runners Attractive?

Running is a popular activity that requires no equipment, is easy to do, and offers a wide range of benefits. While the upsides of running can be apparent, how much can running help your physical and mental health and can it make you more attractive? Running can help you improve your endurance and lose weight, … Read more

Does Walking Barefoot Make Your Feet Bigger?

Does Walking Barefoot Make Your Feet Bigger

If you walk barefoot often you may have noticed that your feet seem to look bigger. Is this just a trick of the mind or are your feet actually growing? Your feet aren’t growing in the traditional sense. Given enough time, walking barefoot can allow your feet to decompress from consistently wearing shoes resulting in … Read more