Can You Jog While Pregnant?

Can You Jog While Pregnant?

When you’re suddenly carrying another human being inside you, it may feel strange to do some “normal” activities. Many women wonder if it’s safe to exercise while pregnant for fear of hurting their unborn baby. Women who were jogging before pregnancy can continue to jog while pregnant, except for those with certain medical conditions. If … Read more

Why Are Runners So Skinny? [Top 3 Reasons]

Top 3 Reasons Why Are Runners So Skinny?

Running is one of the most popular forms of exercise in the world. It requires very little to get going and has significant health benefits, including cardiovascular endurance and an effective way to lose weight. One common question is, why are runners so skinny? Runners are generally skinny because they engage in long-distance running, which … Read more

Does Running Tone Your Stomach? [How To Get Abs!]

Does Running Tone Your Stomach

Running is an excellent method of exercising, and many choose this as it helps to keep their cardiovascular fitness in check and can also clear their minds after a long day’s work. However, a commonly asked question is, does running tone your stomach? Running will slightly tone your stomach because of its ability to reduce … Read more

What Is Runner’s Face And How To Avoid It! [Solved]

What Is Runner's Face And How To Avoid It!

Running is an excellent way to stay in shape and improve cardiovascular endurance. But running does come with various maladies, such as plantar fasciitis and shin splints; however, the most noticeable is the runner’s face, and it may also be the one you’re least familiar with. But what exactly is a runner’s face? Runner’s face … Read more

Do You Carry A Water Bottle While Running? – How To Stay Hydrated

Do You Carry A Water Bottle While Running?

If you’re getting into running, you’re probably asking yourself whether you should carry your water bottle with you. Carrying water while running helps to prevent you from getting dehydrated. When you run, you sweat, which results in your body losing crucial fluids if it doesn’t have enough. Taking small sips of water while running keeps … Read more

What Are Runners Legs?

What Are Runners Legs

The first thing people think of when they talk about runners is their legs. What exactly are runners’ legs, and how do runners get them?  Runners have toned strong legs. Calves, hamstrings, and quads are muscles that work and become lean as an individual runs regularly. Runners get these nicely toned legs from their dedicated … Read more

Should Your Running Shoes Be A Size Bigger?

Should Your Running Shoes Be A Size Bigger?

When buying a new pair of running shoes, you may think it’s just as simple as buying a pair of work or dress shoes. However, when it comes to running shoes, there are a few more variables to consider, such as should your running shoes should be a size bigger. When purchasing a pair of … Read more

Does Walking Burn Muscle? [How To Prevent It]

Does Walking Burn Muscle

W​e’ve all heard that walking is a great low-impact way to exercise and stay healthy. It can clear your mind, improve your mood, and increase your fitness level. It’s even supposed to be able to help you lose weight. But does walking burn muscle at the same time? I​t’s true that walking can burn muscle. … Read more

Why Do I Run So Slow? [Solved]

Why Do I Run So Slow?

Have you ever asked yourself, ‘why do I run so slow?’ Of course, you aren’t alone, and while it’s a standard question, there isn’t just one reason causing your slower pace.  You likely run slow because you aren’t eating enough, you’re stressed, need new shoes, or your diet isn’t great.  This article will cover why … Read more