Coconut Water For Breastfeeding: Can it help increase milk supply?

Coconut Water For Breastfeeding

If you’ve got a newborn, you may worry that whatever benefits or hazards you get out of eating or drinking something can go directly to your child. You may be interested to know how coconut water for breastfeeding can benefit not only you, but your little one! According to Early Motherhood, coconut water’s richness … Read more

Can I Pump Every Hour? – I did, and it increased my supply

Can I Pump Every Hour

Nursing mothers everywhere know how important it is to keep your milk supply up. Alongside breastfeeding, using a breast pump is one of the most effective ways to increase your milk supply and keep a ready stash in the freezer in case of emergencies.  But how much is too much? Can you pump every hour? … Read more

What To Drink To Increase Breast Milk: A Complete Guide

What To Drink To Increase Breast Milk

When breastfeeding, staying hydrated is one of the most important things a nursing mother can do. After all, nursing mothers everywhere know that it’s hard enough keeping up with their hungry newborn’s feeding needs without worrying about milk supply. But are there other liquids besides water that help increase your breastmilk supply?  While water is … Read more