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Casual Winter Party Mom Style With Pink Blush

I received this dress complimentary from Pink Blush.

As a new mom, for the second time, I feel like finding comfortable, cute clothes that I can feel confident and pretty in can be a challenge. After baby number two, your body once again changes so much, and it can be hard to regain that self esteem you once had, especially when it feels like you spend most of your days in yoga pants, a spit up stained sweatshirt, and a top knot that could rival a bird’s nest. Your tummy is squishier and your, well, everything else is bigger than before, so things just fit a little differently if you catch my drift. And unless you have a reason to, you probably don’t get dressed up that much. From very early on, I made it a goal to at least look put together for church on Sundays, and that helped me start to regain a small sense of normal. But, now that I’m back to work and life is moving right along, date nights, family events, and holiday parties are things I simply can’t wear yoga pants to! As much as I love the mom uniform of stretchy waistbands, I still love getting dressed up in an outfit I can feel good in, and feel a little more like my old self in. And when it’s an outfit I don’t need to think twice about, like a forgiving, soft, flowy dress, I’m all for it. Ain’t nobody got time for cling!

I recently received this dress as a gift from Pink Blush, and it’s my current go-to for holiday festivities and winter gatherings. I actually wore it to my husband’s company Christmas party a couple weekends ago and with a few simple curls, fresh lip gloss, and wedge booties, I felt put together, stylish, and confident as a (tired) new mom of two! The gold sequin elbow patches add the perfect splash of fancy, and make it different than anything else I own. If you’re looking for it on their website, it’s call the Olive Sequin Elbow Patch Shift Dress. It retails for $48, and also comes in cranberry and navy.

I’ll be honest, taking these pictures is NOT in my comfort zone. I prefer to either be behind the camera, or at least holding a cute baby if I’m in front of the camera! At least if there’s someone else in the picture it doesn’t feel like everyone is looking at just you. It’s kind of like when it’s your birthday and everyone forces you to open your gifts in front of everyone and it makes you feel super awkward. I’m not sure how fashion bloggers do it, ha! Just me? Okkkk.

This dress though is so comfortable, and simple, that I feel relaxed and pretty and am thrilled with how these pictures turned out! It’s a huge boost of confidence to have pictures of yourself postpartum that you feel good about. And there’s not even a baby in there! (Well, there is one at the end, because #babydinosaur). My body may not be the same, and while I could pinpoint little things I’m not happy about, I’m giving myself grace and choosing to feel pretty no matter what! This dress is going to be a staple in my closet all winter long.

The material for this dress is actually thicker than it looks. It’s almost a thin fleece, if that makes sense. Basically, it’s warm and cozy, without looking that way. I’m wearing a size small for reference, and it seems to fit just right. In my maternity Pink Blush dresses, I typically went up to a medium, so keep that in mind when ordering. With how this dress is cut, it’s not just perfect for postpartum, but could easily be worn early on in a pregnancy I would say.

If you’re looking for affordable, cute, well-made clothes to get you through mom life, Pink Blush is a brand I highly recommend. I’ve written about them multiple times through the years, and the majority of my maternity wardrobe was made up of Pink Blush items. They often have great sales, and they stock a wide variety of women’s dresses.

Barrett hung out with us while mom modeled her new dress, and had to get in the frame at least one time. Did you know Pink Blush also makes kids clothes?! Yep, check them out!

Have you heard of Pink Blush? Have you shopped with them before? What’s your go-to postpartum momiform? Do you like getting dressed up to feel more put together?

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