Can You Jog While Pregnant?

When you’re suddenly carrying another human being inside you, it may feel strange to do some “normal” activities. Many women wonder if it’s safe to exercise while pregnant for fear of hurting their unborn baby.

Women who were jogging before pregnancy can continue to jog while pregnant, except for those with certain medical conditions. If you were not jogging before getting pregnant, consult your doctor before starting to jog. You’ll want the green light and follow a slow-and-steady start to make sure you don’t hurt yourself or your baby.

Medical professionals recommend that pregnant woman exercise at a moderate intensity for around half an hour 5-7 days a week. If you’re walking or jogging and feel good physically, this is sure to bring many health benefits for both you and your child.

Is It safe To Start Jogging While Pregnant?

If you were not jogging before your pregnancy, you should get your doctor’s approval before starting while pregnant. The same rule applies to any new physical exercise that you want to begin.

If you have a medical condition such as severe anemia, preeclampsia, placenta problems, bleeding, or some heart and lung diseases, you should not run while pregnant. The same goes for those having multiple babies who are at risk for premature labor.

Since your body isn’t used to this type of activity, you want to avoid pushing yourself to any extremes or beyond your limits. Once you get the green light, be sure to stretch and walk first before starting your first short jog.

Can You Jog While Pregnant?

How Long Should A Pregnant Woman Jog?

If you were jogging before becoming pregnant, you can continue to jog at the same pace and distance as before. As your pregnancy progresses, however, you’ll notice that it will become harder to keep up with or outdo your previous pace and distance. The key is to pace yourself and listen to your body.

If you get exhausted or are extremely out of breath, this is a sign to slow down. Pregnancy is not a time to try and reach new workout goals or milestones. Instead, it’s a time to keep your body active within measure while protecting your health and that of your baby.

If you were not jogging before your pregnancy, start by completing 10 minutes of warm-up stretches, walk for a few minutes, then jog at a slow pace for no more than five minutes. If you start to feel out of breath beforehand, switch back to walking.

Can I Jog In My Third Trimester?

If you’ve been jogging during your pregnancy and you feel good doing so, you may continue jogging in your third trimester. Be sure to run it by your primary physician during your checkups.

While this may be an ideal scenario, it isn’t the case for most. Many women find their nausea and fatigue to be the worst during the first trimester. The second trimester brings a renewed sense of energy, while the third trimester may bring a slowing or stopping of jogging altogether due to discomfort.

With a growing belly and more pressure on the body, running in your third trimester is no easy feat. In one study of long-distance runners, only one-third continued to run during their third trimester, and even those cut their intensity by 50%.

As always, continue listening to your body throughout each trimester, and cease jogging if you feel any pain, discomfort, or extreme fatigue.

What Are The Benefits Of Jogging While Pregnant?

If you’re able to jog and feel good doing so, it can vastly improve your pregnancy experience and general health. Regular exercise for both pregnant and non-pregnant women can lead to easier labor, improved mental well-being, less weight gain, and boosted baby brain development.

Final Thoughts

Exercising during pregnancy can be a great way to stay healthy and active. But for pregnant women who are used to running or jogging, the question remains: can I jog while pregnant? 

In general, light-to-moderate jogging is safe for most pregnant women. However, there are certain factors to consider when exercising while pregnant – such as your fitness level before you became pregnant and how far along in your pregnancy you are. If you have been a regular runner prior to becoming pregnant, it’s probably OK to continue with some light jogging throughout your pregnancy. However, if you’ve been inactive prior to pregnancy or if you are more than 6 months along in your pregnancy, then it’s best to avoid any kind of vigorous exercise and stick with walking instead.

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