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Brooks Men’s Ghost 11 Review: Stepping Up My Running Dad Game

Happy Friday everyone! I’ve got Adam back on the blog today sharing all about his new running shoes, and how they’ve again, helped him up his running game. Usually he likes to pop in around here on Thursdays, so we’re a little off this week, but better late than never! Right?

Last night, we headed out to our favorite field for a family walk, and to snap a few photos of his shoes as well as a few of Barrett (which I’m DYING to share, oh my goodness sweetest boy ever!). Adeline got to throw rocks in the pond for the first time, and I couldn’t get enough of that perfect evening sunlight, beaming through the trees while they played and ran around. I’m so thankful Adam has taken his fitness journey so seriously, and is proactive about being an active dad. Keep on reading to hear Adam’s review of the Brooks Ghost 11, and leave a comment below with your preferred running shoe! In both of our experiences, a shoe that works for you, makes all the difference.

If you’ve been following me on instagram (TheHobbiestDad) you know that I’ve been pretty obsessed with running lately. I have been watching my weight fall off and the three biggest catalysts to getting me out the door have been my watch, my headphones, and my new shoes. I had “run” in Asics for years and always thought they were perfect for me, but once the miles and speed started increasing, I got unbearable shin splints. Everywhere I read said to rotate shoes to help with shin splints so I headed down to my local running store and asked what they suggested. After trying on about 10 different shoes, I kept going back to the first pair that I had on my feet, the Brooks Ghost 11.

brooks ghost 11 mens review

After I made my purchase, I made the half mile drive to one of my favorite running parks and started off. I noticed immediately that something was different. These shoes were much lighter than I was used to and were less supportive. I could feel my feet and legs moving in a more natural pattern. After the 3 mile mark passed, my body felt as fresh as I did when I got out of my car. Since that day less than a month ago, I have put almost 70 miles on these shoes (including a half marathon) and felt absolutely no shin pain.

brooks ghost 11 review

These are truly great shoes, and all of the awards they have received are well deserved, but they aren’t without some downfalls. First, they are a relatively new shoe, so it would be hard to find them at any sort of a discount. I paid full retail price which I am never a fan of, but at least I supported my local running store. Another issue with them is they are very well cushioned. As this helps a lot with longer runs, I feel like I sit up higher than I do with my Asics. The only other issue I had with them is the first time I ran past 10 miles, I got a blood blister on my toe…so things could be worse. One last thing, I’m not very flashy when it comes to clothes, except for running shoes and socks. The Ghosts come in the standard blues, blacks, and a neon yellow, but if they came in a bright Texas flag, I’d buy a dozen pair. Those issues being said, I would have no problem dropping another $120 to pick up another pair if I lost these.

brooks mens ghost 11 review

Over the past month, I’ve seen my weekly average miles move from less than 10 miles to 20 miles while my pace is quickly climbing. Most importantly, my family is seeing me get strong and fast while setting an example of living a healthy lifestyle. I started my health journey with the main goal of being around for my family as long as possible and never having to turn my kids away when they walk towards me, hands raised, asking me to hold them. Though I do love these shoes, I would still be outside running barefoot if it meant meeting those goals, but good shoes make it a whole lot easier.

Do you wear Brooks? If not, what’s your favorite running shoe? Are you a neutral runner, or do you need more support? How do you proactively strive to be an active parent?


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    Alicia K
    March 29, 2019 at 7:29 am

    I read a lot of running blogs despite not being much of a runner lol, but I actually bought my first pair of Brooks last summer. I now understand why people rave about them. I have the Adrenaline GTS 18 which have now been updated to the 19. I loved them so much in the summer, I got another pair over black Friday for backup and I am glad I did since they have upgraded to the 19. I am sure the upgrade is good, but I know that even slight changes in a shoe you like can be annoying. I love the cushion the Brooks give me. After trying to start running a few years ago, I got a stress fracture and that area of my foot still tends to flare up if I am not wearing proper cushioned shoes. It’s funny because before my Brooks last year, I had been buying Asics for at least 10 years. I still wear my Asics for short walks, but I definitely see Brooks as a great investment to protect my feet for running.
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    Adam Ingle
    March 29, 2019 at 9:05 am

    I have several pair of Asics that have less than 100 miles on them, so they might be my walk shoes now. I was thinking about the Gel Kayano 25 since my last pair were the 24 but I heard the changes made were pretty drastic on that shoe so I searched for an alternative.

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    Eric Barber
    April 30, 2019 at 9:20 am

    That happens to be my favorite, too. Great review.

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