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I think of all the terrible, terrible things my generation has witnessed over the course of my short 24 years, the bombings at Boston last month probably shook me the most. Mainly because while at work I constantly hear the news on the tv near my desk so I felt like I saw every single picture, and heard every single graphic detail there was to hear, but also because as a runner myself it really freaked me out! I’ve never ran a full marathon, and I doubt that I’ll ever even qualify to run Boston, but even just having the experience of crossing the finish line at a huge large-scale race really made the entire attack hit closer to home. I’ll forever have that thought cross my mind at every race from here on out, and that’s unfortunate. But it’s no longer time to dwell on how scary it is that it happened, or dwell on whether it will ever happen again, it’s time to pick up the pieces and find the positive light!

There has been an enourmous amount of effort to start fundraising for the victims and their families, and the main fund being used is One Fund Boston. Click that link if you’re interested in making a donation. Saucony has teamed up with One Fund Boston and made these super cute shoelace medallions that you can lace up on your shoes for $5 a pair, and show your support everytime you head out the door! I first found these on Mile-Posts, and immediately went and scoped them out on Saucony’s website. (Who even knew that Saucony made some of the best running shoes…up until this past year I thought Saucony just made those hipster shoes that were popular in highschool! Duh, I had a black pair.)

Here’s what they look like:

 Saucony - Lace Up

Here’s the link you can go to to get your own pair! It doesn’t matter how big of a “runner” you are! I think I’ll definitely be splurging $5.

#BOSTONSTRONG Lace Medallion- click HERE

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