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Barrett: Two Month Update

Two Months! TWO months. It’s hard for me to believe we’re already past the two month mark. Time is flying by, but yet, I feel like we’re savoring each and every day. Maternity leave ends in about three weeks, and I think I’m still in denial about it. It’s been the best two months, and I’m excited to spend the last month of my leave doing all the fall things and celebrating our big girl’s third birthday. She’s such a gem right now, but more on her later. (Her personality, her imagination, her sass, her talking, everything is just wild!) This post is all about baby brother!

He turned two months old on October 7th, and we just had his two month well check visit on Friday. I swear it felt like we were just in the office, bringing in our fresh newborn for his first appointment, then again for his one month appointment. Thankfully, we’ve settled into a pediatrician’s office that we love, and I know B (and A) will be lucky to have them.

Overall, B is doing really well! He’s chunked up, FAST, and I’ve been absolutely loving his squishiness. His personality is starting to shine, and he’s been cooing like crazy. He loves being snuggled and held, but he also loves the freedom of stretching out on his back and kicking his thunder thighs. Tummy time isn’t his favorite, but if we catch him in a good mood he’ll tolerate it – until he rolls over and says haha, I’m not doing tummy time anymore! He really is the sweetest little guy, and his smiles somehow reach into the depths of my soul and make my heart skip a beat. I can’t wait until he starts smiling with his whole mouth and body like A used to do!

A is still not his biggest fan, though I know she secretly loves him bunches. We’re still working on transitioning to life as a family of four, and learning how to manage our time between both kiddos. Somedays it’s a real struggle on the mom guilt front, but I know this is just a tough season, and like all things, this too shall pass. And when it passes, I know I’ll be sad it’s over! I distinctly remember loving every stage with A, and thinking one was better than the last, and I know that will be the case with B. I loved our first month together, but this past month has been even better!

Barrett Month 1


B is a big boy! He’s growing like crazy, which is a great thing of course, but it also means we’re literally flying through his wardrobe at the moment! He’s now in size 2 diapers, and it feels like he didn’t spend much time in size 1’s at all. At his well check, he weighed in at 13 lbs 15 oz and 24″ long, which puts him in the 80% for weight and 90% for height. Still undecided on what kind of professional athlete he’s going to be, but I figure we’ve got some time to work out the details. It’s so funny to me because I’ve always heard that boys are typically bigger than girls, and that couldn’t be more true for our case! For reference, A was 11 lbs 2 oz at her two month well check visit! Barrett is almost 3 lbs bigger than she was! AH!


  • Mostly the same as month 1
  • Holding his hands and crossing his feet while he nurses
  • Being outside
  • Having part of a soft blanket touch his face while he falls asleep
  • Wrapping himself around me when he’s held sideways, if that make sense
  • His paci, unless he honestly just doesn’t want it at the moment
  • Sitting up assisted
  • Being worn
  • Early morning snuggles with mom either in bed or in(on) the Rock n Play/Couch
  • Being spoken to up close, smiled at, tickled under his chin
  • Bathtime
  • Napping in his swing
  • The vacuum cleaner
  • Having his eyebrows rubbed


  • Mostly the same as month 1
  • Spitting up too forcefully – It scares him sometimes and he’ll screech really loud
  • Having a wet or poppy diaper for longer than a second (same as last month but still worth mentioning because it’s causing us to go through diapers like crazy!)
  • Getting too tired
  • Being in the carseat for too long after it’s stopped moving
  • Wednesday night church – He still hasn’t made it through an hour of small group without needing to eat. We’re still trying to figure out our flow on these nights!
  • Doing tummy time for too long
  • Being cold

Current Routine

Our routine really hasn’t changed too much since last month, other than he’s sleeping most nights in his crib now, going longer stretches at night (basically sleeping through the night almost entirely!), and more consistently sticking to the eat-play-sleep schedule.

I’ll start with bedtime since that seems to make most sense to me before we roll into our daytime routine. I’ll also be really honest and say that bedtime with two kids is HARD and we are still finding what works best for us. As of right now, I do bedtime with B and Adam does it with A. For the most part, we do both bedtime routines at the same time, with the exception of B sometimes starting later depending on his last feed. But, I think this is what we’ve settled into at the moment…

I usually feed him around dinnertime, 6:00 or 7:00-ish, then play with him while A gets a bath. Around 8:00 I try to get him in the bath, then start his last feed between 8:30 and 9:00. I aim to have him fed, swaddled back up, rocked, and put down by 9:30 at the latest, so I can usually depend on counting his last feed time as 8:30. He’s currently sleeping swaddled in his Ollie swaddle, in the DockATot, in his crib. I plan to drop the DockATot soon though because I really don’t think he needs it. He sleeps with all the lights off, and has white noise playing. Most nights, he will sleep until somewhere between 4:00 AM and 6:00 AM. It honestly isn’t super consistent yet, but I can count on it being within that window. There was one rogue night where he slept from like 9:30-7:15 AM and I was totally shocked! We have yet to have a repeat of that magical night, but I’m sure it will happen eventually. I know he can now go a solid 8-9 hours without eating at night, so if he does happen to wake up at like 1 or 2 AM, usually changing his diaper, rocking him and giving him his paci again seems to work, then he’s back down until his normal wake time. After that early morning feed, he’s usually back asleep either on me or in our room somewhere by 6:30 AM or 7, and then A promptly wakes up and starts her day! If I don’t fall back asleep holding B, I’ll help Adam with A while B naps – getting her breakfast, dressed, and ready to leave for school by 8:00 AM. B typically will snooze until somewhere between 8-10:00 AM, just again depending on what time he woke up initially.

During the day, he’s still going 2.5-3 hours between feeds. Occasionally he’ll take a super nap and I’ll squeeze 4 hours out of him, but I’d say 3 is more normal for him. We stick to the eat-play-sleep routine for the most part, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t sometimes let him just nurse himself to sleep on me sometimes! It’s literally the BEST thing in the world to have a cuddly, milk drunk baby fall asleep in your arms so I don’t feel guilty about it all. Babies don’t keep, ya’ll! Most of his naps though happen in the swing, on the bed, or in his crib. He’s actually not the best nap taker right now, and clearly sleeps best when I’m holding him, which can totally be a double edged sword!

I really want to try and get him on a better schedule this next month before daycare starts though. With A, she was on a pretty good 9-12-3-6 schedule, so I need to figure out if that’s going to work timing wise for B. It might need to be more of a 10-1-4-7 schedule, but we’ll see. I’m not too worried about it yet because I still want to feed him on demand as much as possible.


  • First time meeting my family! He met my brother and SIL, and my parents.
  • First time at our church’s big campus
  • First time getting shots
  • First trip to a pumpkin patch
  • First birthday party appearance
  • First time wearing pants
  • First walk around the neighborhood being worn

Eating Habits

I’m happy to say that breastfeeding is going great, and B is nursing like a champ. My supply is good right now, and with my favorite manual pump I’ve been able to store away over 100 ounces so far for my freezer stash. This is definitely a huge comfort to have on hand for when I go back to work. He eats on demand still, every 2.5-3 sometimes 4 hours like I mentioned above. I usually let him empty one side, then offer the other and he’ll nurse on that side for a few more minutes until he’s good and full. Then the next time, we’ll switch of course.

We actually dealt with thrush for almost a month (3-4 weeks) but finally got it cleared up in both of us after a couple different medications and religiously washing/boiling anything and everything. This was something I did not experience with Adeline, so if anyone has any questions about dealing with thrush in a one month old, I’d be happy to chat!

The only real breastfeeding “issue” we’re still dealing with is spitting up. I wouldn’t even really consider it an issue since A was such a big spitter too, it’s just normal to us now. But, it thankfully doesn’t seem to be reflux related with B, like it was with A. We think this time it’s more of an oversupply/forceful letdown issue. I have so much more milk this time than I did with A that I think he’s just overeating more often when he nurses. The few times we’ve given him a bottle and controlled how much he got he barely spit up after he ate, which makes me think it’s more of an overeating problem.

Little Things I Want to Always Remember

  • His coo sounds
  • His sneeze fails
  • How he holds his hands sometimes when he nurses and crosses his feet
  • His smirk smiles
  • How he likes to wraps himself around me and be held on his side with my arm between his legs, and have his back patted
  • How soft his feet still are
  • His fluffy hair and combover hairline
  • His “meh” cry
  • Taking naps together
  • His thigh rolls and soon-to-be ankle rolls
  • Nursing him lying down in the mornings and snuggling him when he falls asleep eating
  • When Adeline asks to “touch him” when he’s laying in the Rock n Play

We love you Barrett!


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