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Barrett: One Month Update

We did it! We survived the first month parenting two little ones, and just like I knew it would be true, Barrett was the puzzle piece we didn’t know we were missing. He fits into our family perfectly, and I’m so excited and thankful to get to parent him. I feel like I’m truly living out my dreams being blessed with a daughter and now a son, and I just know I’m going to look back and think these were the best years of my life.

This past month has been nothing short of mentally and physically (and emotionally!) exhausting, but in the best way possible. I wrote a few words about it here. All in all, Barrett is doing great, and has even blessed us with some decent sleep. He really is a happy, chill baby most of the time. He insists on being held and cuddled to sleep though, which has already spoiled him to pieces. When I can get him down for a nap not in my arms, it’s a huge win. We’ve also been dealing with clogged tear ducts which are making his eyes gunky, as well as a bout of thrush, baby acne, and spitting up just like his big sister always did. Poor dude isn’t exactly ready for glamour shots anytime soon, but I’m hoping that everything will clear up soon!

One of the most fun parts about bringing home Barrett has been seeing how different he is from Adeline. Everyone seems to think he favors her a lot, but I’m not totally convinced. Maybe I just don’t remember newborn Adeline enough? I’m also not really sure who he looks like more, me or Adam. He seems to be a pretty even split right now, but I’m sure that will change soon enough. One major difference so far has definitely been his temperament and how he’s adjusted to life outside the womb in these first few weeks. With Adeline, it was such a battle to get her to gain weight because she was such a lazy eater, she wanted to eat around.the.clock every night for what felt like the first month at least, and she cried and cried all night those first few nights at home. Barrett though has been eating like a champ, gaining weight like a future linebacker, only cries when he’s wet (or not being cuddled, let’s be real), and seems to love his sleep just like his mama.

I still feel like I don’t quite know Barrett yet. I love him so much, and am enamored by his squishiness and hilarious grunts and baby noises, but I’m so curious what he’s going to be like as he gets older. When Adeline was a newborn, never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined her being the sassy, sweet, and beautiful little girl that she is now. I’m so excited for what lies ahead with Barrett! What will his personality be like? Will he be a total blondie like big sis? Oh my little Bear, we love you so!

Flashback to Adeline’s one month update


Barrett is definitely outshining his big sister in the weight department, and is proving to be our not-so-little guy! At his one month appointment he weighed in at 10 lbs 14 oz and 22.25″, which puts him in the 80% for weight. (For reference, his birth weight was 7 lbs 10 oz and at his 10 day checkup he was up to 8 lbs 2 oz so he’s definitely gaining right on track!)

I feel like his little skinny newborn legs lasted all of two seconds and now they are chunking up fast! I remember baby legs being one of my favorite things about newborn Adeline and once again I’m just melted by their sweetness. Also his feet are strangely soft – I swear they’re like velvet! I catch myself stroking them multiple times a day. Is that weird?

He wore newborn size everything for the first four weeks, but just recently we’ve been transitioning him into some 0-3 month outfits because squeezing him into newborn size outfits is kind of like squeezing sausage into sausage casing. His tummy is already popping out and he’s getting too long for them faster than I’d like to admit.

As far as diapers go, he’s now in size 1’s after starting out in newborns. I’m so glad I didn’t stock up on tons of newborn diapers because he grew out of them in the blink of an eye. Also, boys pee A LOT and lord knows we need as much room in that diaper as possible!


  • Eating – this boy loves him some milk!
  • Being worn in the Ergo
  • Being in motion, i.e. in the car, in the stroller, in the rock ‘n play, being walked around
  • White noise
  • Bath time in the baby bathtub or sink
  • Being patted, shh’d, shaken, etc.
  • Being swaddled – he loves his Copper Pearl swaddle blankets, Halo sleep sack swaddle, and Ollie swaddle
  • Napping in his DockATot, as long as he’s wrapped up or covered
  • Napping on Mommy
  • Listening to Bon Iver at bath time
  • Being rocked in his room
  • Side-lying nursing


  • Having the slightest wet or dirty diaper
  • When Mommy eats too much dairy
  • The swing (as of right now, hoping this changes!)
  • Getting dressed
  • Being put in the car seat
  • When the car or stroller stops (so when he stops moving)
  • Having the hiccups
  • Being hungry – when he decides he’s hungry, he’s hungry NOW!
  • Tummy time
  • His paci – it’s hit or miss right now. Sometimes he’ll take it, sometimes he won’t, so I’m listing this under dislikes for now.

Current Routine

I wouldn’t say we have any sort of routine down pat at this point, but I do think we’re slowly finding our rhythm with two kids. I imagine things will change again once I’m working again and Barrett is in daycare, but for now here’s what a typical day looks like!

Also, he’s still sleeping in either the rock ‘n play by our bed, or the DockATot (inside the packnplay), which is a little longer than we kept Adeline in our room. I would have already moved him to his crib by this point but his room is now upstairs, instead of sharing a wall with ours like Adeline’s first room was. Call it laziness, call it mom-paranoia, but I’ll probably wait at least another week or two before starting that transition. I want to wait until he’s sleeping longer stretches so I’m not going up and down the stairs a million times a night. Plus, his room is right by Adeline’s room and I want to avoid him waking her up right now if possible. (Although I think she’d sleep through his cries!)

For the most part, I’ve fallen into a groove of feeding him for the last time around 7:30 or 8 and putting him “down for the night” sometime between 8:30 and 9:30, just depending on how long he wants to feed for. He likes to cluster feed at night usually, so sometimes I’ll feed him at 7:30, get him ready for bed, swaddled and everything, then he’ll want to eat again at 9 or so before actually going down. It’s fine by me if it means he’ll sleep a little longer that first stretch! He’ll then usually get in a 4-5 hour stretch and wake up between 12:30 am and 1:30 am, sometimes closer to 2 am. After this feeding, he’ll then usually go until 5-6 am. And by the time he’s done and back down, it’s time for Adeline to get up around 7. So I guess I’d say he typically has two feeds a night, which I’m completely okay with for the time being! It could be worse!

Our daytime routine is something like this: feed the baby, burp the baby, get spit up on, change his poopy diaper, pat or bounce the baby back to sleep, binge Netflix while the baby naps, eat a snack or maybe go pee. Repeat the process in 2.5 hours. You know, exciting stuff! He eats during the day every 2-2.5 hours with an occasional 3 hour stretch if he’s napping really well. Because he’s eating less at night he’s eating a little more during the day. We’re not on any sort of ‘schedule’ during the day yet, but eventually we’ll start heading that way as well as start implementing more of a eat-play-sleep pattern.


  • First time out of the house
  • First stroller walk as a family of four
  • First time to church at 3 weeks
  • First photoshoot
  • First time out shopping
  • First time meeting Adam’s family

Eating Habits

Barrett is exclusively breastfed, and so far so good! As expected, the first two weeks were the hardest, and included crazy engorgement (hello second time mom boobs!), sore and painful nipples, a very noticeably larger supply than last time, and pure exhaustion. But, now that we’re on the other side, things are going well and it’s becoming less of a chore/source of pain! I loved being able to nurse Adeline as long as I did, and I’m hoping to do the same with Barrett.

I’ve also been able to already start a freezer stash, which is definitely nice to have. I’ve had way more milk this time, so I’ve been able to pump a little here and there and it’s added up. I mentioned this on Instagram recently, but my biggest recommendation for second time (or first time) moms would be to buy a manual breast pump! I bought this one the first weekend we were home because after my milk came in, I NEEDED to get all that extra milk out easily and quickly. Even though Barrett was eating plenty, I still had so much milk after a feeding that I didn’t want to set myself up for mastitis or a plugged duct, so pumping for a few minutes to help relieve that pressure was so important. With Adeline, I had mastitis right around two weeks, and I think it’s because I was so engorged and Adeline wasn’t able to empty me out efficiently. It’s so much easier to just pump manually for a few minutes then throw it in the fridge, than it is to hook yourself up to the big pump and have to sit there for 20 minutes.

Little Things I Want to Always Remember

  • His newborn smell (the tops of newborn baby heads smell the BEST!)
  • His loud grunts and moans
  • How he sneezes with his entire body
  • His man-toots that can rival his Daddy’s and sound like a Bazooka
  • His old man milk drunk face – he does the same thing A used to do where he sort of puts his lips together in a closed mouth smile, puffs his cheeks and sticks his head and neck out like a turtle then sighs a big sigh of relief
  • How strong he is – almost immediately he was holding his head up when on our chests
  • His hair! I love his hair so much and am hoping it stays dark for a while but it’s already lighter than when he was born!
  • Hearing his first little coo’s – I can’t wait to hear what his little voice is going to sound like!
  • How Adeline is starting to ask about him and pay more attention to him. She’s recently started wanting to hug and kiss baby brother at bed time. She also loves to bring me diapers, and will give him his paci.

We love you Bear!



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    September 7, 2018 at 1:32 pm

    He is so darn precious! Sort of giving me baby fever even though I don’t miss those first few months! ha I do miss a snuggly baby though! You’re rocking motherhood. Enjoy it all.
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      September 10, 2018 at 8:42 am

      Thank you!

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    September 7, 2018 at 2:44 pm

    He’s growing so fast, he’ll be getting a job and pulling his weight in no time.

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      September 10, 2018 at 8:46 am


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    September 10, 2018 at 9:54 am

    One month already! So crazy. Now that you mention it, I remember R having thrush at one point, but thankfully J never did! Have you gotten peed on yet? J peed on me SO MUCH, like, so much. I started to take it personally haha
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      September 20, 2018 at 12:02 pm

      Seriously so fast. Thrush has been such a headache…I’m so ready for it to be GONE. And yes – SO MUCH PEE!

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