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Barrett: 8 Month Update

Barrett turned 8 months on April 7 and I still can’t believe it. I know I probably say this every month, but I really can’t figure out how we’re already to 8 months. 8 months of joy with the cutest little guy, and with each month that passes I find myself more and more in love with him. He just keeps getting more and more delicious – I can hardly stand it! I feel like we’re really starting to learn more about who he is, and what his little personality is going to be. It’s also just been a really BIG month, and a really exhausting month, to say the least. There have been lots of firsts this month, lots of milestones, lots of sleepless nights, and lots of just being busy mommin’ to two!

It does seem like we’re finally in a pretty good groove, as far as just being a family of four goes, and working with him home full time has been the greatest blessing. I’ll never take for granted the fact that this is even a possibility, and I truly savor being able to put him down for every nap, and be around him the majority of every day. It’s definitely hard though, and most days I feel like my brain can’t physically contain anything else, between my actual work day tasks and taking care of Barrett, it’s a lot. I feel like I’m going at 100 mph from the time Adeline leaves for preschool, until 5pm, and there’s a whole lot of multi-tasking and grace-giving going on. But, we’re making it work, and I still feel good about our decision to keep him home. It’s worth it, even on the days where I think I might lose my mind, or feel like a horrible mom for making him cry in his crib for 5 extra minutes while I wrap up emails. On days when Adam is home too, we’re good about switching off if the other needs to hop on a call, or if a task needs more focus than usual. It’s been a learning curve, but Barrett seems happy and healthy too, so that counts for something!

8 months has been such a blast and he’s just so much FUN right now. He’s in that sweet spot where I can still contain him, but any day now I think he’ll take off crawling. His thighs are still as chunky as ever, and I could just eat up his fat little feet. And his hair – AH, his hair. It can’t be tamed! Oh and his cheeks!! At the right angle they are just too much to handle. He is also still a gummy bear – no teeth yet! No surprise there though as his big sister didn’t get a tooth until her first birthday. His tear ducts also finally opened up this month – PRAISE! I feel like I can finally see his beautiful eyes, and I’m convinced they’re looking slightly more blue than Adeline’s. I think hers have finally settled on hazel, but his look a little lighter, so we shall see! We’re also still trying to knock out his dry scalp, but hopefully the warmer air will help.

Here’s his 8 month update. These are probably my favorite update pictures of him yet because I think they PERFECTLY capture the stage he’s in and his personality!


I haven’t had him weighed recently, but if I had to guess I would say maybe 18.5 – 19 lbs? At 7 months, he was 18 and change, so I’m not sure he’s gained a full pound, though he certainly hurts my arms if I hold him for too long! He’s a dense little fellow, that’s for sure! Clothing is pretty much the same as last month – can squeeze into a few 6 month things, but mostly needs 9 month everything.


  • Basically the same as last month, but also…
  • Eating real food, and pounding on the high chair tray when he wants more
  • Bouncing and jumping in his jumperoo
  • Laughing and interacting/playing more with Adeline
  • Being a squirmy wormy and roly poly – wants to stretch out and move!
  • Looking around – doesn’t like to be covered in the car seat anymore unless he’s sound asleep, loves being able to see out or just being held so he can see what’s going on
  • His chew toys, his crinkle books, anything small he can hold in his hands and gum
  • Sitting up and playing with toys on his playmat
  • Having raspberries blown on his belly or under the backside of his thighs, he just laughs and laughs and laughs
  • Kicking in the bathtub
  • Stroller walks
  • Reaching for Truckee, likes to try and touch her paws and face
  • Puffs and mum-mums
  • Sitting in his highchair outside on the back patio
  • When Adeline tries to hold him – he looks huge against her!
  • Mommy – I’m still his favorite, and he’s starting to notice when I leave and when I come back sometimes it makes him cry. He definitely wants to be with me as much as possible!
  • Making noises with his mouth – saying mmmm and yayaya (kind of), and blowing raspberries and spit bubbles constantly
  • When it’s mealtime – he loves pouches/purees still and gets so excited when he sees me pull one out, though he definitely prefers real food, of course, he’s still so excited to scarf down a puree
  • Being on a predictable schedule, he’s a loyal two/day napper, sometimes three a day depending on if we fall behind


  • Similar to last month, but also…
  • Having his nose boogers wiped or sucked out
  • When Mommy leaves
  • When we take a toy or something away from him
  • The hours of 4-6am
  • If he thinks Mommy is hurting or scared – like if Adam and I are joking around or something sometimes it scares him
  • When I try to make him nurse but he’s really not hungry
  • Running out of food
  • Not napping in his crib (he prefers his crib over anywhere else!)
  • Sleeping through the night
  • Being too hot or too cold
  • People he’s not familiar with
  • His gums hurting – we think…his hands are always in his mouth and he acts like they hurt, so teething maybe?

Current Routine

Our daytime routine is honestly basically the same as last month, so I’m just going to link it here in case you’re interested. #tiredmom The only thing I would add to it is just that our nights have been horrible the past month, and he’s been waking up once, if not twice almost every night. We’re still working on using some of the sleep training tactics we taught him a couple months ago, but honestly it’s just been a game time decision every night it feels like. As a whole, if it’s a “good” night, I guess I could probably say he’ll sleep from whenever I put him down (7:30 pm ish) to about 4:30 am, then I’ll just go feed him, and hope he goes back down until 7:30 am or 8. Lately he’s been really difficult to get back down, and we’ll end up taking turns rocking him until he finally falls back asleep, so it just depends on the night. If he wakes up twice, he’ll wake up once before midnight and we’ll usually let him CIO (or feed him if he won’t calm down), then again around that 4 am hour. It’s been exhausting, but I know it’s just a season. I know he’s fully capable of sleeping 12 hours, but I keep telling myself he just loves me so much he wants to party during the night. Ha!

Blowing raspberries…constantly!


  • First time sitting up on his own unassisted
  • First time eating avocado
  • First time eating broccoli
  • First time eating and loving Puffs
  • First time eating peanut butter
  • First time pushing himself up to sitting on his own (right at 8 months)
  • First time practically army crawling (right at 8 months)
  • First time seeing the bluebonnets
  • First time sitting in his pop up highchair/lawn chair
  • First time riding on Daddy’s shoulders
  • First time wearing gym shorts
  • First time celebrating Mommy’s birthday
  • First St Patrick’s Day
  • First time to the Gaylord Texan to meet Becca!!
  • First time wearing his denim overalls
  • Up on all fours rocking like he’s going to take off crawling any day now! (8.5 months)

Eating Habits

This is also pretty much the same as last month, so I’m not going to expand on it too too much. I’m still nursing him throughout the day and really only give him a bottle if I’m away and Adam needs to feed him or we’re out for a date night. I mentioned this last time though, that I’m going to need to start breaking into my freezer stash soon before it goes bad. For the most part he’s nursing on a pretty predictable schedule, but also just really on demand. It’s been really nice being able to sprinkle in more ‘meals’ though, and space out his nursing feeds. The joys of solids!

Food wise, he’s been trying more and more real food and is LOVING it. He still does purees, but I’m trying to incorporate more real food for him too. And the boy can EAT let me tell you! Most recently he’s loved rice, avocado, broccoli, banana, peanut butter, squash, butternut squash, soft peas, and sweet potato.

Little Things I Want To Always Remember

  • How he’ll reach for Truckee
  • How he sneaks Truckee food from his highchair
  • When he blows raspberries and spit bubbles back and forth with Daddy
  • How funny he thinks it is to ride and bounce on Daddy’s shoulders, or to be held and “flown” around the room
  • Seeing him sit up on his own, then go from laying down to sitting up, then starting to scoot, then army crawl…it’s all happening so fast!
  • How snuggly he is at night, even when I’m exhausted and don’t want to be up feeding him
  • His huge belly laugh when we tickle him
  • How obsessed with the tv remote he is
  • How he kicks his feet with excitement when he sees me pull out a mum-mum
  • How he pounds the highchair for more food
  • When Adam walked into his nursery after a nap and he was sitting up in his crib, happy as a clam!
  • How much more aware he is of his surroundings, how curious he looks
  • When he sat in grass for the first time, and in the bluebonnets, I could tell he loves being outside
  • His gentle, soft giggle and tone of his voice he’s staring to use
  • When Adeline gives him the sweetest hug and kiss goodnight every night, or tells someone “that’s MY brother!” “that’s Barrett, that’s my baby brother, do you want to see him?”
  • His facial expressions – he’s just so expressive and really coming out of his shell!
  • His super sad pout face whenever his feelings are hurt is enough to completely break my heart!
  • How funny he thinks it is to play the ‘drop it’ game over and over again.

We love you Barrett – to the moon and back!

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