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Barrett: 5 Month Update

How is he 5 months old?? I just don’t know how this is possible. Barrett turned 5 months old on January 7, so I’m about a week behind. In some ways it feels like Barrett was born just last week, and in other ways it feels like Barrett has been a part of our family for much longer. He’s just the perfect little addition and I’ve loved soaking up his babyhood thus far. He is so freaking cute and just melts me with every smile, babble, and belly laugh.

This month has probably been our most eventful month to date, so I’ve got lots to cover. We’ve dealt with sickness, our first double ear infection, our first Christmas, and even our first night away from Mommy! Through it all though, Barrett has been a trooper and the sweetest little guy.

Barrett is also growing like a weed! I’m pretty sure we went through several growth spurts, and based on his squishiness, I’d say we were right. His thighs are delicious, his cheeks are oh so kissable, and his tummy rolls are the best when he’s snuggled up in his towel after bath time. It seems like he outgrows a different outfit every week, but I’m so thankful he’s growing and thriving, even if he’s wearing me out with how much he eats!

He’s turned into quite the wiggle worm and roly poly. If we leave him to play on the play mat, he will still somehow maneuver himself all over the place, scooting and kicking himself around. He’s still working on rolling from back to tummy, but he’s so very close! I think his thunder thighs are getting in the way, so once he figures out how to lift them up and kick them over, he’ll be on the move!

Motor skills wise, he’s loving holding small objects, reaching for objects, putting anything he can get ahold of in his mouth and gumming it for days, and he’s starting to figure out how to put his paci back in his mouth.

Basically we love him a lot, he’s growing really fast, doing fun new baby things, and smiling, laughing, and giggling more and more!

Let’s get to his update:


I’m not sure exactly how much he weighs, but when we had him weighed at the pediatrician in the week prior to him turning 5 months old, he weighed right at 17 lbs. So, I’m going to estimate he’s right around 17 lbs! He’s a chunky monkey, and I love it so much! He’s wearing mostly size 6 month clothing, with a few 6-9 items and 9 month items mixed in. He can squeeze into something that’s 3-6 month if it’s not a zip-up, otherwise, it’s impossible to fit him into it!


  • Mostly same as last month
  • Belly laughing, giggles
  • Adeline, anytime she talks to him or “plays” with him
  • Being tickled
  • Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit
  • Rice cereal
  • Crab seat at school (the Fisher Price Sit Me Up floor seat)
  • Crying and not sleeping (lolol)
  • Being held on my hip
  • Bath time, still gets so excited
  • Sleeping with his arms unswaddled
  • Napping in his crib during the day
  • Napping on his side on occasion
  • Scooting out of his diaper during diaper changes
  • Being held up over my head


  • Being distracted while he’s nursing, or trying to nurse when there’s loud noises
  • Having his eyes wiped off (still dealing with clogged tear ducts, and if it’s got a cold they get extra gunky and watery)
  • Being lotioned after a bath – he’s got his Daddy’s dry skin and it just eats up the lotion
  • Having a wet diaper
  • Being laid down when he thinks I’m leaving again
  • Getting overtired
  • Having his head scrubbed too hard (also still has some cradle cap/dry scalp)
  • Getting too cold after a bath
  • Sitting up for too long
  • Carseat when it’s not moving

Current Routine

Our routine has been a little all over the place the past month, with his sleep being so unpredictable. If you’ll recall, and if you read my review on Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit, you’ll know that his sleep was horrible for most of the month. I’ve already talked about his poor sleep I feel like, so let’s just focus on what a typical day looks like, assuming it’s a good one!

If it’s a daycare day, or workday if that makes more sense, he usually sleeps in until 7:30 am or 8:00 am, then I’ll nurse him (sometimes not), and get him to school by 9:00 am at the very latest. It’s usually more like 8:30 am though. He gets 3 bottles while he’s there, 4 ounces each, around every 2.5-3 hours. Although to be honest, sometimes it’s closer together than that because, again, he’s not on any sort of schedule and they just assume that because he’s fussy he must be hungry. Grr. Anyways, that’s neither here or there. So then his naps at daycare are super random, and if they happen they’re only about 30 minutes. I pick him up around 4 pm most days, as that’s usually the earliest with work I can find time to get away to grab both kids. Sometimes Adam picks them up, and sometimes I get one and he gets the other. Once he’s home, I nurse him around 5 or 5:30 pm, basically between his last bottle and dinnertime. Then we eat dinner most nights around 6:30 pm, and we’ve been giving him a small bowl of rice cereal. Then I get him in the bath around 7 or 7:30 pm, nurse him around 8, and have him down for the night around 8:30 pm. Some nights earlier, some nights later. I’ve been trying to move bedtime up though, so I’m slowly aiming to get him down closer to 8, then 7;30, and so on. If it’s a good night, he’ll sleep through the night until 5 or 6 am, then he’ll nurse, and sleep until 7:30 am or 8, and we start over. If it’s an off night, he’ll wake up at some point, and either nurse or not nurse, aka paci-pong, and finally nurse at his usual morning wake-up time. Some nights he wakes up before midnight crying and replacing his paci puts him back to sleep, and some nights he wakes up at 3 or 4 acting hungry. Most recently though, his sleep suit has helped him sleep 10-11 hours straight, so that’s been really nice!


  • First time finding his toes
  • First candlelight service
  • First Christmas
  • First New Years Eve and New Years
  • First spontaneous belly laugh/giggle at something we didn’t prompt
  • First full night away from Mommy
  • First train ride (The Polar Express!)
  • First time on a firetruck
  • First time really grabbing objects on his own
  • First double ear infection
  • First time sleeping 11 hours without a single wakeup or paci pickup
  • First long crib nap with arms out
  • First nursing strike
  • First time really bleeding after I clipped his thumbnail too close (basically cut his thumb off, slightly traumatizing, that thing bled for like an hour)
While I was taking these pictures, Adeline ran upstairs and told Adam she needed to “get something for Barrett” and she came back downstairs with his little bear stuffed animal and laid it right by his head. So sweet!

Eating Habits

Not too much has changed here. He’s still taking 3 4oz bottles during the day at daycare, and nurses every 2.5-3 hours/on demand anytime he’s with me. On a typical daycare day, he nurses when he wakes up, then has his three bottles at school, then nurses when he gets home, then has some rice cereal at dinnertime, then nurses again at bedtime. That’s pretty typical, give or take a feeding here or there. On the weekend, or if he stays home with me, we try really hard to stay on a eat-play-sleep schedule and nurse every 3 ish hours/on demand, depending on the day. He’s not on any sort of strict schedule, timing wise, and it’s starting to really bother me. With the way his class is at daycare, there’s no way he’ll ever get on a schedule. (Different rant for another day.) I’d really like to get him on a better schedule at some point soon though, because I really need to help him establish his routine nap times, and just get his daytime sleep more regulated and predictable.

Rice cereal is new to him, just within the past week or so after our big sleep debacle. He’s loving the rice cereal though, and we give him just a very small bowl of it mixed with breastmilk and he just gobbles it right up! I’m looking forward to trying some other solids here in the near future, and will probably start with some pureed bananas or sweet potatoes since those were always hits with Adeline.

As far as breastfeeding, I’m still pumping during the workday, and nursing him anytime he’s with me. We’ve got just over 250 ounces in the freezer, so I feel pretty good about having that in my arsenal for emergencies, like the flu last week. I usually pump twice during the work day, three times if I can find time. I love nursing him, and he’s really turned into such a great eater. But, he has a strong preference for one side, so if I don’t continue to pump one side as often as possible, I feel like it’s going to basically dry up. It is what it is, so I’m just dealing with being lopsided for now. It’s crazy though, like I’ll pump and get 5 or 6 ounces on one side and like 1 ounce on the other. Super annoying, but not as annoying as trying to fight him to nurse on the side he doesn’t favor. I know it’s because one side has always had more of an oversupply and a faster let-down, and the other side has always been the slacker, so overtime he’s just gotten frustrated with the slower letdown and smaller supply and now barely wants to nurse on that side because he just can’t get it as fast. Totally rocking the super-boob/slacker-boob situation these days, but whatever. He’s still getting plenty, and we’re making it work. I plan on doing a more detailed breastfeeding-for-the-second-time post, but I just need to get all my thoughts together.

Little Things I Want to Always Remember

  • When Barrett randomly started belly laughing at Adeline in the kitchen one night when she was talking to him
  • Barrett belly laughing while we played a high five game with Adeline, for some reason all of us high fiving one another was hilarious to him!
  • How Adeline has to come and say goodnight to Barrett every night and give him a hug and a kiss
  • How Adeline likes to give Barrett his lovey, paci, or toys
  • How Adeline likes to wake him up in the morning
  • When Adeline whispers because she knows she needs to be quiet around Barrett when he’s sleeping
  • Barrett’s big smiles
  • How ticklish Barrett’s thighs, belly, collarbones, and back of neck is
  • Christmas with Barrett
  • Anytime Adeline holds Barrett
  • His old man hair
  • His thighs when he’s on his side
  • Our snuggles when he sleeps in bed with me in the mornings
  • When he fell asleep with his head on my shoulder for the first time

5 months has been the best yet. We love you Barrett!!


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    Julie Running in a Skirt
    January 20, 2019 at 8:20 am

    He is such a cutie!!! It was fun to see what might be coming up for the twins in the next few weeks.

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      January 21, 2019 at 9:45 pm

      Thank you! Yes! So fun!! It’s a sweet stage 🙂

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      Thanks! Ahh yes!! So fun!

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