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Barrett: 4 Month Update

I cannot believe we’re about to wrap up 2018 with a FOUR month old. How have we gotten to this point so quickly? It’s been a crazy month, full of lots of firsts, sickness, Thanksgiving, and me being back at work full time. To say it’s been a wild ride would be an understatement, but Barrett has been a trooper and rolls with the punches. His demeanor has become so chill, but so happy too. He’s been flashing the best big smiles and belly laughs when we tickle him. We’re still dealing with the clogged tear ducts, so his eyes often water which then causes his little cheeks to get dry from tear drops, so coconut oil has been out friend! Big sister Adeline has turned a new leaf and has decided she LOVES her baby brother. She proudly shows him off to anyone who will listen, asks to hold him, lays by him and rubs his face, talks to him, and is truly stepping into her role as big sis and protector. She just needed to take things at her own speed and adjust on her own timing. I couldn’t be more proud of her.

Before it gets away from me, I wanted to share his 4 month update. I’m technically two weeks late, he turned 4 months on December 7. So, really this is more like a 4.5 month old update, but that’s ok! He’s just the sweetest, and I love him so, so much! Being away from him during the day is still hard, some days easier than others, but most days I can’t wait to scoop him up and kiss those chubby cheeks!

Past updates:


Barrett is still holding onto big boy status, and is constantly making our arms hurt! We laugh because he usually just looks “fat and happy” and loves to be held and propped up. I couldn’t love his chubby little self more! At this 4 month well check, he weighed in at 16 lbs 3.4 ounces and 26″ long which puts him in the 82% for height and 64% for weight. I don’t think he gained as much weight between months 3-4 as he did in previous months which I honestly think is due to him not feeling well the past few weeks. He’s wearing 6 month clothes, with a few 9 month jammies sprinkled in. He can also do 3-6 month outfits if they’re long enough. Adeline was always pretty much spot on with her sizes, but so far B is way ahead and I’m having a hard time keeping up! He’s also in size 3 diapers and 3-6 month moccasins. But, they’re still pretty big so really I have no idea what size shoe he wears.


  • Same as last month
  • Seeing Mommy, like when I first walk into a room and he spots me
  • When Daddy plays with him, he just thinks Adam is hilarious
  • When Adeline talks to him
  • His lovey-puppy close to his face
  • Sitting up in the Bumbo
  • Sleeping not in the DockATot anymore
  • Holding small toys, gumming small chew toys
  • Laying on his tummy
  • Being close to Mommy, mama’s boy for sure!
  • Naps in the bathroom while it steams
  • Being held up in the air, being held upright
  • Smiling and laughing while he’s supposed to be nursing if he’s not actually very hungry


  • Same as last month
  • Having to wait too long to eat
  • Getting too cold after a bath
  • Coughing and being congested
  • Being put in the carseat
  • Having his nails clipped
  • Overly loud noises that startle him
  • Being overstimulated
  • Nursing somewhere unfamiliar unless he’s really hungry
  • Having his nose sucked out
  • Diaper changes, he’s started to do this thing where he scoots out of it and it’s already making it difficult to change him!

Current Routine

This month we really established what our routine is with us both being back to work full time, and both kids being in daycare/preschool. It’s been a doozy for sure, and not necessarily the most consistent thing in the world, but we’re getting there!

For the most part, Barrett’s routine is the same as last month, with nighttime sleep being the real question mark. The past month of sleep has truthfully been pretty up in the air, and awful at times. More ‘hard nights’ than easy ones. I’m not sure if it’s because he hit the 4 month sleep regression early and was stuck in it for a month, or if it more so had to do with something else, but he’s kept us on our toes for sure. So typically though, he’ll nurse for the last time around 7:45pm or 8pm, then go down for the night at 8:30pm and “sleeps” until about 6am. Adeline also goes down at the same time or a little before most nights. He almost always has a good long stretch until he starts to wake up looking for his paci but every night has really been so different. However, for the most part it’s usually 1 of 2 scenarios…

Scenario 1: He’ll sleep from 8:30pm – 3:00am ish, where he’ll start to stir looking for his paci. So I usually just go up to his room and give it to him and he goes back to sleep until 6:00am ish when he wakes up ready to eat. He’ll nurse, sometimes in bed with me downstairs, or in the glider in his room, then sleep until about 7:30am. Sometimes I let him sleep until almost 8:00am if he’s snoozin’ really good. On occassion, the 3am paci “wake up” doesn’t happen and we’re golden!

Scenario 2: He’ll go down around 8:30pm but wake up at least once before midnight and will either need his paci or his diaper changed. (A couple times he’s pooped and it’s caused him to wake up crying.) Then he’ll go back down until around 2:00-3:00am ish where he’ll again start to stir, wanting his paci or to be shh’d back to sleep. Then he’ll wake up again once or twice more before 6:00am. Sometimes he’ll want to eat as early as 5:00am then he’ll go back down until 7:30am. These nights are a little rougher. It’s not that he’s really crying during these “wake ups” but more so he just seems uncomfortable and restless and giving him his paci again knocks him back out.

Scenario 1 is the most typical, and is honestly not a big deal, because essentially he’s going from 8:30pm-6:00am without eating, which really, is pretty great. He just needs to learn to put himself back to sleep without his paci. There’s just something about that 3:00am hour that’s like clockwork. Scenario 2 is the most exhausting, obviously, but again, he’s still going about 9-10 hours without eating and just waking up from his diaper or dropping his paci. Lately though, with him having a cough, he’s been keeping US up more at night than himself. His cough won’t necessarily wake him up, but it will cause him to stir around just enough to wake me up over the monitor. Plus, giving him his paci again helps him stop coughing.

As far as daytime routine goes, both he and Adeline go to school sometime between 8-9am, and we pick them up sometime between 3-5pm. I say this broadly because it really just depends on our work load, and what’s going on. Sometimes Adam takes Adeline to school at 8 and I can’t get Barrett there until closer to 9. Sometimes one of us takes both at the same time. Sometimes I’m able to pick them both up at 3:45pm and sometimes it’s more like 4:30pm. A few days I haven’t been able to get them until 5 or shortly after, and while it makes me cringe I’m trying to remember it’s not everyday and they will be ok.

When he comes home, he usually naps either in his carseat (with me right beside him!) or I’ll take him out and feed him right away and hold him for a long nap until dinnertime. He’ll nurse at least once around dinnertime, and then bath time usually starts around 7:30pm then he’ll nurse for the last time at 8:00pm before going down at 8:30pm and starting the cycle all over again.

My biggest complain right now is that he barely naps at school, which is hugely frustrating, but can’t be helped at the moment so it is what it is. He’ll take cat caps, but nothing really substantial. On the weekends though, or anytime he’s home, he’ll take 2 or 3 really solid naps. I remember Adeline being this way for a while too so I know he’ll eventually start napping at school more, but because of safety laws they can’t be swaddled, or have blankets or loveys or anything in their crib so he has nothing to comfort him while he sleeps. So, I don’t blame him. I wouldn’t want to sleep like that either! But, I digress.


  • First cold
  • First cough
  • First urgent care visit
  • First movie in the theater (when big sis went to HER first movie!)
  • First Thanksgiving
  • First time away from mom with just dad and Adeline (when I had strep!)
  • First green poop diaper
  • First time looking at Christmas lights
  • First family photo session
  • First time Adeline wanted to hold him (and lots!)
  • First time Adeline acted like she really, really loves him
  • First cradle cap
  • First BIG smiles (like wide mouth smiles)
  • First belly laugh
  • First trip to see Santa
  • First time sitting in Bumbo
  • First time gripping small toys
  • First time wanting to put everything in his mouth

Eating Habits

Barrett still gets 3 4oz bottles at school, and for the most part finishes each to the very last drop. On the weekends I let him nurse on demand, and very rarely give him a bottle. He’s on much more of a ‘schedule’ at school obviously but anything goes on the weekends and I am more than okay with that. During the week I’m still pumping 2-3 (usually twice) a day and pump more than enough for the next day. Lately though after being so sick, my supply has plummeted so I’ve been working to get it back up what it was. Sometimes I’ll pump a little with my hand pump once in the early morning before his first feed just to get a few extra ounces, but I don’t do that everyday.

His spit up has really slowed down too. Which I think is a combination of getting more bottles, and my let down slowing down from my milk supply regulating a bit. He still spits up of course, and sometimes HUGE, but it’s nothing like it was.

Little Things I Want to Always Remember

  • When Adeline lays down beside him and talks to him or strokes his face
  • How snuggly he is when he just wants to be held and rocked
  • Sleeping in bed with me after he falls asleep nursing – these are some of my favorite moments with him.
  • Sleeping next to me in the guest bed if he’s having a hard time sleeping at night. Sometimes I’ll put him in the guest bed next to me so I can more easily soothe him and while it keeps me up, I love those extra snuggles. (Even though we’re not snuggling, duh, we’re being safe of course!)
  • His belly laughs
  • How giggly he is right before I put him in the bathtub
  • How he comes alive when we lay him on his belly and he just lights up
  • When I hold him upright on my hip like a big boy and he relaxes into me
  • His WILD MAN hair
  • His cooing and noises he makes. Sometimes he just wants to tell us all about it!
  • His thighs and his little side rolls
  • Wrapping him up in his puppy dog towel after a bath
  • How he loves me the most

We love you, Barrett! You are such a light in our family and bring us so much joy! I’m still so thankful for you, and can’t believe I get to be your mom. You, my son, I will never take for granted. Don’t grow up too quickly, sweet boy!


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    Heather Brown
    December 21, 2018 at 7:47 pm

    What a cutie! He is really changing from newborn to little boy and is so adorable. I am sorry for all the sickness you’ve been having. SOOO happy Adeline is loving him now, though! The lack of naps would be frustrating to me, too. I can’t believe they can’t have anything in the cribs or be swaddled! I can say that my children would never have slept in daycare. Sounds like things are getting into a rhythm. Have a great Christmas!

    • Reply
      January 3, 2019 at 2:05 pm

      I know, it’s just a safety thing state wide! Makes me sad but I understand the reasoning behind it. I KNOW!! He’s soooo different than newborn Barrett it’s crazy how fast they change!

  • Reply
    December 23, 2018 at 1:30 pm

    Praying for this next month to be filled with good health and lots of sleep for all! What a cute little guy 🙂 That’s great he’s mostly sleeping through the night. I think at 4 months I was still nursing 3-4 times a night!
    Heather recently posted…18 Months Postpartum UpdateMy Profile

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      January 3, 2019 at 2:04 pm

      Thank you!

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