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Barrett: 3 Month Update

And just like that, our boy is 3 months old! I’m a week or so behind though, since he actually turned 3 months on 11-7. Hitting 3 months old feels like such a milestone – he’s a quarter of the way through his first year! I feel like this month I’ve really gotten to know B, and I just love him and all of his little tendencies so much. I’m still his favorite though – he’s definitely a mama’s boy, that’s for sure! I feel like even though I said last month I felt like we really bonded, I feel like we’ve bonded even more so this month. This boy has my heart wrapped around his tiny fingers. He’s once again grown chunkier before my eyes, and is just so gosh darn kissable I can barely stand it. He’s been breaking out the sweetest smiles, and most recently the most heart melting baby giggles I’ve ever heard. I can tell that his personality is going to be in full force soon, because he constantly wants to be part of the party.

This was a big month for us, as we celebrated big sister’s third birthday, did all the fall things, and Mommy went back to work. We had so much family time this month, and I think I can confidently say we’re finding our rhythm as a family of four. Going back to work has brought a lot of big emotions, and I’m still not so sure how I feel about it. It’s only been a week, but some days I felt like maybe I could handle it, and other days I felt myself feeling so overwhelmed, like the weight of the world was on my shoulders. I feel like my heart is being pulled in 10 different directions. I know it’s going to take time to adjust, but at the end of the day I’m loving snuggling with B until bedtime, and playing with A until she’s so delirious she can barely walk straight. It’s true that when you’re away for several hours during the day, the time you do spend together is cherished 1,000 times more.

B is doing really well though, all things considered. The only thing we’re still struggling with are his clogged tear ducts, which everyone always feels the need to comment on. His poor little eyes water constantly, and gunk up throughout the day, so we have to keep them cleaned off as much as we can. Some days they’re better than others, and things like wind aggravate them more. Our pediatrician says it’s a fairly common issue, and should clear up sometime within his first year. So, no, he doesn’t have pink eye, or allergies, and he’s not always crying. His tear ducts just don’t work perfectly yet.


When we weighed him at A’s 3 year appointment the last week of Oct, he was (fully clothed) 15 lbs 6 oz. So I’m going to guess that now, about two weeks later, he’s probably about the same, somewhere in the 15 1/2 lb range. Basically, he’s a BIG boy and I don’t hate it! My arms do, but my mama heart is loving it. He’s getting squishier by the day and I just can’t get over all of his rapid changes! His chubby cheeks, his thighs and his belly just kill me. I could literally eat him up!!!

He’s wearing a few 3 month things, depending on the cut and fit, but is mostly easing his way into size 6 month outfits. His jammies are for sure 6 months – he’s completely outgrown his 3 month ones. He’s also wearing size 3 diapers.


  • Quick, efficient nursing sessions
  • Tummy time
  • Bath time – still giggles and kicks with excitement
  • Being tickled under his chin and top of his chest
  • Moving – constantly moving
  • Wrapping him self around me, laying sideways in my arms to nap
  • Being patted and bounced to fall asleep, or rocked at night
  • Having between his eyes rubbed
  • When Daddy walks in the room – B just lights up and thinks Adam is the coolest!
  • Playing peek-a-boo on the changing table


  • Sudden surprises or loud noises – he has the BEST pouty lip
  • When the car stops moving
  • Sitting in his car seat for too long
  • Being knocked or kicked by big sis on accident
  • Being forced to eat when he’s not hungry
  • Getting overtired
  • Fast let down
  • Being awoken from a nap
  • Nursing in public under a cover
  • Taking a bottle from me, or from anyone if I’m in the room at all
  • Having his eyes wiped off

Current Routine

For the first part of the month, our routine was pretty much the same as month two. The only thing that really changed though was his sleep. He was in a really good groove sleeping from about 9 to almost 6am most days, but then we hit week 12 and everything changed. He went from sleeping 8+ hours to waking up 2, 3, sometimes 4 times a night. This lasted for about a week and a half, and I’m attributing it to the 12 week growth spurt/12 week leap. It was exhausting. Our day routine though stayed mostly the same though, waking up around 6, then feeding every 2.5-3 hours throughout the day, then starting bedtime around 7:30 and down by 8:30 or so. He started daycare right at 13 weeks, the day he turned 3 months, so as soon as that happened our routine really changed, but I’ll include more details in next month’s update once our routine is a little more regular.

For my own memories though, week one went something like this – wake up around 6, sometimes 7, out the door to school between 8:8:30, he gets 3 bottles throughout the day (every 3 hours or as needed), pickup between 3:30-4:30 depending on work, nurse as soon as we get home, eat dinner as a family, nurse around 6, bath time sometime between 7-7:30, nurse again, down for the night between 8-8:30, sleep until 4-5am, quick diaper change/feeding, back down until 7am ish. There were a couple days during the first week of daycare though that he slept from 9 pm to 7 am STRAIGHT. It was crazy! I’m curious to see how week two goes, and what his sleep routine settles into.

He’s still sleeping in his crib, in the DockATot, which I still need to transition him out of because he really doesn’t need it at all. He just looks so cozy and comfortable in it, I hate to mess up a good thing quite yet! I’m planning on easing him out of it for bedtime sleep sometime this month though, so hopefully it goes over smoothly. He’s also been sleeping swaddled in his Halo Sleep Sack. Not because we don’t like the Ollie anymore, but because one night it was dirty and I put him in the Halo and he slept like a champ, and then I forgot to wash the Ollie, and before I knew it he’d gone like a month sleeping in the Halo. It’s actually probably a good thing I’ve accidentally moved him away from the Ollie because at daycare they can’t swaddle, and we’ll be using the Halo soon anyways to start breaking the whole swaddling thing all together.

Edit: Of course after I blogged about how great a sleeper he usually is, he gave us a run for our money last night! Can’t say I didn’t mind the extra cuddles, but it’s a two pot of coffee day over here!


  • Daycare
  • Starting to barely grab or swat at toys
  • Baby giggles!!!
  • Sitting in the stroller without the car seat
  • First time away from both of us for a few hours – our date night
  • First Halloween and trick or treating
  • First crib nap unswaddled (at daycare)
  • Napping at home with arms out of swaddle
  • First time sleeping a billion hours straight (thank you daycare, ha!)

Eating Habits

B is still a really great eater, and for that I am thankful. If he is with me, he nurses on demand, and if he’s away from me or at daycare he obviously takes a bottle. The last week of my maternity leave we were starting to get on a good 6-9-12-3 schedule, but I wasn’t very strict about it. At daycare, I just told them to give him his bottle whenever he shows hunger cues, every 2.5-3 hours, which ends up being around that schedule anyways. I’ve found that being less rigid about a feeding schedule has helped keep my anxiety down, and caused me to stress less than I did with A. The only feeding(s) I’m particularly anal about are his nighttime feeds before bedtime because I like to make sure he’s super full before I lay him down.

Ounce wise, he takes 4 ounces in a bottle, and probably that much or more when he nurses. He spits up way, way more when I nurse him than after a bottle feed which has led us to conclude that I probably have a forceful letdown which causes him to guzzle more milk than his little tummy can hold. This was for a while a huge problem because some days it would seem like he was spitting up a TON and we couldn’t figure out what the issue was. For the most part, his spit up has actually calmed down some, so I’m not sure if it’s a combination of us just knowing better how to handle it, or maybe he’s just growing and maturing and that’s helped some too.

Related to eating is all things pumping now that I’ve gone back to work. (I’m planning on doing another post on all things breastfeeding soon!) I typically pump once in the early morning hours before he wakes up just to relieve some engorgement and release some pressure so that when he latches on he’s not hit with a fire hose. I can easily pump 3-5 ounces with my hand pump doing this. Then throughout the work day I’ve been pumping twice, maybe three times if I can fit it in, and have been averaging anywhere from 15-22 ounces pumped total for the day (combined with that early morning pump). When I started back to work, we had 200 ounces of frozen milk in the freezer, for which I am very lucky, I know. If breastfeeding is still going well in a few months, I’m seriously considering looking into signing up to be a milk donor for our local milk bank. If anyone has any experience with that, let me know!

Little Things I Want To Always Remember

  • When A asks to kiss him before she goes to bed
  • How he smiles and giggles when she interacts with him
  • His bath time coos and excitement
  • Snuggling him tight after he falls asleep but before I lay him down
  • Hearing his first giggles
  • How ticklish he is
  • Kissing his chubby cheeks
  • His thighs (as always!)
  • How he thinks it’s hilarious to roll over during tummy time
  • The strawberry blonde/red tint in his hair
  • His blue eyes
  • How he flexes his feet when he stretches

3 Month Favorites

We love you, B!

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    November 12, 2018 at 10:15 pm

    He is so sweet Sarah. It’s so clear how much you love your little guy.

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