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Barrett: 22 Month Update

I’m back with another Barrett update! (Finally!) I have so badly wanted to sit down and write a post about all things Bear Bear right now because he is so full of LIFE right now. And by that I mean, he is a wild and crazy little man and he is keeping us on our toes! He is so different than big sis in so many ways, and it has been a blast seeing his personality really explode as he comes into toddlerhood full force. Barrett is the cutest little boy on the face of the planet and I cannot believe I ever lived without him. He’s a bulldozer…wrecking ball…linebacker…99% of the time and the other 1% he is the sweetest, snuggliest, most scrumptious thing ever. I’m exaggerating of course, because he’s actually ALWAYS the sweetest, snuggliest, most scrumptious thing ever but we also joke that he gives 110%, 110% of the time, ha! He’s basically just so much more rough-and-tumble than Adeline ever was and it is hilarious to compare them!

I’m going to break this down into simply a little bit about his current size, a few firsts, and some things I want to always remember. This age is actually unique and crazy to think about because he is officially past the age that Adeline was (21 months) when we moved down to Texas! Adeline was such.a.baby when we moved here and we thought she was so big! Time is weird, ya’ll!


Bear is a big little guy! I love it so much. The kid is DENSE, like, not in a fat way, but just heavy and SO strong. He’s a linebacker, I’m tellin’ ya! We think he weighs close to 30lbs, probably 30-31lbs, but I’m not exactly sure at the moment. He’s wearing a mix of sizes, but mostly 18mo – 2T. He has a few 12 mo shorts he’s still wearing as well as some 18mo shorts, but honestly, the 12 mo shorts fit him best currently, and his 2T tops fit him best. Maybe he’s going to be shaped like Kronk?? For his little shoes, he’s wearing size 6 and 7.


  • First busted knee
  • First bitten tongue
  • First time giving Mommy a black eye when he dropped my phone on my eye socket bone
  • First really bad scratched knee
  • First time riding a scooter (past 22 months but I want to remember this!)
  • First official Easter Egg Hunt (I guess he hunted eggs last year – but did that really count?)
  • First quarantine and global pandemic
  • First preschool Zoom call
  • First time saying more noticeable words – “Noooo”, “Blue”, “Ball”, “Pup Pup”, “Oh noo”, “Uh ohh”, “Mom!”, “Dada”, “Mo” = Elmo, “Wawa” = water, “Mooe” = more, “Buh Buh” = bubbles, “Wow/Whoaaa!”, “googa!” = google, “Yaaaay!”, “hellooo”, “Ba ba”, “Bubba” = bubbles

Things I Want to Always Remember (22 months in a nutshell)

  • Squishing his finger into PlayDoh
  • When he wants food on his plate he points to his plate or placemat, or when he wants Sissy to sit by him he points to the ground or seat beside him
  • His giggles with Daddy, his giggles in general
  • His new kisses where he actually smooshes
  • How he sits down and tries to put his shoes on
  • How he brings Sissy her shoes
  • How much he loves his Puppy stuffed animal
  • How he LOVES his bubble machine in the backyard and picks it up and brings it to me when he wants to put more bubbles in it
  • Super temper tantrums – when we tell him no, when Adeline takes something from him, when he can’t have or get something he wants, when we try to pick him up and he doesn’t want to be held, when we won’t let him into the pantry
  • How he gets hurt all the time, climbs on everything, tries to jump off everything, gives 110% intense effort to everything all the time, constantly has bruises on his squishy little legs
  • How he has started climbing up on TOP of A’s monkey bar dome
  • How he loves his water table and playing in the little pool
  • How he LOVESSSS watering my plants and flowers – he goes back and forth back and forth watering with his little water pot. He also loves helping to hold the water hose!
  • Gardening in general – he is OBSESSED with helping me garden and I love it so much!
  • How he loves A’s old pet animal wooden puzzle – he can do all the pieces all by himself!
  • How much he loves playing with A in general – he wants to do every single thing she does, literally, monkey see monkey do!
  • How he loves taking those puzzle piece animals and playing with them on the stairs
  • How he lines up with bath toy cars on the side of the bathtub
  • How he picks up and moves his workbench across the playroom
  • How he jumps straight up and lands on his butt, over and over again, especially on the couch
  • His JIGGLY CHEEKS WHEN HE RUNS! I will never tire of laughing at them.
  • When we went to the creek and he got to throw rocks in for the first time and clapped and said ‘wow!!’ each time
  • His lip-smacking sounds when he’s eating – it seriously makes my ovaries throb I cannot handle it. Adam thinks I’m absolutely crazy but I swear listening to him eat is the cutest thing ever!
  • How he runs to the front door to put his shoes on when I say it’s time for a walk
  • Looks just like his Uncle Daniel at this age
  • When he’s got a dirty diaper he’ll tug on it and whine – good sign, right??
  • Love how he ‘backs up’ to sit in my lap if I’m sitting on the ground Indian style
  • He’s been loving Daddy lately – snuggles up with him and wants him to put him to bed
  • How he loves to blow dandelions and puts all his effort into it
  • How he’s starting to try to climb out of his crib – I think we’re close to putting his mattress on the ground!
  • Loves climbing up in the front window-sill to look out the window
  • Loves Fig Newtons and every similar cookie/granola bar
  • Curls up in his crib with all his stuffed animals and blankets
  • Has taken a liking to his pony and his dinosaur stuffed animals
  • Sometimes HATES putting clothes on
  • Still hates having his diaper changed
  • How when we ask him to “say please” he sticks his belly out and laughs
  • Loves watching things bake in the oven with Sissy
  • Loves giving high-fives and is really good at it!
  • Slaps Adam in the man-parts way too often
  • Loves playing under the dining room table
  • When he goes down the slide headfirst or flies off the couch and nearly gives me a heart attack

Bear man, you are the perfect little guy for our family and I am so lucky to be your mom! You will never know how much I love you – every single little sticky, messy, dirty, loud, strong, determined, silly, wild, rambunctious, sweet, cuddly, precious inch of you. I love that you still love me the mostest, even though you’ve really bonded with Daddy lately. I’m holding onto these snuggles as long as I can because you are getting so big, SO fast!

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