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Barrett: 2 Year Update

Bear is two. How is that possible? I’m fairly certain I had him um, yesterday. (But also it feels like he’s been in our lives for forever!) And now he’s two. He is lit-er-a-lly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life and I dare you to argue me on that. He makes my heart skip a beat and if I could freeze time with him, I would. He breaks my heart on a continual basis because he is pure sweetness, and I’ve never fully understood how his cuteness can actually make me cry. (Emotions are weird.) Barrett has grown SO MUCH this year it blows my mind. Heck, at the beginning of the pandemic he was still such a baby it seemed, barely into toddlerhood. But now, at TWO, he seems like a totally different kiddo. His jiggly cheeks, his toothy smile, his always-scuffed knees, his blonde hair that grows at lightning speed, and his precious, precious little voice all make me want to pick him up and squeeze him for eternity. I just love him more than I can even express – I still can’t believe I get to be his mom. God knew my heart needed a son, and boy did He deliver.

Barrett has the funniest personality, and is just so much fun. He’s goofy, but sweet beyond words. He is demanding and headstrong, but also gentle spirited. He’s a snuggler when he wants to be, but also likes his own space. His fine and gross motor skills are amazing, and we joke that he’s a wrecking ball. We’re pretty sure he’s convinced he can fly and needs to wear a helmet at all times. He’s always doing something physical, and just loves climbing, jumping, and exploring. He loves being outside more than anything else, whether that’s riding sissy’s scooter, playing in the backyard, going on walks, or hiking with mom and dad. He’s talking more and more, though not near as much or as clearly as sissy was at this age. He plays hard with sissy and gives her a run for her money. And, he seems to have no fear, other than losing sight of mommy. (Which I love because hello, he loves me the most!!)

It’s hard to believe a pretty big chunk of his second year of life has been spent mostly at home in “quarantine” or some version of it. From last August 2019 – March 2020, things were normal, but March 2020 – August 2020 things have been, well, you know. Different. He has taken it all with stride, and honestly doesn’t know any different anyways. I think we’ve made the most of it, and I really do cherish all this extra time at home with him. I’ve gotten to witness so much more growth and so many milestones simply because I’ve been home with him more. And not to say I’d have missed those milestones otherwise, but I just mean I’ve simply been around him 24/7 and have soaked up every second! I laugh because last fall when I accepted my new job I was worried about being gone more during the week this summer, but lo and behold I’ve been able to be home all the time! God knew what was coming and I’m thankful in a weird way for how that worked out.


Barrett had his two year well-check on Friday and weighed in around 29lbs-ish. He’s in the 50-ish %tile for weight I believe but apparently tall for his age. Either way, he is healthy as can be and we rejoice! He was super upset while we were taking these measurements so I completely missed what exactly they were, so I’ll have to come back and update them once I can pull them off his online chart. (UPDATE – he’s roughly 27-28lbs of pure-lovin’!)

Clothing size-wise, he’s wearing mostly 18-24mo and 2T. Mostly 2T though I’d say on top, maybe smaller on the bottom. He’s built so much broader and huskier than Adeline was, even though he’s never been as roll-y, if that makes sense. He’s certainly squishy, but overall just a dense, heavy kid! His shoes are still a 6 or 7, though most of his little Nike shoes that are 6’s are way too small. He basically lives in a knockoff pair of Keens and loves them. Diapers, he’s still rocking a size 5.


  • First chipped tooth (who knows how long it’s actually been chipped for but we just noticed it very recently!)
  • First time saying lots of new words
  • First time really smiling and saying “cheeeeee”
  • Third haircut (not a first, but still a milestone it feels like!)
  • First time totally knowing what the word “no” means
  • First time saying “oowwie” when he gets hurts and recognizing that something hurts more than normal
  • First time loving to pick out books before bed
  • First time jumping off the big ledge at the pool
  • First time climbing to the top of the monkey bars in the backyard and jumping off
  • First time kicking a soccer ball
  • First time riding in the double jogging stroller with Daddy!
  • First time playing up in the playroom alone with Adeline (we’ve been letting them play alone together up there while they watch kid’s church on Sunday mornings or sometimes while we cook dinner and it’s so nice!)
  • First temper tantrum with a crazy high-pitched scream attached to it

Things I Want to Always Remember

  • How he has to have alllll his stuffed animals in his crib (his giant guck guck (duck) and Mickey and puppy and momo and sometimes his giant Pooh)
  • The way his voice sounds when he says “ya!” or “yaaaa” super excitedly
  • How he will sit and string beads quietly like an old man (from one of Adeline’s craft kits)
  • How he jumps off everything without fear
  • How fast he can run through the house
  • How at bedtime he’ll bust out of his room and sprint into the playroom
  • How he still makes the CUTEST smacking noises when he eats
  • How obsessed he is with Baby Bum on Netflix and begs us to turn it on
  • How much he LOVES to water flowers, help Daddy with the water hose, dig in the flowerbed
  • How much he just loves being outside and he gets SO excited when we ask him if he wants to go outside
  • How well he plays with sissy – watching them truly play together is so much fun! They fight some and both get frustrated trying to share, but they entertain themselves!
  • How crazy good his gross motor skills are – he is SO coordinated!
  • He loves riding Sissy’s scooter more than anything in the world and it is absolutely hilarious and soooooo cute!! It’s crazy!!
  • How we’ll be riding in the car and say, “Barrett, you ok back there?” “Ya!” and it’s just the cutest how he responds like, yep still back here!
  • How much he still loves his puppy and little Elmo.
  • How he loves to pick out his books and his stuffed animals before bedtime, and then after we’re done reading he likes to take his books to bed with him.
  • When I’m putting him to bed and he has us hold him and sway with him, rubbing his back.
  • How he hangs off the refrigerator door and sprints to the pantry when he hears it open
  • Playing the paci game with him cracks him up!
  • How perfectly timed and comedic his “No!” always is.
  • How he loves going to the garage to pick out an applesauce or an orange juice (orange Bodyarmor)
  • How he runs to mama and hugs my legs when he gets his feelings hurt or he gets embarrassed
  • How he jumps into the pool but really just gets up on his tip-toes then falls forward into the water
  • His cheek kisses and the little smoosh-kissy sound he makes
  • When he hugs our legs with his whole body
  • How he tries to imitate everything big sis does, including “three, two, one!” before he runs or does something she’s doing
  • When he says “whooaaa!!” with a super excited face
  • How he’ll pick out the books he wants to read at bedtime and/or say yes or no to what we suggest
  • When he runs to the front door and yells “Mom!!!!” with Adeline anytime I come home. They’re my welcoming committee and it’s the cutest!
  • When he lays down and pretends to go ‘nigh-nigh’
  • How clumsy he is – poor guy seems to trip on everything!
  • When he flies like an airplane or choo-choo’s like a train
  • The way he feels when he rests his head on my shoulder. I never want to forget how he just clings to me and relaxes.
  • How much he loves taking baths and will go to the bathtub, point and say, “ba! ba!”
  • His big, huge splashes in the tub. He always makes the BIGGEST mess during baths!

We love you so much, Bear Bear! Life with you is the sweetest.

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