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Barrett: 18 Month Update

OH HEY THERE! Long time no chat! It is what it is, ya’ll – I promise I haven’t forgotten about you! I’m still here, just checking in whenever I can and with more intention. I wanted to be sure and share our Bear man’s 18 month update before it all slipped away from my memory, so here we are!

My littlest love bug turned 18 months on February 7 and I simply cannot believe it. He is the sweetest, cutest, coolest little guy around and I am still so shocked I get to be HIS mom. Barrett is morphing into a little boy right before my eyes and it breaks my heart on a daily basis! Bear Bear, I love you so much – you challenge me in many ways, but boy oh boy have you got me wrapped around your finger!


His 18 month well-check isn’t until later this week, so I’m not sure what his percentiles are, but when we last weighed him at home a couple weeks ago he weighed 30 lbs! Basically, he’s a big boy and I love it so much. But really, he is HEAVY. Everyone always comments on how heavy he is – he’s like a sack of bricks!

Bear is wearing mostly 18 month clothes, with a few 12 month and 24 month things sprinkled in here and there. His little shoes are now mostly size 6, even though he can squeeeeze into a 5 depending on the shoe. He loves his cowboy boots and Nike’s the mostest, and will bring them to me and say “shoe?” He’s rocking size 5 diapers, and his jammies are anywhere from 12 month – 18 month. We tend to hang onto jammies around here, so some nights he’s squeezed into them like a sausage casing depending on the current laundry situation, ha!


  • Being independent – he wants to do everything by himself like closing a door, turning off or on a light, setting something on the counter, etc.
  • Anything Sissy is doing
  • PupPup – Adeline has been sharing PupPup and it’s the sweetest
  • His Elmo mini books – he’s OBSESSED and has actually torn a couple of them up because he’s loved them so hard
  • Reading books in his crib or in his car seat
  • (Still) When Olaf sings “When I’m Older” from Frozen 2
  • Being naked or running around in just his diaper
  • Running in general
  • Running into things
  • Climbing onto things
  • Being dangerous all.the.time.
  • Belly laughing at Daddy
  • Jumping on his playroom trampoline and then swinging off the bar
  • Tinkering in Adeline’s kitchen (sometimes he puts her oven mitt on and Chef Barrett is hilarious!)
  • Dumping all of the water out of the bathtub
  • Going down the backyard slide by himself
  • Playing at the playground like a big boy
  • Eating most things – especially applesauce pouches, limes and lemons (for real!), messy foods like spaghetti, breakfast foods, peas, carrots, grilled cheese, grapes, too many to name!
  • Going on wagon rides with sissy
  • Running around on the tennis court
  • Throwing things at Mom’s face
  • Skipping around the house
  • Pointing out body parts i.e. nose, mouth, ears, toes, belly button
  • His Elmo hoodie
  • Putting his hands in his pockets
  • “Brushing” his teeth
  • Screaming loudly just to scream and then laughs because he thinks he’s soooooo funny!
  • Rocking and reading books at night…he FINALLY likes to read and will “pick out” his book
  • Dumping baskets of toys out and making huge messes
  • Prune juice, orange juice, apple juice – all diluted of course
  • Getting off of furniture on his own
  • Coloring…also coloring on EVERYTHING including walls and floors
  • Helping in the kitchen, especially when sissy is helping like when she pulls up a chair to watch what we’re doing
  • Stacking things like Legos, cleaning up when we ask him to, bringing us items, “helping” us in fun little ways
  • Picking up really heavy things (baby Hulk!!)


  • Being told no – this kid can sad face like I’ve never seen!
  • Having his diaper changed…by Mom
  • When Adeline “bullies” him and he can’t reach something or get to something
  • When he wants to do something on his own but we try to do it for him first
  • When he’s overtired
  • When he doesn’t want to be picked up and he throws his arms straight up in the air so we can’t pick him up or when he goes limp noodle on us
  • When he thinks Mom is leaving him
  • Not being able to poop (don’t we all??)
  • Having a toy taken away from him
  • When Sissy tries to play with his workbench, he’ll push her out of the way
  • Trying to go down for a nap when he’s really not tired enough for a nap OR trying to go down when he’s overtired
  • Holding our hands while we’re walking
  • Being put in a highchair when he doesn’t want to be…he will scream and throw a huge fit
  • If we linger too long at nursery drop off or preschool drop off
  • When he just can’t communicate what he wants – he’s trying SO hard to talk more right now, but just isn’t there yet. He’s super communicative and smart in so many ways, but finding his words right now is taking him a bit. (Compared to Adeline, at least – she had a few more words at this point than he did, but we’re not concerned or anything!)

Current Routine

I think our routine is mostly the same as 15/16 months. I’m still working out of the office on Mon/Weds, then preschool hours on Tues/Thurs/working from home in the afternoons, and working from home on most Fridays, and our sweet nanny comes to the house on MWF to keep the kids. It’s been really great, and we’ve settled into a pretty good groove I would say. The only thing that’s probably new is my workout routine. I’ve been trying to do my “long run” on Fridays when our nanny can watch the kids and I’ve got a more flexible day working from home. Then I’ll do the rest of my running either on Sat/Sun or squeeze in a short run during the week before dinnertime.

For Barrett, he’s still going to bed around 7-7:30pm, and for the most part will sleep until 7-8:00am. Most nights he’ll sleep completely through the night, but there’s also a lot of nights where we’ll hear him wake up briefly and put himself back to sleep. He’s just honestly never been a good sleeper, so this is really just par for the course. It’s not often we have to actually go into his room to get him back down, but it does happen every now and then. We’ve wondered if maybe he’s starting to have night terrors or something or if it’s more of a separation anxiety type thing because there have been a few random times where he’s REALLY hard to get back down – thankfully that’s rare though.

As far as his nap routine goes, he *USUALLY* takes two naps a day still. He can get away with taking just one nap, but he really, really still needs two. On MWF and weekends, this often translates into a 10:45am-noon ish nap and a 3:30-5:00pm ish nap. And on Tues/Thurs since he takes a nap at preschool from noon-1:30pm ish, he’ll go down when Adeline goes down after preschool around 3:45pm and nap until almost dinnertime. Some Tues/Thursdays though he won’t go down for that late afternoon nap, but then he really struggles at bedtime. Tues/Thursdays are just hard though because his routine is thrown off by preschool, but we do our best to just embrace the chaos on those days and cross our fingers for a late afternoon nap so I can finish up work.

Eating Habits

I briefly mentioned a few of his favorite foods above, so I don’t think I’m going to list them all out here. But, he really is a good eater for the most part. (Adeline is the picky one now! My how that has changed!) Bear loves to snack, and isn’t often one to turn down food! Or water – he can GUZZLE some water! He’s eating solids, of course, but also loves a good puree pouch every now and then! We actually buy a handful of pouches each week that are high in fiber just to help him move things along, i.e. prunes! He gets a little bit of milk in his sippy cup before each nap and before bedtime, and sometime in the morning with breakfast. We think milk constipates him though so we try not to overdo it.


  • First baseball cap
  • First time running down the sidewalk
  • First time on a Chick Fil A playground
  • First time on a real playground like a big boy
  • First wagon ride with sissy
  • First time brushing his teeth
  • First time eating at the table not in his highchair (sitting in a chair like a big kid!)
  • First time coloring
  • First time baking in the kitchen with Daddy
  • First time pointing out body parts
  • First time saying (we think!) – shoe, ball, pop, all done, yum, moo, arrfff, down, puppup (in the sweetest deep raspy voice)
  • First time playing ‘peekaboo’
  • First time really playing on his rocking bear/horse

Little Things I Want to Always Remember

  • Running around the house being chased by Daddy
  • Playing on Daddy when he lays on the floor
  • When he lays his head on my shoulder before bedtime
  • How much he still loves his bear blankie
  • How sometimes we’ll catch him sitting in his crib reading a book when we go to wake him up
  • How he throws everything out of his crib
  • How he likes to play behind the curtains in the dining room
  • How he’ll “wink” at us when we ask him (dramatically blinks)
  • His leg hugs
  • How he hugs Adeline and how Adeline picks him up off the ground
  • How much Adeline dotes on him and tries to baby him
  • How he loves to “work” at his workbench with his drill and screwdriver
  • When we’re reading one of his Elmo books and we get to the page about stomping your feet and he throws his legs up in the air for me to tickle his toes
  • When he and Daddy play “catch it with your face!” with his blanket and he cracks up
  • How happy he is when we let him go outside to play
  • His fat cankles and how his socks look extra tight
  • How when we let him play in dirt he just throws it everywhere and cracks up
  • When he eats spaghetti and gets it ALLLLLL over him and all in his hair
  • When he says “cheeeeese” when he smiles for a picture
  • How happy he is to see Mommy – I’ll never get tired of how his face just lights up when he sees me!
  • How badly he wants to talk more
  • How he already wants to do EVERYTHING Adeline does
  • When he jumps on the couch or guest room bed and his hair flaps up in the air
  • When his fat belly gets stuck on the table when he leans over
  • How he’s a bulldozer around the house but we love it so much!

Barrett Mitchell, we love you more than the whole wide world and back again!! You are our best boy and we are LOVING watching you grow! We love you, Bear Bear!


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    February 18, 2020 at 10:00 am

    He’s so adorable!! And that pic at the end with Adeline’s hand on his back is the sweetest!
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      March 1, 2020 at 2:29 pm

      Thank you! Yesss sooo sweet!

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    February 18, 2020 at 12:01 pm

    He is just the cutest!! Happy 18 months 🙂

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      March 1, 2020 at 2:29 pm

      Thank you!! We think so too!

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    February 19, 2020 at 11:50 am

    How cute is he! Have you tried the Culturelle probiotics? We’ve used both the packets and the gummies for our girls and they seem to help their digestion.

    • Reply
      March 1, 2020 at 2:29 pm

      Oh my goodness! YES! Our Ped. actually suggested we try them last week at his well-check!!

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    Marla Baker
    March 11, 2021 at 7:50 pm

    He is absolutely too cute for words!

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