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Barrett: 15-16 Month Update

How is he already 16 months?! Fastest 16 months of my entire life, I’ll tell ya! Our sweetest little guy melts our hearts and cracks us up on a regular basis. He gets cuter by the day and I JUST CAN’T STAND IT! The past 4 months have been full of change, growth, new milestones and through it all, his personality is really starting to blossom. Barrett is so funny, and sweet, and curious, and strong, and wild, and determined, and loud and we adore every last inch of him!

I didn’t mean to go this far between updates, but here we are! This is mostly pertaining to 15-16 months but a lot of this is also from basically his one year update up until now, too. I’ve combined Likes + Little Things I Want To Always Remember because I’m honestly just too tired to sort through them, and it made sense to just keep them all together.

Barrett, you are a dream, and we couldn’t love you more!


At Barrett’s 15 month appointment, he weighed in at 24 lbs 2.5 oz which landed him in the 68th percentile for weight and he was 32″ long, so the 73rd percentile for height. (A week before, fully clothed, he was 25 lbs which would have been the 80th percentile.) When I looked back at Adeline’s 15-month update, she was 21 lbs 12 oz so he’s a little bit bigger than sissy! I joke about his thighs being like two big Christmas hams that I could just EAT UP! He’s never been as “rolly” as Adeline was, but has just been more dense, or stout than she was.

Clothing wise, he’s just a big dude! He’s been wearing 18 months mostly for a while now it seems like, and honestly could probably fit into some 24 month tops. He still needs the 18-month length in his pants though and I’ll still put him into some 12-month pants on occasion. (Although they end up looking like high waters, poor guy!) His shoes are mostly size 5’s, maybe a 4?, and his diapers were 4’s for the longest time up until just recently we switched over to a 5 to give him a little extra space.


  • Being woken up from a nap or from sleep in general
  • Having a toy taken away
  • Drinking milk from anything other than his bottle (pray for us, ugh!)
  • When we try to make him eat or drink something – he’ll promptly launch it across the room or chuck it off his highchair tray
  • When he gets overtired and way too far off his usual routine or schedule
  • If the bathwater is too cool
  • Being held for too long
  • When we have to pull him out of the refrigerator or pantry (seriously, DUMPSTER DIVER!)
  • Having his diaper changed
  • Being read to – super challenging right now because he doesn’t want to sit still but when he does, he LOVES books
  • Being put into his highchair when he doesn’t want to sit in it
  • Having his feelings hurt – he has the absolute saddest and most pitiful pouty face
  • When he’s overtired and just wants to be in his crib but he also wants to be held and rock and is inconsolable
  • Night terrors we think – he’s had a few rough nights where he’s woken up scared it seems like

Current Routine

I don’t want to go into too much detail of our routine, just for safety, so I’ll keep it vague! Basically, we have the most wonderful nanny who comes to the house and keeps the kids on MWF’s. Adam works from home these days, so she keeps the kids entertained while he’s locked away in his office and I’m at my office down at the church. I work from home on Fridays technically, but will often work from a coffee shop for several hours instead. On Tues/Thurs, the kids are in preschool for the bulk of the day, then I pick them up and work from home the remainder of those afternoons.

Schedule wise for B, he’s (knock on wood) been sleeping pretty well the past few months. He’s really settled into sleeping from about 7:30pm to 7:30am, give or take maybe a half hour or hour on either side. We aim to start bedtime around 7pm, and for the most part he’s still asleep when I leave the house MW’s at like 7:15pm. Some mornings he’ll even sleep until 8, but on those days it pushes back his first nap.

For naps, we thought he was trying to drop his second nap but I’m still not convinced, so I’ll just jot down what’s most typical. He’s still rocking a modified version of the 2 nap/day schedule I had him on for months and months, and it works pretty well for him. Usually, he’ll go down between 9:30-10:00am and sleep until noon-ish (2-3 hours on a good day) and if he’s got a second nap in him, he’ll go down around 3:00-3:30pm and sleep an hour, maybe hour and a half. On preschool days, the kids and I get home around 2:30pm so I don’t even attempt naps until at least 3:00pm usually, and sometimes not even until 4:00pm. If he ends up napping too late into the evening, like 5 or 5:30pm, we’ll make it a point to get out for a family walk or go run around Target or something to burn some energy after dinner! Most nights, like I said above, he’s in the bath around 7 and down by 7:30, sometimes closer to 8:00pm depending on what Adeline’s doing.

Eating Habits

I’m going to be super boring here and just say he eats pretty much anything! The boy doesn’t often turn down food unless he’s just straight up full. He loves a wide range or fruits and veggies, most notably grapes, red apples, melon, banana, peas, corn, green beans, and broccoli. He loves meat, of course, mashed potatoes, yogurt, veggie sticks, applesauce (litreally think he might turn into applesauce one day he eats so much of it!), deli meat, crackers especially Ritz crackers, ‘Nilla wafers, and fruity granola bars like Fig Newtons. Lately he’s been loving pouches again, which has been a really great way to sneak in some different foods and help fill up his tank when we’re out and about. He still loves water, milk, and the occasional diluted apple juice. He’s obsessed with any sort of straw cup, especially my giant Hydro Flask water bottle, which he insists on carrying around the house.

Bottles – ah the bottle debate. So by 15 months with Adeline, she was done with bottles and we had transitioned over to solely using sippy cups. Well, we’re not quite there with Barrett yet, and I fully blame myself. It’s one of those things where we’re both so busy, sleep is going well for the most part, and we just haven’t had the energy to try something new or rock the boat, honestly. He has a bottle before each nap, and then a bottle before bed. Our ped told us as long as we’ve got him off of them by 18 months it’s not a big deal, so that’s our goal. He just loves his bottle and snuggle time, and I haven’t been a rush to do away with it just yet. He drinks from straw lids and sippy cups for everything else, so it’s not like he’s not capable, I just haven’t pushed the matter yet.


  • First time Trick or Treating
  • First time getting what feels like 95835 teeth – seriously, I can’t even count how many teeth he has anymore. There’s a lot – molars too!
  • First flu shot
  • First time on a big playground
  • First time biting or hitting – ooomph!
  • First haircut right after his first birthday
  • First time at his new preschool
  • First really bad diaper rash
  • First RSV-ish-type virus as a toddler
  • First time drinking whole milk
  • First taste of sugar
  • First time really clearly saying mama, dada, we think sissy, possibly baby, “dat” for that
  • First time coloring with crayons
  • Probably lots of other firsts over these past 4 months but it’s been such a blur! #secondchildprobs

Likes and Little Things I Want to Always Remember

  • Clapping, even when he hears cheers or hoorays from afar
  • Giving high-fives and the wind-up that precedes them
  • Open mouth kisses
  • “Blowing” me kisses from the backseat with the back of his hand
  • How much of a daredevil he is – climbing on EVERYTHING
  • Using the oven warming tray handle as a stoop
  • How he carries around A’s old V-Tech laptop and throws it everywhere – that thing is indestructable
  • Splashing and dumping water out of the bathtub
  • Hugging our legs
  • When Adam holds him upside down and he thinks it’s hilarious
  • Pointing and yelling “dat! dat!”
  • How he tries to say “sissy”
  • How he’s a ladies man at church
  • Flying super scary high with Daddy
  • Riding around on Daddy’s shoulders and absolutely cracking up
  • His small smile grin when he doesn’t show his teeth
  • Jumping and sometimes actually getting off the ground
  • Climbing up onto the couch, often with help from big sis
  • Opening and closing doors
  • How he’s obsessed with the refrigerator and getting applesauce pouches out, even more so obsessed with the pantry and trash can aka dumpster diver aka Oscar the Grouch
  • How he LOVES Elmo and freaks out when he sees the YouTube screensaver come on the TV
  • How he LOVES Olaf – ESP when Olaf sings “When I’m older…” He knows exactly when the screams are and think it’s hilarious when Olaf says “what was that?!” “Samantha?!”
  • How noisy he is just because
  • Starting to climb up the side of the stairs like Adeline does
  • Not a fan of Santa
  • Loves to pull ornaments off our Christmas tree
  • Loves sitting in the double buggy or car cart with Adeline at Target or Kroger
  • When we took our first family hike to Eagle Mountain
  • How excited he gets at preschool when he sees Sissy
  • How he’s starting to allllmost run
  • His first few times playing on the playground and going down the slide like a big kid
  • How his cowboy boots trip him up
  • Loved watching Adeline play soccer
  • His second Halloween – dressed up as Olaf
  • His second Thanksgiving
  • How lately he’ll fall asleep on me at naptime and sometimes bedtime and is super cuddly
  • How he bounces in his crib like it’s a trampoline
  • Loves napping in Adam’s old room at Honey & Pops’
  • Loves running around the church auditorium after church
  • Loves our nanny
  • How he’s started running away from us and think it’s hilarious
  • His GIGGLES and roaring laughter – his laughs are contagious and I wish I could bottle them up!
  • How Adeline will hold his hand in my car when she can reach him
  • How much he loves taking baths with Adeline and literally pouring water out all over the place and splashing like crazy
  • How he’s obsessed with running into our bathroom, our closet, slamming doors, trying to open the toilet lid, trying to climb into the bathtub, sitting and climbing on the window sills
  • Pulling everything out of the kitchen cabinets
  • Banging on things just to be insanely loud
  • Climbing up onto the playroom couch from hit anywhere chair in lightning speed, climbing up onto the playroom table
  • How much he loves running around the backyard with Adeline and being outside – he’s always SO excited to go outside and tries to sneak by me anytime the door is open

Barrett, we love you so stinkin’ much!! You are such a light in our lives, and I am LOVING getting to know you more and more each day, sweet boy!

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