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Barrett: 12 Month Update

Well, here we are. My baby boy is 12 months old, as of August 7. As in, he’s one year old now. I’m not sure how this is possible, and I’m probably going to be in denial about it until he turns 18.

These pictures were basically a disaster because, in case you didn’t know, photographing a 12 month old by yourself is nearly impossible! He wanted nothing to do with pictures and instead thought everything else in the world was hilarious. His eyes look a little red because he was laughing and squealing so hard while I was trying to wrangle his booty around!

He has been such a joy over these past 12 months, and I never knew my heart could grow so much. He’s taught me countless lessons, and I’m convinced I am such a different mother now, than I was before I knew him. He’s tested me on just about every level of patience and exhaustion that exist, and was overall a much needier infant than his big sister was. He’s been the perfect addition to our family though, and it has been an incredible journey getting to know him. I feel like I am just now really starting to learn who he is, and I can’t wait to see what his toddler years hold!

I was so worried about being a “boy mom” but he has proven me wrong and I can’t imagine our lives without him. He has acquired many nicknames over this past year including: Bear, Bare Bear, Bub, Chunky Monkey and of course, brother bear. We love him so much and think he’s the cutest little dude!

Let’s get to his update!


He hasn’t had his one year well-check but when we weighed him on the scale in our bathroom recently he clocked in at roughly 22 lbs and change! He’s wearing 12 months clothes all around, and truth be told, he’s about to outgrow them!! I will be buying 18 month clothes before I know it.

Diaper wise, still rockin’ the size 4’s quite nicely. And for shoes, now that he’s ALMOST walking, we’re going to need to start covering his sweet little feet. I bought him a size 12-18 month moccasin to get us by for now.


  • Mostly the same as last month plus…
  • Mommy! Lovvveesss his Mommy! And he says “mama mama mama” on repeat and I’m obsessed.
  • FOOD!
  • Climbing out of his highchair
  • Climbing on everything
  • Climbing upstairs at rapid speed
  • Playing in Mommy’s bathroom toiletries. Seriously gets into ev-er-y-thing.
  • Flying around the house with Daddy
  • Playing with sister in baby jail
  • Having 6 pacis in his crib at one time
  • Crawling around the backyard
  • Swimming
  • Playing in the kitchen cabinets, drawers, and climbing INTO the cabinets.
  • Playing with kitchen utensils
  • Putting everything he’s not supposed to in his mouth!
  • Trying to type on my laptop


  • Mostly the same as last month
  • Having his diaper changed
  • Being too hot and sweaty (hello it’s like 100 degrees outside, me too dude!)
  • Being still for more than a second for pictures
  • Seeing Mommy leave the room
  • If big sister plays too rough or takes something away from him

Current Routine

Our routine is still pretty much the same as last month. He’s still home with us full time during the week, and he’s still on a really great schedule. He is very predictable, and that has been a huge blessing. He’s still taking 2 naps a day, typically at least 2 hours a piece, if not longer. He’ll go down around 9:30/10 AM, and again around 2/2:30 PM almost exactly. Bedtime starts around 7 PM, and he’s usually asleep before 8, if not by 7:30. This was another great month of sleep, thank goodness, and I can’t believe we used to operate on such little sleep. I seriously don’t know how we did it for so long. Most nights he will fall asleep talking, and sleep through the night, maybe waking himself up once crying, but he puts himself back to sleep pretty easily, then wakes up around 6:30 AM/7:00 AM or so. Sometimes he will even sleep until closer to 8 AM, but I try to make sure he’s up before then just to make sure his first nap doesn’t get delayed much. Keeping him on such a strict schedule has been ESSENTIAL in making sure I survive my work day, and it helps me better manage my day as a whole. Adam is home 3 days a week, and will help lean in when I need extra help, but the days where he’s in the office are a bit more tiring, just because I don’t have any spare hands. But, we’ve made it work since early February and I’m still so beyond grateful that we were even able to keep him home. It’s been very difficult, and my brain has had to learn to multi-task and compartmentalize all.the.things. but it’s been worth the struggle!

Eating Habits

Not much has changed since last month, still doing the bottle thing! He’s still getting a bottle before each nap, one at bedtime, and occasionally one at breakfast. For the most part, they’re all formula, with a frozen breastmilk one mixed in here or there as we finish off my freezer stash. The other day, he was sick, and it was nice to be able to give him only breastmilk for a couple days! We’re down to just a few bags now though – right on time! He’ll be starting whole milk soon!

Solids wise, he really wants nothing to do with purees, but loves him an applesauce pouch! He pretty much eats whatever we’re eating, and has tried too many things for me to list. He’s definitely just like his sister though and is such a carnivore! Meat, meat, and more meat! He also loves his veggies and fruit, just like big sis. He still has not had any sugar, or juice.

He loves drinking water from his sippy cup, or when we give it to him through a straw. Pretty soon I’m hoping to transition him off his bottle and onto just a sippy cup.


  • Taking steps! We’ve seen 4-5 a few times!
  • Standing on his own for a few seconds
  • Going from sitting to standing on his own
  • First teeth!! His bottom middle right came in first, then his top right canine came in, then bottom middle left, and currently his top left canine is about halfway in. He basically has 3.5 teeth at the moment.
  • First time standing up in the bathtub
  • First naked pool bath
  • So many first foods! He just loves all the food.

Little Things I Want to Always Remember

  • His bedtime snuggles and giggles
  • How ticklish he is when I kiss his neck
  • How he climbs on everything!
  • How he and Adeline play together all over the floor
  • How much he loves the fireplace and the hearth, it’s like his little stage
  • His teeth! (3.5 almost 4!)
  • Seeing his first steps (at most I’ve seen 4-5!)
  • His funny but sad face
  • How when we put him in his highchair sometimes he straightens his legs out
  • How he will climb OUT of the highchair if he’s not buckled in
  • “mama mama mama mama mama”
  • When he got a 100.9 fever out of nowhere, gone the next day. Teething fever maybe?
  • How much Adeline loves going to get him in the morning
  • How changing his diaper is so difficult – has to be taking his bottle or holding something
  • How much fun he has playing in his tunnel, especially if big sis is playing with him too
  • How he loves standing at he play kitchen
  • How he loves opening and closing the kitchen cabinets
  • How he loves sitting by the baking utensil drawer and he’ll set his sippy cup up on the counter while he digs through the drawer
  • How when he lays in my lap to take his bottle he’ll cross his legs
  • His old man smile
  • How he hums himself to sleep sometimes

We love you so much, Bear!

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