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Barrett: 11 Month Update

Our big guy is 11 months old, and I still cannot believe it. I think I’m in denial that we’re in the last month of his first year of life! Barrett has continued to grow and grow and grow and has just become the funniest little dude. He keeps us laughing, but also keeps us on our toes! He is a wild monkey man, and already such a little daredevil! This month contained some fun firsts, including his first tooth! We just love him so much, and he and Adeline have really had such a ball playing together lately.

I could go on and on about our sweet guy, but let’s just get to his update!


Barrett is currently hovering right around the 21-22 lb mark, and is truly living up to his nickname of Chunky Monkey that his big sis regularly calls him. He’s rocking size 4 diapers, and mostly 12 month clothing, with a few 9 month outfits we can still squeeze him into. I recently boxed up all of his 6 month clothes officially because they are for sure too small now. (Sad!) He can still wear a few 9 month jammies but he kind of looks squeezed into them like sausage, but things like tshirts and shorts that are 9 months are still mostly okay. I am definitely only buying 12 months now though, if that makes sense! His little sandals from Easter that were 6-12 months are also too small now, so I need to get him the next size up to wear to church. And since he’ll be walking soon it’s almost time for soft walkers or more moccasins!


  • Mostly the same as last month, plus –
  • FOOD! So much food. And loves formula. (But only Similac Sensitive – he can’t stomach anything else we’ve tried!)
  • Truckee’s tail
  • Climbing on everything
  • Hitting his head (this boy is giving me all the grey hairs!)
  • Screaming just for fun
  • Belly laughing
  • Standing up, trying to balance
  • Pointing at things
  • Drinking water from a straw
  • Drinking water from his sippy cup
  • Bouncing up and down and waving his hands up and down in the highchair when he’s super happy
  • Sitting cross-legged
  • Baths with sister
  • Crawling super fast and crawling everywhere he’s not supposed to go
  • Pulling open the kitchen cabinets
  • Crawling UP THE STAIRS
  • Holding small objects
  • Crawling while holding these small objects
  • Playing on the floor with sister
  • Mommy – still his favorite! He makes the sweetest smiles, and giggles, and noises when he sees me.
  • Putting things into other things, like small things into bigger containers


  • Having something taken away from him
  • Having his diaper changed (literally a wrestling match every single time)
  • Taking a short nap or being woken up from a nap
  • Being scolded or briskly removed from a situation, he makes the saddest (and funniest) pouty face
  • Being held or constricted when he doesn’t want to be
  • The car seat (see above bullet point)

Current Routine

Honestly, our routine is basically the same as last month. He’s still taking 2 really great naps at pretty much the same time everyday, and his nighttime sleep has hugely improved. He’ll go to bed around 7 or 7:30 PM and sleep until anytime between 6-8 AM, though lately it’s been more like 6.


  • First time in baby jail
  • First time bleeding 🙁 bashed his head on toy basket, then again about a week later on the kitchen table
  • First time swimming in the pool
  • First 4th of July
  • First time playing in the backyard baby pool
  • First tank top (muscle tee, really!)
  • First time standing with us holding his hands (does that even make sense?)
  • First Father’s Day
  • First tooth! (well, this technically popped through right AFTER he turned 11 months, but we’ll count it!) *for my own records, at the time of this post, he has 2 teeth that has popped through but not all the way in, and 2 teeth that are very close to popping through!
  • First time CONSISTENTLY sleeping through the night (although he’ll still wake up crying some nights, but then he just goes back to sleep on his own)
  • First time holding his bottle on his own regularly
  • First time trying lemon and lime – he strangely loved them both and we were really disappointed by his reaction, or lack thereof, HA!

Eating Habits

We’re still doing bottles of mostly formula, with the occasional bag of frozen breast milk. I still probably have 50-75 ounces in the freezer we need to get through, but honestly, we’ve just gotten in the habit of quickly whipping up a formula bottle instead of taking the time to thaw out some milk ahead of time. He’s taking his bottles usually 4 times a day, sometimes 5 – one when he wakes up in the morning before breakfast, one before his morning nap, one before his afternoon nap, and one at bedtime. Sometimes he’ll have a bottle at lunchtime, but usually he’ll just eat lunch.

Solids wise, this boy LOVES FOOD! He’s eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with the occasional snack thrown in. For breakfast, he especially loves eggs, Kodiak protein pancakes, muffin/toast, or yogurt. For lunch, it kind of just depends on what we have on hand – sometimes deli meat, a pouch, veggies, or leftovers from dinner the night before. For dinner, it’s also a bit of whatever we’re eating. He definitely loves meat, just like his sister, and is crazy about broccoli! He will woof it down like it’s going out of style. He also loves steamed veggies, pizza (I mean, duh!), rice, refried beans. He’s picky however about mac & cheese and doesn’t like touching it – he’ll pick it up and drop it on the floor. HA! Overall though, he really eats whatever we’re eating, plus sometimes the occasional pouch, applesauce, etc. to top him off or if we’re in a pinch. He also still loves puffs and mum-mums of course!

Little Things I Want to Always Remember

  • Pincer grasp! Grabbing little bites of food
  • The noise of him chewing and smacking his food
  • Bouncing in his crib
  • Throwing out his pacis
  • Climbing on top of all the things
  • Hitting his head a couple times, two different bruises
  • Pointing with his finger
  • Maybe waving bye bye
  • Baths with big sis
  • Playing in the dog bowl, splashing in her water and trying to eat her dog food
  • Seeing Brittany again
  • Adeline calling him Chunky Monkey
  • How he’s gotten so much better at sleeping
  • How he’ll talk/hum himself to sleep

We love you, Bear!!

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