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Back On The Job Round 2

Happy Tuesday!

Well, yesterday was the day! It was my first day “back to work” since having B. And I put that in parenthesis because while I do work full time, I work full time from home, so it’s a little different than returning after my first maternity leave when I returned to an actual office outside of the home. Regardless though, a full time job is a full time job and it’s tough no matter where your workspace happens to be.

Yesterday was basically a practice day, and since Adam works from home on Mondays, it was an easy way to help ease the transition for me. He took the reigns on daddy daycare and helped man the bottles throughout the day as a trial run, if you will. He still had to work too though, so things were definitely a little crazy at times. I thought I’d pop in and share an update of how day 1 went – a real life look at two work-from-home parents simultaneously juggling a newborn.

So, the day actually started Sunday night, when B woke up approximately 9485857 times and decided he needed just a few more cuddles with mom before her big day. I appreciated the sentiment, though would have selfishly preferred a few more hours of sleep. He woke up officially for the day right on time though, around 6 am, and we began our rat race. My biggest concern with starting back to work is our morning routine, and getting both kids out the door and to school on time, and making sure B is fed on schedule and bottles are ready to go. Thankfully it wasn’t too stressful because B stayed home, but I know we’ll figure out a more consistent timeline soon enough. We did actually take B over to meet his new teachers and see his new classroom yesterday though, which put my mind at ease. We’re really blessed with a great school close by, with an amazing program and staff and I have full faith that he will be in excellent hands. Plus, all of A’s past teachers are excited to go love on him for me!

I think a visual representation of the day might be the most accurate. It was essentially chaos, trying to balance a hungry baby, conference calls and meetings, a new pumping regimen, a black hole of emails, and Adam’s regular work load between the two of us, but we did it and still found the humor in it all. I can’t imagine what we would have done if we’d had A home with us too, probably would have just sat around and laughed at our craziness! I’d say we make a pretty great team though. But, somehow I still can’t convince Adam that we should just do this on a regular basis, ha! Today B starts daycare, and both kiddos will be out of our hair for the workday. While I’d love nothing more than to keep one or both home with us while we work, yesterday proved once again how insane that would probably be.

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

Here I am logging into work for the first time in 13 weeks, and “catching up.”

Here I am going through my emails. Hit the ground running, they say.

Here I am pumping with my double electric pump for the first time.

Here’s Adam giving B a bottle while I work. Somehow B doesn’t spit up a single drop, even though he spits up on me all day long. Daddy daycare is on point.

Here we are making lunch, getting B down for a nap, and feeling pretty good about our success thus far. This isn’t too bad.

Just kidding, chaos again. Why. Is. He. Crying. Right. Before. This. Meeting. And didn’t he JUST eat??

Here we both are, just, you know, handling it all.

Here’s Adam, changing a diaper and being traumatized in the process. Actual footage, folks.

Here we are in the homestretch of the workday, realizing we just might survive.

Here I am thinking that hey, maybe I really could keep the kids home everyday while we work. Then realizing I’m crazy.

And here we are at bedtime.

Also us at bedtime. Pass the caffeine please.

All in all, it was a good first day back. I was able to pump 15 ounces or so which gave me plenty for today. And in all seriousness, we loved our crazy last day with B. Today is going to hopefully be less chaotic since I’ll officially be on my own, even though it might contain a few more tears. I’m anxious to find my groove, establish a solid pumping schedule, and get this second “first” day over with. I know B is going to have a great day, and I already can’t wait to snuggle him!


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    November 6, 2018 at 12:03 pm

    This was awesome. Looking forward to hearing more!

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    Kelly T
    November 6, 2018 at 2:31 pm

    This is awesome!!!

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    November 7, 2018 at 10:08 am

    For real, though. These are TO TRUE. haha!
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