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Baby Boy Style With Gerber

I received the following pieces from Gerber in order to facilitate this post.

When it comes to baby boy style, I’ve found that I like a very particular color palette. As much as I love all the fun, bright patterns and colors, like dinosaurs, monsters, and trucks, I love all things neutral and soft-toned even more. I think maybe it’s a reflection too of my nursery style this go around, but there’s just something soothing about basic colors and low key patterns.

Not gonna lie, Barrett already has a closet full of clothes. We’ve pretty much got him set for sizes newborn to 3 months, with a few 6 month and 12 month pieces to round it out. Most of the items we’ve already purchased for him are jammies, simple onesies, cute little t-shirts, and a few ‘sets’ here and there. I’ve noticed though that there are definitely softer pieces than others, and pieces I know I’m going to want to rotate through more regularly than others. And, my favorites are right on track with my ideal color palette. They’re simple, sweet, and boy-ish without being overly boy-ish or too baby-baby. If that makes sense.

Like these –

I love the brown and beige tones for a baby boy! I just think they’re so cute!

And these –

Greys, blues, stripes, solids. I just can’t get enough.

When I think about dressing a baby boy, I’m excited to dress him like a little man. A little dude. I can’t handle anything too froo froo, preppy, or country club looking, and instead am totally feeling a more simplistic, earthy style. It’s already been so fun picking out little outfits for him, more so than I ever thought it would be if we’re being honest! We were actually recently gifted the most adorable pair of blue jean overalls and I just about died from cuteness overload. (I’m saving them for the perfect photo opp.!) Thankfully, Adam and I tend to agree on how we want to ‘style’ our baby boy, but if it were truly up to Adam, Barrett would probably wear buffalo plaid and baby Carhartts 24/7.

Materials wise, if it’s not soft, I’m not buying it. I learned with Adeline that if the fabric isn’t comfortable, the baby isn’t comfortable, and then the baby isn’t happy, and mom isn’t happy, and the outfit never gets worn again. It’s as easy as that! So this time, I’ve been extra picky about only picking up soft pieces that are sure to be gentle on baby brother’s sensitive skin. And, functionality is key! Outfits that are easy peasy are high on my list.

Back in April, Gerber released a brand new organic line of baby clothes, available exclusively at buybuy BABY. The collection itself is made with 100% organic cotton that’s incredibly soft and lightweight. The color schemes are muted and neutral and includes everything from bodysuits to newborn gowns. The patterns are understated but cutesy enough to make them perfectly ‘baby’. When we were at buybuy BABY working on our registry a few weeks ago, I spotted the full collection and wanted to pick up all of it! Plus it’s super affordable, so there’s that.

The two pieces we currently have from the collection are zip up jammies, in size 0-3 months. They’re part of the brown/blue woodland creature family, and even though they have full patterns on them, I love the rustic feel, and colors. One has a little fox set on top of a teepee pattern, and the other has various blue and brown foxes set on a white background. Both fully zip, have the feet enclosed, and include a button cover at the very top of the zipper. The organic cotton fabric is hands down one of the softest materials in Barrett’s closet so far. They’ve definitely made me a believe in Gerber! And the fact that it’s an all organic cotton is a plus.

I know for sure these two jammies will be a part of our weekly rotation. I’m having a hard time remembering how much bigger a size 0-3 month is from a newborn size, but just comparing the two makes me think it might be a few weeks after he’s born that he’ll actually be able to wear them. As soon as he’s able to test them out though, I’ll be sure to report back! I hope he likes them as much as his mama does!

Have you tried the new Gerber Organics line? Have you noticed it at buybuy BABY? What’s your baby style, for either a boy or girl? (no wrong answers!)


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    June 27, 2018 at 9:31 am

    I love the little man style I’m all about suspenders and bow ties, but of course those aren’t practical for a newborn. Now that he’s a little older we have a lot more dinosaurs and sharks, because that’s what he’s drawn to, but I still love to pick cute church outfits. Also, we don’t know yet if we’re having a boy or girl but I’m nervous about newborn clothes. Ellis started out in 0-3mo because he was so big.

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