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Baby Barrett and Big Sis in the Bluebonnets

This might be my favorite personal session I’ve ever done. I’ve been dreaming up in my head how I wanted to take photos of the kids in the Texas bluebonnets, and I am thrilled with how they turned out. When we moved here almost two years ago, we missed that season’s bluebonnets, and the following spring, pregnant me didn’t have the energy to attempt photos of Adeline by herself. The past few weeks I’d been seeing the bluebonnets blooming along the highway, and in fields, and random grassy patches, and couldn’t wait to get them on camera! I knew it would be difficult though, getting both babies to cooperate, but we did it, and I am in LOVE.

I put Adeline in the absolute sweetest chambray/cream tutu dress, and Barrett in a chambray onesie. I’ve had this outfit pairing picked out for like two months now and finally decided bluebonnet photos would be the perfect compliment! I can’t get over it – if I could take their photos in these outfits for the rest of eternity, I would be a happy camper. I’m going to gush on my children now so scroll on if you’re just here for baby photos.

Adeline is just so sinking beautiful, and Barrett is just so stinking cute it just blows my mind how truly blessed we are and I just CAN’T EVEN DEAL. I could cry looking at the two of them together. Like those are my babies. I made those little people. Literally, MADE THEM. They’re everything I ever dreamed they would be, but also nothing I ever dreamed they would be because even in my absolute wildest dreams I never could have imagined how perfect they would be. <end mom gush>

If you’re not familiar with the south, or Texas really, bluebonnets are kind of a big deal. They’re the state flower of Texas, and only bloom in the springtime. I feel like they’re almost like flower royalty down here, and people search far and wide for the elusive bluebonnet patch. They bloom in massive swaths all along the highways, which of course you can’t exactly take photos in, so when you find a good patch, it’s like hitting the jackpot. They’re really just beautiful, and the blues make for the perfect backdrop.

We took these before church Wednesday night, and it also happened to be the windiest day we’ve had in weeks. I’m talking 25 mph + winds all.day.long. It was almost 90 degrees though, and I was bound and determined to make these photos happen while the weather was decent, both kids were healthy, and I had the time to do it! We quickly set up the rocking chair, prioritizing the photos of the two of them first, then once we had those, I snapped a few of Adeline before Adam took her back to the truck and I finished up with Barrett. He wasn’t as smiley as usual, probably because of the wind, but I think it’s still sweet seeing how inquisitive he is looking at, and feeling the flowers around him.

Here are my favorites of my little loves!

My biggest tip when people ask me for photo advice is this: wait for the right light, and know exactly what you want to accomplish ahead of time. When you’re photographing littles, you’ve got to be wham-bam-thank-ya-ma’am quick, otherwise you’ll lose them to sour moods and frustration! Mentally planning out ahead of time exactly the poses you’re hoping for, will save everyone a headache. And waiting for the right light, will make your photos even more magical. These were taken around 6:30 pm, though if it were for a client, I would have preferred after 7 pm. I also generally prefer the sun to be behind my subject, but since this was a pretty shaded spot, it turned out fine.

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