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A Simple Disney Princess Third Birthday Party

This weekend we had A’s third birthday party, and wrapped up her birthday week of celebrations. We hosted it in the lower level of our church, where there’s a coffee shop, playground, and game room. It ended up being the perfect space, where Adeline and her friends could run wild and play as much as they wanted. I’ll just go out on a limb here and say that throwing a birthday party for a toddler, along with having a newborn, is not for the faint of heart! I kept it super simple, and low key, but it was still exhausting getting everything together and just right for our girly. I’d loved to have gone more over the top, but this mama just didn’t have it in her. I think it turned out perfect though, and A absolutely loved it!

So the party was Disney princess themed, per A’s request. We told our friends they were welcome to dress up as their favorite princess, so it was fun seeing some of the girls in their princess dresses. A chose Cinderella, of course. We made funfetti cupcakes with buttercream frosting, iced sugar cookies, and provided water and Chick Fil A coffee. The cupcakes had princess rings on top, and the iced sugar cookies were in the shapes of tiaras, glass slippers, and teacups. Now, we’re not exactly professional cookie decorators, but the three year old crowd didn’t seem to mind! I was planning on having two bunches of pink and purple balloons, but with the current helium shortage, I decided to scale back and only get the large ‘3’ blown up. On the kid table, we put some blank paper, with princess stamps and princess stickers, which were an easy hit.

The adults mingled while the kids ran and played. When we sang Happy Birthday, A was so shy and did not like the attention being all on her! It was precious, bless her heart. But, she gathered herself enough to blow out her special birthday candle, then rejoined her friends for a cupcake and cookie, before promptly asking to open her presents. She was so blessed with the sweetest gifts, and had so much fun opening them up, with help from some of the other girlies. Barrett slept almost the entire party, before finally making an appearance for his bottle. I think A secretly loved that he snoozed the whole time, so the focus was mainly on her. I was really hoping and praying we’d be able to spoil her big for her birthday this year, since I knew becoming a big sister was going to be tough on her. I think we succeeded, and I’m sure she’ll be talking about her third birthday for weeks to come.

Adam iced all of the cookies by hand the morning of the party, and to his credit, these shapes are HARD to decorate! Maybe someday we’ll find the energy to decorate more than a solid color! I had grand plans of adding pearls and sprinkles, but it’s amazing the things you forget when you’re simultaneously feeding a newborn! Ha! And I just realized I forgot to get flowers too, whomp whomp!

At the end of the party, we looked over and the kids had lined themselves up on the slide and were asking for a picture! So cute! We’re missing A’s cousins in the pic, but it still couldn’t be sweeter!

Happy Birthday, A! We have loved celebrating you and know you are going to rock being THREE!

If you’re looking for some Disney princess decor, here are the links to what I used from Amazon:

simple disney princess 3rd birthday party ideas


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    Princess perfection!!

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