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A Friday Pyramid Scheme Workout

Happy Friday! Who else is so relieved it’s the weekend again? (But also equally saddened at how quickly the weeks are passing by! Time just won’t slow down!) We have a few fun things planned this weekend, and I’m excited to log out of my computer this afternoon, and say “see you later” to work until Monday morning. I’ve been trying really hard to ignore my work emails over the weekend lately, because I’ve realized how much I let it rule me! I’ve gotten in the habit of checking it outside of work hours and all it does it cause unneccessary stress. So, this weekend, I am SHUTTING IT DOWN until next week.

On Saturday, we’re going to a military retirement ceremony for a friend of ours. We’re dropping the kids off at the grandparents, gettin’ fancy, and headed down to the Fort Worth base to celebrate with them. I’ve got a dress picked out that I’ve been working hard to fit back into and feel comfortable in, and I am so hoping all my hard work has paid off! I tried it on a few weeks ago, and it zipped, so GOOD NEWS there!

I’ve talked about my garage workouts quite a bit lately, and regularly try to post them on my stories, so I thought I would share last night’s workout with you as we head into the weekend.

I have been LOVING my at-home workouts and still cannot sing their praises enough. Investing in a little gym space for myself has seriously been one of the best things ever. I’ve been really looking forward to my “workout” time either after bed time or on my lunch break and will usually put a show on the iPad or turn on a podcast while I sweat it out.

Last night’s pyramid workout was a GOOD one, you guys! I was craving a little structure and a little more of a challenge so I put together a few pyramids and got to work. You simply go back and forth between the two exercises, alternating the reps. So for the first one, you’ll do 1 curl on each arm, then 1 elevated pushup (or modified pushup of your choosing), then you’ll do 2 curls on each arm, then 2 pushups, then 3 curls on each arm, then 3 pushups, and so on and so on. Same with each pyramid until you’re done! The goal is to use enough weight to where you can still complete the pyramid easily, but so that it’s not still super easy once you get up to 8, 9, 10 reps. The pyramids are surprisingly difficult once your reps really start compounding, making for a great workout!

Feel free to pin for later, and let me know if you try!

pyramid at home workout

Happy weekend-ing everyone!

Does this look like something you would try? What are your weekend plans?

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