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5 Things I’m Looking Forward To This Weekend

Happy Friday, friends! I’m so relieved to be headed into another weekend because I’ve got several things I’m looking forward to! It’s always fun to end a busy work week knowing the weekend is going to be a fun one. Here are 5 things I’m looking forward to this weekend – both big and small.

Breaking in my new running shoes

I recently received a brand new pair of Mizuno Wave Rider 22’s and I’m so excited to take them on another run or two this weekend! I wore them for the first time earlier this week, and LOVED them. They are so comfortable, and fit my foot perfectly. My last Wave Riders (the 14?) have always been a huge favorite of mine, so it was nice to get an upgraded pair!

Adeline’s last gymnastics class before showcase day

As you know, Adeline has been LOVING her gymnastics class the past few months. It’s become a regular weekend occurrence for our family and we have so much fun every Saturday morning watching her. This class in particular is her last class before showcase day next week where they get to show their ‘routines’ and skills off to the parents during class and receive their medals.

Unboxing my Zyia rep starter kit

I briefly teased something exciting in an Instagram story the other day, and this weekend I’m finally diving in and then will be sharing much more about it next week! Zyia is a premium activewear brand, that is making strides in the fitness world! They are fairly new to the market, only two-ish years old, but are quickly making a name for themselves. They sell the cutest workout clothes + athleisure gear and I was so excited about it that I quickly jumped on board as a rep! They release NEW products EVERY Wednesday to their lineup, and if you’re as addicted to your workout clothes and love and appreciate a good pair of leggings or a nice sports bra as much as I do, then I think you’ll be intrigued! Think: more affordable Lululemon + Athleta! I should be receiving my rep kit this weekend, and plan on doing some unboxing photos or a video to give you guys the full scoop. I’ll also be hosting a launch party on Facebook next week, so if you’re interested, be sure to let me know so I can invite you check it out! I also started a dedicated Instagram account for it, if you want to give it a follow so you can always be in the know of sales, new items, and re-stocks! I’m super excited about it using this to motivate me even more to get back into great shape, and encourage all my fellow mama bears out there!

Mother’s Day festivities

How is already time for Mother’s Day again?? Like what in the world. I feel like we JUST celebrated Mother’s Day and I was feeling all the pregnant lady feels with Barrett in my belly and Adeline beside me. I’m not actually sure what we’ll be doing this weekend to celebrate just yet, but I’m sure Adam will let me have my pick! I’m hoping for a delicious lunch on Sunday after church though, for sure! And maybe 8 hours of sleep? Maybe? Oohh maybe a pedicure too – may as well throw one in for good measure.

Game of Thrones second to last episode

You guys, I literally can’t even. I can already feel my blood pressure rising thinking about this episode. I chatted a little about it in my last weekend post, but this.episode.is.going.to.be.huge. I’m just going to go ahead and call it now, and have it on record: baby dragons, ya’ll. And then the fact that there will just be ONE more episode following it just blows my mind. I STILL HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS GEORGE! AHHHHHHHHH

What’s one thing you’re excited about this weekend?

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