5 Gift Ideas For a New Mom (They May Not Think About)

Now I m a mother, I feel more knowledgeable in terms of the special gifts I d particularly like to give fellow expectant moms. Being a mom has lead me to constantly consider unique shower items that I wish I had known about before our daughter was born. So to mark the beginning of the weekend and maybe inspire some shopping for you, here are my top picks!

Leather Paci Clip

Ollie’s braided leather clip the best out of all his clips because I feel like the leather.

1. It holds up better.

2. It doesn’t hold as many germs.

3. It doesn’t get stained with spit up! 

And they’re just cute, and a little rustic looking, which would be a SUPER cute gift idea! (hint hint to anyone who buys me a future baby shower gift!)

Boogie Wipes In A Care Basket

Baby care aisles can be daunting to the new mother, so giving items that would be helpful in this area might be an excellent choice. A gift basket of cheaper items like Boogie Wipes is a great idea!

I was sure Boogie Wipes were the most useless thing you could buy, because come on, wipes especially for snots and boogers? Really? BUT YES REALLY!!! I swear times a million that when you have a baby covered in a sticky green booger you will want to use the utmost delicate product possible! They’re just saline wipes, really. So good for your tired eyes, too!

Bandana Bibs

Had I known about these bibs while I was pregnant, I likely would’ve signed up for more of them. Alas, Ollie wears one of these every day! They are a tad bit simpler than modified bibs, and they are cuter to boot!

I buy all of ours on Amazon – perfect for gifts if you’re a Prime member!

Diaper Clutch

I do not have any of these, but I believe they are just the cutest! I’ve come so close to just ordering one so many times. I think one of these diaper clutches would make the cutest gift for a new mom!

They’re perfect for a diaper or two and wipes along with a handful of other essentials and you could easily toss this in your diaper bag or even leave with your child like at your child’s daycare for convenience. So adorable.

Monogrammed Backpack

If you know the baby’s name that you’re giving as a gift, this could become a fun and practical gift. I’ve been using Ollie’s small backpack in lieu of our big diaper bag for weeks and am obsessed with it. Our big diaper bag was my jam up until only recently when I really couldn’t carry something so much.

Bonus: Unique Swaddle Blankets

These are the CUTEST muslin swaddle blankets and I so wish I’d known about them 10 months ago!

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