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3 Ways I Take Care of My Health Outside of Fitness and Diet

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When it comes to taking care of myself, and trying to be as healthy as I can be while also devoting all of my time and attention to Adeline, it can be tough! Like, really tough. I can see why moms always seem to put themselves last, and I totally sympathize! It is HARD to focus on your own wellbeing when you feel like every last ounce of energy goes towards someone else. I’m talking physical and mental energy here. Somedays I feel so mentally drained that I can’t even think about what I want for dinner. And while I do try to watch what I eat, and get in as much exercise as I can, there are other areas in my life that I need to remember to pay extra attention to. Areas like my eyes, my mind, and my skin all need special care if I’m going to be an all around healthy mom.

My Eyes

I have always been the most hyper-aware, over obsessive, hypochondriac about my eyes, more so than anyone I know. Maybe it’s because I’m literally blind as a bat without my contacts or glasses, or because one of my biggest fears in life is losing my vision, but this girl does not mess around with her eyes! I can’t tell you how many times in my life I’ve called my parents to ask, “there’s a weird spot on my eye, do you think it’s cancer?”, “my eyes are itchy and feel like sand paper, do you think it’s allergies or flesh eating bacteria?”, and even “I’ve been staring at my computer all day and my eyes feel kind of blurry, am I going blind?” All three very possible and highly likely scenarios if you ask me. My eye doctor has always described my prescription as “bottom of the bell curve,” which I’ve never felt was very reassuring. So basically I have terrible eyes and they’re not exactly getting better with age! They’ve definitely leveled out though, now that I’m not reading textbooks 24/7, so that’s been nice. But still, I tend to pay extra attention to my eye health, and never, ever, ever miss an annual eye exam. If I’m going to spend a lot of energy focusing on my diet and exercise, it would be a disservice to myself to neglect my eyes. Just like the other muscles in my body, my eyes need regular care to stay in shape and as healthy as possible.

Think About Your Eyes is a national public awareness campaign that promotes the benefits of eye health, and encourages everyone to get annual eye exams. I’m all for annual eye exams, and would be super paranoid if I missed one. As someone who’s usually pretty in touch with their fitness, it’s eye-opening (see what I did there?) how many people actually put their eye health at the bottom of their list of priorities. Recently, The Think About Your Eyes campaign surveyed members of Life Time Fitness, and found that some gym-goers neglect their eye health despite being very conscious of their fitness level. I believe it too, and it totally doesn’t surprise me! Check out these statistics…

think about your eyes

By getting an annual comprehensive eye exam, eye problems can be detected at their earliest stages when they’re most treatable. Visit the Think About Your Eyes eye care professional locator to find an eye doctor near you and schedule an exam!

My Mind

I know I’ve mentioned this before on the blog, but I am loving my adult coloring books! Ok confession, I’ve only had time to spend a few minutes here or there actually coloring, but so far I love them! It’s amazing what a quick little brain break does for your ability to focus! There is also plenty of research out there that says coloring is actually really good for your mental health, and improving your fine motor skills. Coloring has been shown to boost creativity, aid in relaxation, and relieve stress. They don’t call it Art Therapy for nothin’!


My Skin

I 100% believe that your skin is an extension of your health, and taking care of your skin should be just as important as your diet, exercise, your eyes, and your mind! Now that I’ve found Beautycounter, after lots of research on my own, I won’t be switching back to my old products anytime soon. Being a new mom has made me realize just how important it is for me to take care of myself, including my skin AND my family’s skin. I love knowing that what I’m putting on my face, hands, and body is perfectly safe if it gets rubbed off on Adeline. And, the products I’m using for bath time, are perfectly safe for her extra sensitive and delicate skin. Beautycounter bans over 1,500 ingredients that are KNOWN to be toxic to our health in one way or another, while the U.S. only bans 11. Pretty ridiculous if you ask me. Now that I know which ingredients to look out for, it’s big time changed my buying habits. We put so many products on our skin and face everyday, and overtime all of those products and all of their ingredients can ultimately be a danger to our health. Correction: they ARE a danger to our health. Ever heard of hormone disruptors and endrocrine disruptors? I’d take a few minutes to google those two words, and you’ll probably be surprised by what you read. It’s no secret that these chemicals can cause long term side effects, and even affect fertility. If you’re a mom and at all concerned about what’s in the makeup your daughter is using, this article might shed some light. That also applies to what makeup us moms use too!

I could go and on about the reasons why BC’s products are the real deal, so if you’d like to learn more, feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email! Let’s chat about healthier skincare!

Here are a few things you can currently find in my bathroom, and on my face:

Essentials Face Collection – chalk full of amazing, good-for-you ingredients, such as coconut oil


Color Sweep Blush Duo
Touchup Skin Concealer Pen
Color Shade Eye Duo
Tint Skin Foundation


Did the information from Think About Your Eyes make you realize the importance of eye care? How regularly do you visit an eye care professional?How else do you take care of your health? Do you focus on skincare and mental health as well?

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    April 14, 2016 at 3:04 pm

    I take care of my health by using SPF at all times. My mom had a scare with skin cancer so I am extra cautious when it comes to the sun.
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      Sweet Miles
      April 15, 2016 at 10:22 am

      Agreed! Using an SPF daily is so important!! Skin cancer is definitely something you don’t want to mess around with!

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