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2010 – 2019: Recapping The Best Decade of My Life + My Next Word


That’s it. Plain and simple. Joy. As I thought about what word I would choose for the upcoming year and the upcoming decade, I quickly settled on joy. To me, there’s no better way to sum up our current life, and what lies ahead, than being full of joy. I’m living the life I’ve always dreamed of, and while I’m sad to see this decade go, and all the growth and change it has brought (heck, this decade I practically GREW UP!), I know this next decade is going to be even better. I’m looking forward to tackling my 30’s alongside a new decade, and I think it’s going to be a wild and joy-filled ride. Adeline will turn into a teenager in this next decade, and Barrett will hit double digits. Ya’ll, life is only just beginning!

I wanted to dedicate some time looking back on this past decade. It’s hard to imagine myself in 2010, because a part of me doesn’t even recognize her. She was a completely different person back then, and had no idea what the next 10 years would entail. She wasn’t married yet, but desperately wanted to be, and truly didn’t know herself or have a clue what she wanted to do. She thought the years would pass slowly and she’d be in her early twenties forever, but boy was she wrong. This decade was the fastest decade of my life, and honestly, probably the most pivotal and important one by far. I feel like all of my major milestones happened during this decade and it’s a trip looking back on it all.

So, without getting too sappy on you, here are my past 10 years. (Aren’t you guys glad this past decade was a digital one? Ha! #millennials) There are truly too many moments to share, but I’ve tried to create a highlight reel.

2010 –

Graduated from Harding University in December with my Bachelor’s degree.

2011 –

Moved back in with my parents. Got engaged in May. Started photography business and began shooting weddings and portrait sessions.

2012 –

Got married in June. Moved to Little Rock, AR. Started a retail job to pay the bills. Adopted Truckee. Bought our first house and experienced a blizzard our first Christmas.

2013 –

Started my blog. Started working as an admin at an investment firm, again, to pay the bills, and during this time taught myself SEO, google analytics, and researched all I could about blogging. Finally began working in the field I actually wanted to be in, after being offered an SEO Specialist/Project Director position at an ad agency. Hit my half marathon sub-2 PR. Ran my first full marathon in 4:32:37.

2014 –

Continued working for said ad agency. Ran A LOT of miles and continued blogging. Was Matron of Honor at my best friend’s wedding.

7th half marathon
wedding at nashville zoo

2015 –

Ran my second full marathon. Got pregnant with Adeline, and welcomed her in October.

newborn birth photo

2016 –

Quit ad agency to work remotely for an influencer marketing agency. Took Adeline to the beach for the first time. Made a trip back to Franklin where my grandfather got to hold Adeline one last time. Celebrated Adeline’s first birthday.

2017 –

Continued working in same remote position. Sold our house and moved to Fort Worth, Texas in June. Bought second house in July. Experienced a miscarriage in August. Became pregnant with Barrett in November.

tips for getting house on market with toddler

2018 –

Continued working in same remote position. Announced Adeline’s promotion to big sister in February. Welcomed Barrett in August.

typical day of a wahm
cute unique pregnancy announcement

2019 –

Made the decision to pull Barrett from daycare and keep him home with me full time while I worked. Adeline continued with full time preschool. I re-joined Beautycounter as a consultant. Ran my first 5k race postpartum after almost 5 years. I turned 30. Barrett saw the bluebonnets for the first time. First Easter with two kids. Adeline continued adjusting to being a big sister. Barrett turned one in August and had the best Waffle House party. Went to St. George Island in August. Both kids started part-time preschool at our church in September. Accepted new role for our church in October as Communications Director. Adeline turned four. Began new position in November. Ran my first postpartum half marathon in 5 years, half #8! Had the best Christmas ever.

Safe to say, my favorite year of the decade was 2019! If I could re-live it 1,000 times I’d choose to. The sleepless nights, the crazy of two young children, the ups and the downs – 2019 will be hard to beat!

But 2020, we’re ready for you to try your best! Bring on the JOY!

How was your decade? What were some highlights? What’s your word for the new year?

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    January 7, 2020 at 10:26 am

    Such a sweet update! And that photo of your grandfather holding Adeline
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