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Happy Opening Ceremonies Day!

It’s officially the 2018 Winter Olympics and I couldn’t be more excited!! You guys underestimate how much I love the Olympics. In fact, no one loves them as much as I do. It’s true. (I’m not biased or anything.) The only reason we pay for cable is so I can watch the Olympics…truth! I LIVE FOR THE OLYMPICS! Those tear jerker P&G commercials get me every time, and I’m always left feeling like I want to encourage my kids to be future Olympians.

There’s something so special about the Olympics that surpasses cheering for your country or favorite athlete. Ya’ll, the entire WORLD is watching and coming together to support their teams! It’s the biggest stage, and so cool to see all the countries come together in one place, everyone aiming for the same goal.

I mean can you even imagine being at the PEAK of your athletic capabilities, and competing for your COUNTRY?! The odds of becoming an Olympian are soooo insanely crazy in the first place! It makes me teary eyed sometimes thinking about how hard these athletes have worked their entire lives and how much they’ve sacrificed. The epitome of dedication no doubt.

Gah, I just love it. I wish I could watch every second of every event. It’s just so thrilling to me. I can never decide if I prefer the summer or winter games, because there are events in each that I LOVE and that are so unique! Umm women’s gymnastics is my jam, but how fun is watching bobsled or the crazy high ski jump? Or what about luge and skeleton? Adam prefers curling – which is strangely exciting to watch! I also can never decide which event I would want to be a part of! Figure skating maybe? Totally got graceful enough. Snowboarding maybe? Looks a little painful.

Anyways, if you need me I’ll be catching as much coverage as I can, and cheering on the U.S. of A. Bring home the gold!


If you could suddenly morph into an Olympic athlete, which event would you want to compete in? And why?



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    February 9, 2018 at 3:13 pm

    SO so fun!!! Love that you still love it!!

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    February 9, 2018 at 10:49 pm

    The Olympics make me cry! LOL
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      February 14, 2018 at 11:04 am

      LOL SAME!! I’m such a sap!

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