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A Weekend Walk Down Memory Lane and Firsts Galore

This weekend was full of “firsts” and special moments. We were go-go-go, and in true Monday fashion, let’s photo recap it, shall we?

Saturday morning started nice and early, as in, 5:30 am early. Our little alarm clock promptly woke up crying in her crib at the butt crack of dawn and I’m still not sure why. She had a hard time going to bed the night before, so I’m wondering if these episodes are related to teething. Either way, an extra early morning meant a few extra snuggles in bed, and I can’t be mad about it. After our snuggle session, I hurried and got ready to head up to our college town to shoot some newborn photos for some good friends of mine. Their second son was born a little over a week ago, and he could not be sweeter! He was fabulous the entire shoot, making my job a piece of cake. I can’t wait to share the images, I’m excited for how they turned out! (If you’re local and reading this, yes I’m still shooting on a word-of-mouth basis, primarily mini sessions. If you’re interested, shoot me an email or FB message me!)

newborn photographer searcy ar

While we were in town, we explored our old stomping ground and showed Adeline her future alma mater. Or as Adam calls it, the place where she’ll earn a degree to pay for our early retirement, ha! It was so sweet showing her one of my favorite places in all the land. Adam and I met at HU, and have too many memories there to count. While we were sitting at lunch I told him how it blew my mind that we were sitting there with our BABY. Who would have thought, 9 years ago when we met, that we’d be back in our college town with our baby talking about this? Also, 9 years ago???? Where has the time gone?!



Just casually strolling across the Front Lawn. 3 swings and a baby ya’ll. Watch out.



Showing Adeline the table we sat at in the student center every morning after chapel. Adeline looks like she was born to be a bison. No doubt.


Annnnnd showing her one of my dorms. One day sweet girl, one day you might get to live in Pattie Cobb and your life will be forever changed. Mainly in the sense that you’ll learn you can indeed live in approximately 10 sq ft.


Saturday afternoon, I took Adeline to the lake for a stroller run. I’d say I actually jogged 90% of the 2.1 miles we covered, and I was pleasantly surprised! If we ever move, I will really miss this little lake of ours! Adeline also wore sunscreen for the first time! I slathered her in Beautycounter’s Protect All Over SPF 30 and felt confident her fair skin would be well protected, and safe from common harmful ingredients found in most sunscreens. Seriously ya’ll, sunscreens are NOT good for your skin. Do your research.




She wore a tank top for the first time as well, and I couldn’t help but think she looked SO OLD! Here she is flexing her muscles…


Sunday, we went to church and Adeline was a rockstar the entire service! She sat between us for most of the sermon like a big girl, and when she burped during a prayer and the woman in front of us laughed, I couldn’t help but feel proud. She’s usually a disaster at church, and other than a diaper change, she was great. The stars must have been aligned or something. I put her in the sweetest denim dress, and my heart could barely handle it.



Sunday afternoon, after she took an extra long nap (in her carseat in her nursery, oops!) we headed back to the lake to enjoy even more sunshine. Once again, I covered that sweet skin of her’s in sunscreen and we covered the full 2.1 miles. We were both a sweaty mess by the end of it, but I’ll let you guess who napped the whole time.


When we got home, Adam asked if she wore her “puma-pants’ outfit, and I enlightened him that yes, she had in fact, poo’d her pants. Yowzers, thought I was going to need to call for reinforcements this time. Apparently our walk had worked up a doozy. Good heavens. She may be tiny, but my word. I just can’t. What am I going to do when she’s eating solid food entirely? Hire a nanny for diaper changes, is what.

Sunday night, we took a family trip to the grocery store and she sat in the shopping cart for the first time. LIKE SHE OWNED THE PLACE!


Where did my baby go? I’m pretty sure she grew into a teenager over the weekend.

And that’s a wrap!

Tell me what you did this weekend! Have you gone back to your college campus?

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    Katie @ Live Half Full
    June 6, 2016 at 10:41 pm

    Buel sat in the shopping cart this weekend for the first time as well. It was so much fun!
    Katie @ Live Half Full recently posted…How I Map Out My Week For SuccessMy Profile

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      Sweet Miles
      June 14, 2016 at 12:26 pm

      Yay Buel!! I can’t believe they’re big enough to do that…it’s just crazy how fast this is all happening!

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