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Weekend Recap: The One With The Red, White, and Blue

Hello Monday, we meet again!

This weekend ended up being pretty eventful, and packed full of special events, family time, and outside play! I thought I’d do an old-school blog post recap to get the week started – the ‘ole one-sentence-per-picture recap. Anyone else miss the “old” blogging days? Oh how I sometimes wish we could go back to before it all got so complicated and over-thought. WIAW anyone? Thursday Thoughts? It used to all be so simple, HA!

Friday afternoon, I picked Adeline up for a girl’s only date to Target where we picked up two of Starbuck’s new recyclable cups and did our share to save Mother Earth.

We ended the night with a pool party in our redneck riviera.

Both babies got their bare buns wet and we splashed until the sun went down.

Saturday morning, we headed to our usual Waffle House family breakfast.

Barrett and Adeline are quite the celebrities at our local WaHo.

Saturday afternoon, we dropped the kids off at their grandparents and we headed to Fort Worth for a military retirement ceremony on our local base.

I did my hair, makeup, and wore a pretty dress I’ve been trying to squeeze into so it had to be documented. (Bonus sentences because I deserve it – this is the dress I’ve been working so hard to fit back into! It’s a Loft dress I bought RIGHT BEFORE we got pregnant with Adeline so this was actually the first time I’d ever worn it! It’s a Loft size 2, and not that sizes matter, but I am pretty darn proud of myself for fitting this mom bod back into it!!!)

The ceremony was really special, and actually, pretty cool to witness – it felt like such an honor to be there.

We celebrated the retirement of one of our good small group friends after 20 years in the Marines.

Aside from the ceremony, these cookies were without a doubt the next biggest highlight – holy yum!

While Mom and Dad hung out with the Marines, big sis turned into a fish – literally! She’s OBSESSED with jumping under water now!

On Sunday, we church’d, had lunch and swam all afternoon at the grandparents, then came home for naps and a late night walk in our jammies.

And that brings us up to speed! Quick funny story though! All afternoon yesterday, we thought Barrett had developed this strange red welp/rash on his belly and we couldn’t figure out what it was. We were so concerned about it that we gave him some Benadryl and I almost messaged our pediatrician. Until last night after his nap, when I took a closer look at it and told Adam that I thought it almost looked like a rug burn, or like a raspberry. To which Adam responded, “Oh it does? Oops…” Turns out, Adam had unknowingly played with him a bit too hard on the carpet earlier and he literally gave him a carpet burn on his belly! It’s hilarious now, but I’m so glad I didn’t reach out to our pediatrician – HA! And Barrett is fine, too! He never acted like it bothered him which is one reason it was so odd!

How was your weekend? Have you been to a military retirement ceremony? When did your kid turn into a fish?


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    Mari Souza
    July 22, 2019 at 9:39 am

    Beautful pictures!! Beautful family

  • Reply
    July 22, 2019 at 3:19 pm

    What a great weekend! B started loving the water last year and now he has no fear and will never get out!

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