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Weekend Recap: The One With The Christmas Parade and Matching Plaid

This weekend was another one of those weekends where I found myself thinking, “Is this really our life?” I feel so lucky and blessed to be able to experience this holiday season with both our babies and I don’t take that blessing lightly for one second. As I was holding B last night before bedtime, and he rested his head on my chest for the first time, I whispered to him how much I loved him, and how hard I’d prayed for him. It’s hard for me to believe this time last year I was praying so, so hard that he would stick, and that his pregnancy would come to fruition if that’s what God’s plan was. And now here he is, and I can’t imagine not knowing him.

Wow ok, sappy mom party of one. Let’s move on and chat about our weekend happenings! It was a busy couple days, but so fun.

We kicked off the weekend by having the girls from our small group over for dinner and drinks, while Adam hung out upstairs on kid duty. Sweet A wanted so badly to come downstairs and hang out with Mommy and her friends, but she finally passed out, and it was B who wanted to stay up and be a party animal. He had a serious case of FOMO and I had to go back into his room and put him back down 3 times before he finally gave it up. If I were him, I wouldn’t want to miss out on the ladies either! Ha!

Saturday morning, we headed to Waffle House for our traditional family breakfast. It would appear we have become local celebrities there because all of the waiters and waitresses ADORE A + B and come chat with us throughout our meal. Smothered, covered, chunked, and country is just another part of our language now, ya’ll. Or peppered, if you’re Adam. If you’re a fellow WH afficionado, you’ll catch my drift on the hashbrown love.

After we ate, we headed out to our favorite outdoor shopping area to walk around and get some fresh air. The sun was shining, and it wasn’t to chilly so it felt nice to walk off a few calories and let A run around before heading home. We window shopped before the stores opened, and mentally made our shopping lists for several family members. A almost ran in on a yoga class happening at lululemon, which would have been pretty hilarious. Also pretty embarrassing.

When we got home, we finally put together A’s new monkey bars! And by we, I mean Adam. 100% Adam because as we all know, dads get stuck doing everything and I was too much of a whimp to be able to click together all the pieces. We’ve decided that every toy I pick out entails the most ridiculous assembly, so really I just sat back and laughed while he fought his way through it. A stood out and “helped” him the entire time though and it was OH SO CUTE. She kept saying, “what’s next Dad?” “Here you go, Dad!” “Thanks Dad!” The “DAD” thing is currently killing me a little because she sounds SO OLD. Anyways, they got it assembled and A played on it the rest of the day. I highly recommend this monkey bar play set if you’re looking for something small-ish for your backyard that’s not a swing set!

Saturday night, we loaded up and went to our little town’s Christmas parade. The kids wore matching black and red buffalo plaid and I couldn’t help but request a picture. Or two. Why is buffalo plaid so cute? I just love it!! Despite not having time to do my hair, I wore new jeans and a new sweater and gosh darnit I felt like a new woman. Hooray for Old Navy finds that fit the postpartum mom bod perfectly.

The parade was so fun, and a little cheesy, but A sat atop Adam’s shoulders the whole time and waved and danced as the marching band and floats went by. The parade concluded with Santa in a horse drawn carriage and A was just tickled.

Sunday morning, we headed to church then out to breakfast with Adam’s family before coming home for nap time. While the kids napped, I ran a few errands to make some exchanges, and then took the kids on a walk when I got back. FYI Carter’s is having a huge sale still, and after my exchanges I was able to get B 4 outfits for $15. Such a great deal!

Sunday night, we ordered pizza and stayed up a bit too late watching yet another Hallmark Christmas movie. We called it a night, and once the kids were in bed Adam and I made some cookies and caught up on SNL.

A weekend well spent, indeed. This next weekend might include a little visit to see Santa, so we’ll see how that goes!

How was your weekend? Do you like reading weekend recaps? Have you visited Santa this season yet?


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