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Weekend Recap: The One With Bob Ross and Pumpkin Patches

This weekend was one for the books, and the perfect way to ring in my favorite month of the year. It was chock full of family time, fall things, and even a surprise birthday party. Although it was crazy hot all weekend, it still felt like our fall celebrations officially begun, and we were able to cross a few items off our bucket list. This was one of those weekends where I found myself wishing it wouldn’t end multiple times, and thinking to myself, “these are the best days.” I heard someone say recently that when the goin’ gets tough during this so-called #momlife to remember that at some point in time, you wished for what you have now, and now that it’s here to not wish it away or let it fly by too quickly without appreciating it. That couldn’t be more true, and as hard as it is, I’m trying to stretch out these days as much as possible. And this weekend I think I did just that. I also may have taken way too many pictures, but it’s hard not to when you love your family and sweet babies so much! Here’s a quick recap of our first fall weekend of 2018. To see more pictures from our weekend, check out Instagram.

Friday morning I took B to meet one of my college roommates at a local pumpkin patch. The last time I saw her I was probably 37 weeks pregnant, so it was fun getting to introduce her to my sweet boy. We got to the patch early because it was so hot, and after a mini photo shoot of Barrett and I, we abandoned the hot sun for a coffee date at a nearby coffee shop to catch up and commiserate over all things toddler behavior and motherhood. Much needed girl time indeed.

Friday night kicked off with a surprise 30th birthday party for Adam – Bob Ross style! We had chili, cake, and cookies in the shapes of happy trees and happy clouds, and everyone dressed up as Bob Ross “characters.” Adam’s sister put it all together, and all I can take credit for is getting the birthday boy there on time and in as much of a surprised state as possible! I’d say he was 80% genuinely surprised, and blame the other 20% on me not being inconspicuous enough. A had the time of her life playing with all her church friends, cousins, aunts and uncle who came to town to celebrate her Daddy, and konked out as soon as we got home. And yes, A promptly stripped off her dress in lieu of an Elsa dress and B came dressed as a happy little baby cloud. It’s the best I could do!

Saturday morning, we all slept in before heading out for a family morning at another pumpkin patch with both the kids. (I wanted so badly to dress A in a cute new fall outfit, but after she put up a bit of a fight, I remembered that nothing would represent her current self more than one of her pink tutu dresses and to just roll with it!) Since B was due for a nap, Adam carried him in the Ergo while A got some extra special attention from the two of us. She loved looking at all the pumpkins, and walking around with Mommy by herself, but if we’re being honest, she was more interested in a giant bag of kettle corn than she was the pumpkins. It’s fine, I can’t blame her – girl likes to eat! It was also approximately 97 thousand degrees so after we snapped a few pictures, split a corndog, picked out some baby pumpkins, said hello to some goats, and took a sleepy baby B picture just to prove he was there, we called it quits and headed to our next Saturday stop. Also, on a scale of 1-mom, how mom do I look wearing running shoes with jean shorts? This is my life now.

PS God bless nice couples who agree to swap photos with you so you can both have a decent family photo with your young children that’s not a selfie!

After the pumpkin patch, we met up with the rest of Adam’s family for a picnic down by the lake under a beautiful pavilion. The kids got all their energy out, and we soaked up a crisp breeze and gorgeous weather, albeit toasty. The contrast of A’s hot pink tutu dress and the gorgeous blue sky was just too much!

After nap time, we headed back over to my in-laws house for leftover chili, and more cousin playtime. A once again played HARD while the adults relaxed over coffee and baby snuggles. B is easily the hit of any party right now, and I’ll take the extra hands who are always willing to pass him around. Adam’s grandfather was also there, so it was special to be able to get a picture of four generations of Ingle men.

Sunday morning, after some serious early morning snuggles with B, we headed to church for what was again another chaotic mess, but a mess that’s of course always worth it. I think I only heard one, maybe two songs and the rest of the time was spent shuffling between A and B meltdowns and neediness. I could only laugh by the time church was over – we put on quite the show for everyone behind us, that’s for sure! Those sweet babies wear us out on Sundays, but at least we made it to the church and that’s all that matters.

After church, we soaked up some more cousin playtime before heading home for naps, feeds, and our typical Sunday chores and meal planning. Sunday night, I snuck out with A for some Mommy/A time and it was so refreshing for my soul. I miss that girl so much sometimes when I get so busy or overwhelmed with baby brother. We didn’t do anything extraordinary or crazy cool, and simply strolled around Walmart for a bit, but getting a little alone time with her is worth its weight in gold. On the way home, I pointed at the sunset and asked her who made it, to which she replied, “Um, God did!” Yes he did, sweet girl. Yes, he did.

I forgot to mention that B turned two months old yesterday! Still in denial about that. Currently accepting guesses on how much sweet cheeks weighs – I’m thinking the upper 14’s. This boy is seriously already so heavy! His two month check up isn’t until the end of the week but I’m chomping at the bit to have him weighed!

And before yet another person asks what’s with the red booboo on A’s forehead, it’s a carpet burn. And it’s a long story. She’s just a weird little toddler, mmkay? 😉

How was your weekend? Have you visited a pumpkin patch yet? What’s on your agenda this week?


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    October 8, 2018 at 9:40 pm

    Aww the carpet burn. I feel you girl!!

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    Marielle Burch
    October 12, 2018 at 7:50 am

    haha the bob ross party, that’s hilarious!
    we went to the pumpkin patch last sunday and only lasted an hour…so hot! But yay for some family photos!!

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