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Weekend Recap: The One With All the Outside Time, A Poosplosion, Missing PupPup, and Almost Quitting Maybe Sortof

Happy Monday!

Oh look, I’m blogging again. After I posted what was maybe sort of kind of a breakup letter with blogging. No surprise there. Thank you to everyone who weighed in and sent me encouraging messages! I received some really thoughtful words, and for that I am grateful! Not that I was asking for messages, but they were very kind, no less, and reminded me that my blog has been helpful to many of you and I truly appreciate hearing that! Anyways, we had an amazing, simple and joy-filled weekend, and I’m feeling the need to quickly recap it, mainly for my own memory box. It was one of those weekends where we found ourselves saying time and time again, “how did we end up with such great kids?” Like, we made these little people. It’s just crazy. And Barrett is basically a little man now, and I love it so much!

Friday night after our nanny left, we wrapped up work and whipped up a delicious Brinner. We had pizza the night before, so our usual pizza segway into the weekend was a bit off. After we ate, we loaded everyone up and drove about a half-hour north of here to pick up a fun little playhouse I scored on Facebook Marketplace. We got a pretty good deal on it, and I LOVE it. It’s perfect for right now and doesn’t take up too much space in the yard. I was wanting something else for Barrett to start climbing and playing on, and this fits the bill perfectly. Plus, it’s still a good size for Adeline, so considering the price, the size, and functionality, I couldn’t pass it up. Maybe one day when they’re bigger we’ll invest in a big swingset, but for now, our backyard seems to entertain them just fine!

Saturday morning, Adam had his long run (10 miler for his marathon prep!), so me and the kids slept in a bit. Except not really because Adeline ended up in bed with me pretty early, though I didn’t exactly hate it. She’ll always be our little snuggler, and I can’t fault her for that! Once Adam got home, we headed to breakfast at a different place than usual and met up with my in-laws and SIL. Barrett ate just about every last bite of food they had on hand before we dropped by R.E.I. on the way home. We needed to pick up some new water bottles, and while we were there we dreamed of cooler weather and taking the kids camping. We went straight home afterwards, and put Barrett down for a nap, while I worked out in the backyard with Adeline. She played and played and cheered me on while I got my workout in, and I just loved it! After my workout, it was time for her nap, so we headed inside for her to lay down. Side-note: working out in the backyard in the sun on a nearly 100 degree day is no laughing matter! Wow. Also, I made myself do a few suicides and it felt like the good ‘ole high school days again.

While she napped, we did some chores before Barrett woke up and I brought him downstairs to play for a bit. And then…the most disgusting moment I’ve experienced in motherhood thus far occurred, and it was all kinds of traumatic. (Exaggerating of course, but really.) I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say it involved a lapse in my judgement, leaving Barrett’s diaper off for just a minute too long, a diarrhoea poosplosion apocalypse, and some very horrid smells. Oh, and several, SEVERAL stains in our carpet. IT’S FINE EVERYTHING IS FINE. It was the poop disaster of all disasters, and I don’t think I’ll ever recover from it. I’m kidding, of course. I’m 1,000% positive though that this was the nastiest thing either of our kids has ever put us through though. So there’s that. Barrett, you win, my man.

After we’d recovered from stink-fest, I got him back down for his second nap, and I was able to take Adeline over to my in-laws for a quick swim. She and I jammed out to Disney princess music, and she lived it up in the pool all by herself. Watching that girl swim is the sweetest thing in the world and I never want to forget her happiness in the water. And her “squirt-jump”, aka jumping into the pool with her water gun. Very complex stuff, you guys!

We didn’t swim for too long before we left to meet Adam and Barrett for dinner at Braum’s. Which, if you didn’t know, is a BIG deal to Texans. And, I can see why because it is de-licious. We ate burgers and chicken and I caved into a giant waffle cone of mint chocolate chip ice cream. Sometimes going to dinner with two littles is beyond stressful and honestly feels not worth it, but this time I felt like we just had a relaxed dinner all together and it felt so natural. I’m always thankful for nights like that.

Saturday night, as we were putting Adeline to bed, we realized we couldn’t find PupPup. We searched the entire house, our cars, even called R.E.I. for fear that we’d left him there. (See below for who exactly PupPup is – he’s Adeline’s FAVORITE stuffed animal in the whole entire world!) We were all just about in tears thinking we’d officially lost him, and I even had a talk with Adeline about how if we couldn’t find him, we’d just have to love another stuffed animal in his place. (Cue the heartbreak). You see, PupPup is from Babies R Us, before Adeline was even born, and obviously can’t be replaced. Thankfully though, as we were gearing up to put her to bed, heartbroken and all, I spotted his NOSE peaking out from under her learning tower in the playroom, which prompted the happiest of happy reunions. #praisebe. You guys, I’m not kidding when I say it was the saddest thing ever, hearing her ask, through tears, “Have you found my PupPup yet?” AH can’t even handle it.

Sunday, we headed to church and out to lunch with family before coming home for nap times. While the kids napped, I snuck off to Trader Joe’s, armed with my new favorite true-crime podcast and seriously enjoyed the quiet time and considered it an hour of self-care. I picked up some fun finds for the week, including some snacks for the kids and some yummy vegetables for dinners. If anyone would be interested in our haul, or our meal plan for the week/budget, I’d be happy to share in another post.

Sunday afternoon/evening, we worked on our coffee bar shelves a bit, caught up on laundry, and went to dinner at my SIL’s house so Adeline could jump all her wiggles out on the trampoline. Barrett ate his weight in chicken pot pie, discovered the wonder of bubbles, and we all left happy and refreshed for the week ahead!

I think the Sunday Scaries are such a real thing. Not because I’m unhappy with my job, but because weekends are just so good for my heart. It’s beyond nice having two days in a row full of family time and not a single thought of work. I know you feel me on this. But in this season of motherhood, I feel like I’m once again living for the weekends and enjoying the littlest joys. And now that I’m feeling like I’ve given myself permission to step back from the blog when I feel like I need to, it’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. A weight that I put there, of course.

Cheers to another week ahead, and to our first FULL week of our new routine. The kids both had a GREAT first day of preschool last week, and Adeline is already looking forward to Tuesday!

OH yeah, and I gave up Dr. Pepper. PRAY FOR ME.

And one last thing, Beautycounter releases their Holiday 2019 collection to consultants this week and ya’ll, IT IS GOOOOOOOD. I’m trying to decide if I should snatch up some of the goodness in the pre-sale, or wait until it’s public. Let me know if you’re interested in learning more about how BC does the holidays! There’s no gift quite like self-care, right??

How was your weekend? What’s something in your life you’re trying to take the stress and pressure out of?


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    September 9, 2019 at 4:52 pm

    Good luck with your new routine!!! I’m honestly looking forward to being off work soon, it’s been a lot to prep but the countdown is on!

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    September 9, 2019 at 6:09 pm

    I’d love to hear about your meal plan! I love trader hoes as well. Have a great week

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