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Weekend Recap: The One With All the Chores, Plants, and Storms

This weekend was another one of those weekends that started out without any plans, but somehow ended up plenty full. It’s been nice lately having open weekends, and especially in the summertime when I get off early on Fridays, it makes for added flexibility and being able to just do whatever feels right.

Friday night after work, we quickly decided that the 105 heat index called for a night at the pool! So, we headed to my in-laws for exactly that, and Adam brought pizza once he got off work. A has swimming lessons coming up in a few weeks so I’m hoping to help her “practice” a bit before they start. B floated around the pool for the first time in a giant mermaid tail and almost fell asleep – living.the.dream. He absolutely loves the pool, and I’m so glad he’s going to be a little water baby!

Saturday morning, we woke up later than usual thanks to two angel babies who somehow miraculously BOTH slept until 8 AM, then headed to our usual Waffle House family breakfast date. After breakfast, we came home and did ALL the chores, organizing, and cleaning until nap time. Adam also cut the front and back lawns, trimmed the hedges, weedeated (weed-whacked, what else do you call it?), and I finished up a few small projects inside, and organized part of the garage. The kids entertained themselves for the most part in the playroom, and loved watching Daddy work in the yard.

After a good long nap time, that was a bit of a battle to begin with (hello two kids essentially crying it out! Ooomph!), we loaded up and went to our new favorite Tamale place! This little tamale places is the best place we’ve discovered down here thus far, and we even met the owner while we were there. I had the hatch-chile tamale plate, Adam had a burrito, A had a quesadilla, we split some queso, and B had endless amounts of rice and refried beans. Any place that doesn’t frown upon messy and loud children is a huge win in my book!

Saturday night, once the kids went to bed, I sat out on the back patio for a date night with myself to do a little gardening! I turned on a podcast, plugged in our twinkle lights, and got to work! I needed to re-pot my aloe plant, and a few others in the process. I’ve been so loving my gardening adventures, and for the most part everything is still alive. (Minus some flowers that the sun literally torched after I forgot to water them for like 3 days!) My rose bushes are all doing amazingly, and it’s been so much fun watching them grow, and learning how best to prune them. I feel like I’ve learned so much about gardening on a small scale that I really need to put together a blog post about it.

Sunday morning, we went to church, then out to lunch afterwards at a fun little outdoor barbecue food truck place. (Next to our favorite snow cone stand, Gnome Cones!) Once we came home, we managed to get both kids down for naps, and Adam and I finished up some laundry, and rounded up some bags for GoodWill and bulk trash pickup day. Once the kids woke up, we hung some picture frames, hung another string for crafts in the playroom, played outside, and let A watch Toy Story 2 AND 3! I cannot WAIT to take her to see the new Toy Story 4!

We ended the night making leftover turkey meatball subs, and playing outside in the dirt, just because. After I had to get onto A for digging around in my newly planted pots, I made her her own pot of dirt and gave her some tools to work with. She sat out on the patio for at least an hour, before it was time for baths and bed.

As I’m writing this, we’re finally sitting down together watching a new show, and another huge storm is rolling through, one that’s full of loud thunder, strong winds, and endless lightning. It seems like we’ve had so much rain this season, but my yard is definitely not hating it. This time last year, our yard was so dry we had huge cracks running through it. Speaking of storms, we’ve been a little paranoid of storms lately after a house down the street from us caught fire recently from a lightning strike. A quickly learned all about firefighters, firetrucks, and fire and we’ve since created a family “fire plan” in case we ever had an emergency. Here’s your friendly reminder to do the same!

How was your weekend? What was one thing that made you happy? Have you been doing any gardening?


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    June 24, 2019 at 11:44 am

    Sounds like a great weekend!
    What do you think of that placemat that B is using in the restaurant pic? I’m trying to decide if it would be helpful when my baby starts eating solids in a few weeks.

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      June 27, 2019 at 10:02 am

      We love it! But, we also have a heavier duty one that kind of has like a bowl made into it, and we prefer that one! But this little one was SUPER cheap and I can fold it up easily in the diaper bag!

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    June 24, 2019 at 2:09 pm

    What a great weekend. We seem to have a lot of weekends these day with no plans but end up pleasantly full. I just got the boys some new clothes and we have that colored blue romper too. Super cute.
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      June 27, 2019 at 10:03 am

      Same! Pretty much every weekend when we’re like, yay no plans, they end up being full to the brim! But it’s always good 🙂

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