Weekend Recap – No Run in Sight


How was your weekend? Mine was wonderful, although I was not nearly as productive as I set out to be. But that’s okay because I forced myself to relax and take some time to myself! Always a good call.

Quick recap of the weekend:

Friday night was Pizza Night! We stuck with a classic: pepperoni and sausage, but added black olives on my half. Delicious. We also used dairy free cheese on my end, and surprisingly, it still tasted great! Nevermind the fact that on Saturday I had a cheese quesadilla dipped in queso. I’m not so good at this avoiding cheese thing.

photo 1

Saturday I slept mostly all day on and off, then cleaned the house. Then¬†Sunday after church I took myself down to the pool and laid out for two hours. Hello first sunburn of the summer. Forgot that my stomach hasn’t seen the sun in possibly over a year. I was also very envious of the lifeguards, and was tempted to tell them, “you have no idea how good you have it!” I lifeguarded several summers in college, and spending time at the pool yesterday made me miss those days!

photo 3

Last night we hosted our life group, and chowed down on a Taco Bar and Sopapilla Cheesecake. Thank goodness that bikini was pre-taco night! But really.


What should I have done all weekend? Run. And then run some more. I haven’t run in over a week, and it’s starting to really make me feel guilty and lazy! I won’t get to today either, but hopefully tomorrow I can get back to my routine. It’s been raining here for almost a week, and even though that’s not a good excuse, I just can’t make myself get out and run in the rain.

It’s so hard for me sometimes to stay motivated to run everyday when I’m not training for something specific. My next 5k isn’t until the end of this month so I guess in the back of my head I know I’ve got plenty of time to train for it. Plus, it’s a course I’ve run before so I know it’s pretty flat and fast! You can read last year’s recap of it here.

I’ve got a couple reviews and giveaways coming up, so stay posted!!

How do you stay motivated to run when you’re not training for something? What did you do this weekend?

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    • Sweet Miles says

      Nice! Not long – everyone brought different tacos and all we supplied was the taco meat and the tortillas :)

  1. says

    I took 2 weeks off from running after my half on May 18th. I finally ran yesterday and felt better than I have in a long time! I’ve been focusing more on cross training (yoga and weight lifting). I think it was the best thing I could do! I never want to feel burnt out about running. I bet you’ll be happy you took a little break.
    Nikki@ grab your kicks recently posted…Hungry For ChangeMy Profile

    • Sweet Miles says

      I agree! I think it was probably great for you to take a little time off! I would love to get into yoga..I just wish the studio was more convenient to where we lived!

  2. says

    Oh my gosh I could never give up cheese. It is soo good! It’s definitely really hard for me to stay motivated to run a ton of miles when I have nothing to train for. I tend to go crazy if I don’t run for a while and normally set out for one even if it’s short after a few days of no running.
    Courtney @RunningforCupcakes recently posted…Beach Bummin‚ÄôMy Profile

    • Sweet Miles says

      Same here Courtney…it’s hard for me to focus on a goal if I don’t have something I’m working towards!

  3. says

    Sometimes a little rest is just what your body needs. If you’re not feeling up to running, you could always do something else active to mix it up. I’ll do that sometimes when I’m getting bored with the same ol’ stuff, then after a while away, it makes me want to get back into it.
    Jaclyn @ Bumpsweat recently posted…28-Week BumpdateMy Profile

    • Sweet Miles says

      That’s a very good point – switching it up and adding variety, and even just taking off running completely for a few days makes me want to get back to it even harder!

  4. says

    As much as I complained about the 60+ hour work weeks lifeguarding at the beach/pool throughout HS and college I’d kill to do it all over again. it’s so hard sitting in an office at a computer for 40+ hours a week now.

    I don’t really run anymore but when I lose motivation to lift I remember that there’s people that can’t lift and think of my boyfriend who’s deployed and has it much worse than I. Always lights the fire that I need =)

    • Sweet Miles says

      Girl same here!! I can’t believe I used to complain about life guarding. We had it SO good! That’s great motivation, what a great way to light that fire :) Good for you!

    • Sweet Miles says

      Training for something really just makes it SO much easier to stay motivated! Speaking of, I need to sign up for my 5k at the end of the month!

  5. says

    That pizza looks amazing and made me realize me missed homemade pizza night this weekend!
    I’m hardly ever training for a race, so I try to think of running as a fun way to get outside and enjoy the day, rather than worrying about my pace and hitting certain goals. That and Pandora always keep it interesting :-)
    Kelly @ Kelly Runs For Food recently posted…Workout recap and weekend funMy Profile

    • Sweet Miles says

      I think running to get outside and enjoy the fresh air is a perfect reason! I love running without time commitments :)

    • Sweet Miles says

      Haha same here!! I keep telling my husband that the negative side effects haven’t outweighed the delicious taste yet!

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