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Turn Back Time: Introducing Beautycounter Countertime

The day has finally arrived! This is truly a game changer in the skincare industry, and is Beautycounter’s biggest launch yet. If you’ve been following for a while now then you know I feel passionate about clean skincare and clean living, and after being a loyal customer for 3 years, I jumped back on board as a consultant at the beginning of 2019 and have been enjoying the journey thus far!

Introducing: Countertime. Beautycounter’s brand new, revolutionary, anti-aging skincare collection. Countertime is meant to visibly reduce the signs of aging, plump and firm skin, and improve radiance, allowing you to age gracefully, and even more beautifully. This is our response to Retinol, and now gives all of you a much safer, yet highly effective, alternative to popular anti-aging products that contain this questionable ingredient (Retinol is on our Never List!). We’ve introduced a new plant-derived main ingredient, Retinatural Complex, with proven anti-aging benefits. The collection consists of 6 new products and I’ll dive into the details of each below. I cannot wait to get my hands on a few of these products, and have been anxiously awaiting their public release.

I’m bummed I couldn’t snatch it up during our consultant pre-sale a few weeks ago, so I am right there with all of you, excited to order it and try it for the first time! (PS talk about a huge consultant perk!) In the meantime, I wanted to at least share everything I know about it, and educate you on why it’s a must-have in your safer beauty arsenal if anti-aging is right up your alley!

I’m super excited about this release, because it’s really showing how innovative, and progressive of a company Beautycounter is. They aren’t afraid to take risks, and shake things up. They’re proving once again to be a leader in the industry, and if you aren’t already on the Beautycounter train, now is a good time to listen up and finally read all of those “annoying” articles your Beautycounter friends post on the daily! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Beautycounter is the real deal, and if the safety of you and your family’s personal care products is at all on your radar, Beautycounter is 100% worth the investment.

Cheers to Mother Earth

With the launch of Countertime, also comes the launch of our new, more sustainable and Earth-friendly packaging initiative. We’re slowly transitioning from plastic to glass, and over the course of the next year we’ll be reducing the amount of plastic going into landfills by 1 million pieces! Glass is much more easily recycled and I couldn’t be more proud to be associated with a company working to do their part in protecting Mother Earth! Keep your eyes out for more glass products being released!

Goodbye Rejuvenating Hello Countertime

For those of you already familiar with Beautycounter, Countertime is going to eventually replace the current Rejuvenating line. I know some of you will be sad to see this happen, but I promise you the Countertime line is going to be worth it! To be clear, this is not a revamp of the Rejuvenating line, but rather a brand NEW, more innovative line of products all together, that will more effectively target the signs of aging. So much has changed since the Rejuvenating line was first formulated as far as clean technology goes, and Beautycounter saw now as the perfect time to become the leader in safer anti-aging skincare. If you are a fan of the Rejuvenating line, it is not going to be reordered, and is expected to sell out completely by the end of 2019, so be sure to stock up if you have a few favorites by visiting the Last Chance section of the site! (I think once you learn more about the Countertime line though, you’ll be happy to make the switch once you run out of your current product! I for one am sad to see my Rejuvenating Eye Cream go, but the new Countertime one is going to be much improved!)

Bakuchiol + Swiss Alpine Rose = Retinatural Complex

The 6 new Countertime products contain our innovative Retinatural Complex, which combines the powerful age-defying and reparative benefits of Bakuchiol with antioxidant-rich Swiss Alpine Rose to reinforce the skin’s ability to protect itself from oxidative stress. Bakuchiol is a retinol alternative derived from the babchi plant. In 2014, The International Journal of Cosmetic Science published a clinical study of retinol versus Bakuchiol. The study concluded that Bakuchiol mimics and sometimes exceeds the performance benefits of retinol! If you’ve done any research at all into cleaner skincare and safer ingredients, you probably already know that Retinol is a big no-no. It’s especially important to avoid if you are pregnant or nursing. But guess what! Countertime is completely safe for pregnancy and nursing! Yay!

Meet The Collection

The 6 new products are as follows:

  • Countertime Lipid Defense Cleansing Oil
  • Countertime Mineral Defense Hydrating Essence
  • Countertime Tripeptide Radiance Serum
  • Countertime Antioxidant Soft Cream (think of this like your day cream)
  • Countertime Tripeptide Supreme Cream (think of this like your night cream)
  • Countertime Ultra Renewal Eye Cream

The products are sold either individually, as a 4 step (5 product) regimen, or as the whole collection. The regimen is designed to last for 10 weeks, based on average usage, and actually won’t be available until later this month. And, of course all of these products can easily be intertwined with your current Beautycounter routine. So for me, I don’t necessarily NEED the entire Countertime collection. It’s technically designed for dry and/or mature skin and to really reduce the signs of aging – “age defying” as they say. But, I’ll be honest, I just don’t think I’m quite there yet. I actually really prefer the Countermatch collection right now, and find that at my current stage in life, my skin simply needs excellent hydration and simplicity. (And keeping your skin hydrated is essential to keeping those early signs of aging at bay!) But I think that adding in a Countertime product here or there would be the perfect compliment to my current skincare routine, and to really hone in on what I want to focus on most. I’m really looking forward to trying the Supreme Cream and the Ultra Renewal Eye Cream, and think that along with my Countermatch favorites, these two items would make the most sense for me! And that’s the beauty of Beautycounter – there truly is something for everyone, and every skin type, and I’d be more than happy to help you chat through what might work best for you!

Long story short, back away from Retinol, ya’ll! Beautycounter has got you covered now with something that is safer, and just as effective, if not MORE effective, than Retinol, without compromising your health or exposing you to anything potentially harmful!

If you have any questions at all, always feel free to reach out! Email, Instagram DM, whatever is easiest for you! I’d love to share my passion for cleaner personal care products with you, and even chat about other clean products Adam and I have been loving! If you’d like to check out Beautycounter, you can always check it out HERE. And, any order placed between now and the end of the week (through Sunday July 14 at midnight) I will reimburse your shipping.

As a reminder, if you enroll as a Band of Beauty member, for $29/year, you’ll receive 10% back in product credit on every order, and free shipping on orders over $100. Plus, a free welcome gift if you spend $15 at time of sign up! Woo!

Which product are you looking forward to trying? Which Beautycounter collection most appeals to you? What other personal care products do you try to buy ‘clean’?

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