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Truckee set a PR!!!

I’m sure most people don’t keep track of their canine running buddy’s records, but when it usually takes all day for us make it 1-2 miles, I’m always excited when she improves. And today she was IN THE ZONE! We left the house a little later than usual, so she was able to poop twice, (thankfully preventing the catastrophe of pooping in someone’s yard while I’m standing there embarrassed and without a bag to pick it up) and the temperature had cooled down a little. *A little.*

We started off down the hill, then connected to the mostly flat trail. I’ve figured out that I just HAVE to be extra strict with her or else she won’t listen to me. (Adam, I felt that eyeroll.) So I’ve been working on really correcting her when she messes up or when she pulls or tries to dart off into the grass. This time when she tried I just didn’t let her, I yanked her leash and told her NO, slapped her booty, and made her get back on my left side and keep going. My goal is to teach her that darting off into the grass isn’t even an option unless I tell her it’s okay. She needs to learn that I’M in control, and not her. Plus now that she’s 70lbs it’s getting more and more difficult to control her, so she HAS to be well behaved! I mean she weighs more than half of what I weigh!!

We took a new route because the route we usually take when we go this way has been spooking her lately. I’m not sure what it is that she doesn’t like about it but she literally won’t run past this one house. Maybe she can just sense something about it, who knows. So we went a new way, and she was spot on! She looked so happy, and would speed up into a sprint, then slow down to a jog, then sprint again, then jog again. At one point she was wanting to go so fast I had to tell her to slow down! She’s getting better about not being a step ahead of me and keeping right by my side. Sometimes she looks up at me like, “come on, mom!! you said you wanted to run!” I was so proud of her for not stopping when she heard dogs bark, and she didn’t try to cross behind me. When we hit her first mile time I stopped her and gave her a huge hug and told her she did so good. And maybe a quick tummy rub. But she deserved it! We kept going, probably about a half mile further, and she was done. Just done. Dead. Finished. Too hot to even walk. So I got her some water from someone’s lawn sprinkler and we sat in the shade on the curb for a few minutes while she recharged her batteries 🙂 I was a little worried that she had overheated, and I didn’t have my phone with me to call Adam and have him come get her. So since we were near that sprinkler I threw some of the water on her head and back to help cool her down. It seemed to help, and after about 5 minutes she was good to go again and we jogged home. All in all I’d guesstimate we covered about 3 miles together. Once we got in the door, she collapsed on the kitchen floor and I set her water bowl in front of her. Poor thing, she was so tired that she laid out flat on her stomach and stuck her whole head in her water bowl, didn’t even sit up. We gave her some ice cubes to cool down her system more and she seemed to recover quickly once she was rehydrated. Oh Truckles. You love running so much, but I think it’s time we only run at dusk. I think your black fur coat is just too much for this Arkansas heat right now. I know it will break your heart, but we have to start going when it’s cooler!

The first garmin picture is the mile I did after I dropped her back at the house. I had a gourmet hot dog waiting for me and I knew I needed to burn a few more calories before I ate all that sodium, HA! The second garmin picture is the first mile me and Truckee did! 10:10 is her new official PR! It may not sound fast, but for a 9 month old black lab that has the attention span of a squirrel she was killin’ it today!! I’m so proud of her!! She only stopped to smell the grass twice! One day I have high hopes that she will run at whatever pace I want to run at, and she will happily oblige. Baby steps though!

My next race is a week from tomorrow, and I think Adam might sign up too! BUT, we’re starting to get a little hesitant about it because it’s starting to HOT EARLY!! The race is at 7:30am which is better than 8, but still, even when we walk into work at 7:45 everyday we’re sweating by the time we get to the door. We’re going to have to do some serious pre-hydrating! If you’re in the Little Rock area you should sign up with us, it’s for a great ministry too! Below is the link for registration. It’s at Burns Park, and is supposedly pretty flat! Check it out!

River City 5K

If I’m going to hit my sub 25:00 time, I’m going to have to work reallllly hard over the course of the next week. Heat is not my friend, but I’m still hoping the flat course will help me shave off those 6 seconds. Even if I hit 24:59 I will be happy! But after that week that I took off, I haven’t gotten quite back to where I was for my last 5K. Argh. So we’ll see what happens!

How do YOU prepare for a faster 5K time? Any tips?

P.S. Remember rock climbing on Weds? I’m even more sore today. Darn you “second day” curse. Everytime I laugh the muscles in my back hurt. Clear sign I must use these muscles more!

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    Nicole @ FruitnFitness
    June 21, 2013 at 1:16 pm

    What a great PR for the little girl! When I run with my dog Bentley he’s always a speed monster the first mile pulling me like crazy then by the end of the second mile he’s either running along side of me or dragging behind and we will have to walk. Dogs can be so silly!

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