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truckee is good for the heart

Today was fabulous! There was this strange bright blue color in the sky though, not sure what that’s about, since lately all we’ve seen is grey!

We had our usual Sunday morning…awoken three hours too early.

Even on the weekends we’ve learned that we can’t sleep in 🙂 SOMEBODY has to be fed at precisely 6 AM, sometimes 5:45 AM if she’s really feelin it, and will roll around in her kennel, bashing her body weight against the walls, flapping her tail, pawing at the door, and crying, “hmmphing”, and dramatic sighing until we finally roll out of bed to go feed her. (It’s not because she has to go potty…we would have already made that trip an hour earlier.) Then, she gets to come back to her kennel for another nap until we decide it’s REALLY time to get out of bed. Except, this doesn’t usually go as planned because after another hour in her kennel, she knows it’s playtime. And the crying, “hmmphing”, and dramatic sighing start all over again until we can’t handle covering our heads with our pillows any longer. She really is just a *little* needy spoiled. But we love her and put up with it because when she gives us those sad puppy eyes, our hearts melt all over again.

So onto the day. Church, then home for a leftover lunch, laying out on the deck, yard-work, photo-editing. If you follow me on instagram, @sarah_ingle1, you already saw this. It made me chuckle. Talk about a girl’s best friend! She wants to be included in everything, even sunbathing!

We also got to run our #rwrunstreak mile! We’re back on track after missing 2 days! I know I know, we didn’t exactly play by the rules for the first week, but I have to think that a tornado & a race the following day are ok excuses 🙂 We took Truckee with us for our 1 mile “run” tonight to give her some exercise since she’s been cooped up in all this stormy weather lately! She was pretty pumped to say the least. Our run turned more into a run/jog/walk/training session/walk some more. But that’s okay, because spending time with she and my husband are some of my favorite parts of my day! Even if we’re not breaking any speed records!

We did a 1.5 mile loop near our house, down the trail, then back up our street. We still can’t say enough good things about Maumelle’s trail system! So convenient!!

I finally got to wear my Brooks EZ T Cupcake shirt my friend Ashleigh got me again! Love how lightweight it is, and she knows me so well. Why yes I’ll run for a cupcake! Duh, it’s a sweet isn’t it?!

When we got home, the Trucks was pooped. We had a lazy dinner- steamed veggies w/ cheese & crackers, and finished up a movie. A pretty good Sunday if you ask me.

And now, I have some happiness to share with you. Adam and I may or may not have just spent a solid half hour cracking up over these dog images. Probably because they fit Truckee TO A T. If you don’t smile at least once you have no heart.

Looks about right. We never have to pick up sticks. Truckee has it covered.

This is what happens when Truckee sees Adam for the first time every day after work. Or if you haven’t been to our house in a while. She loves visitors!

Yep, we’re still in THAT phase.

That would be why she’s been banished to her kennel at nighttime. No hard feelings Truckee, you were a good snuggler while you lasted!

Even though she’s a destructive-everything-eating-machine, she still brings so much joy and laughter it’s a little ridiculous.

Tomorrow is another week! Bring it on!

Anyone else’s dog have a ridiculously early schedule that they can’t shake??


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    Sara @ Fit.Fun.Femme
    June 3, 2013 at 3:42 pm

    Love all the funny dog pics. I can totally relate to some of them. Our fur babe is a sleeper – on the rare occasion we can sleep in late (or maybe we drank a little too much the night before) he’s happy to snuggle up in his bed until we get up. So glad I found your blog!

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      Sweet Miles
      June 3, 2013 at 5:05 pm

      Haha it’s always nice when they’re in a snuggly mood! Glad you found it too!

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