Sweet Potato Nachos

Alright guys, this doesn’t happen often! I won in the kitchen tonight, and am quite proud of myself!

You know I’m a big fan of easy, tasty recipes, with few ingredients, and this one fits the bill perfectly! Not to mention, it is fairly healthy.

How to Make Sweet Potato Nachos

-sweet potato(es)
-sour cream
-black beans
-mozzarella cheese (or queso cheese…if that’s all you have!)

I made this meal just for me, so if you’re making it for 2+ people, I’d use at least 2-3 large sweet potatoes.


We used a food processor to finely slice the sweet potato, then diced up the other vegetables.

cooking with sweet potatoes

The sweet potatoes were tossed lightly in olive oil and sea salt, then baked on a cookie sheet at 400, for 25 minutes. After about 15 minutes, I flipped them over.


As soon as they came out of the oven, I sprinkled on a little bit of cheese, then added the black beans (drained), tomatoes, avocado, jalapeño, cilantro, and sour cream.


easy sweet potato recipe

sweet potato nachos

And, it was good!

Do you like sweet potatoes? What’s the most recent “fun” recipe you’ve made?

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    • Sweet Miles says

      You are so very welcome! I don’t make tasty, delicious recipes all that often, so when I do I like to share :)

    • Sweet Miles says

      Yummm!!! We make roasted sweet potatoes pretty often too, I’ll have to try putting it all in a “burrito bowl” type deal!

  1. says

    I absolutely love sweet potatoes, and actually had one with my breakfast this morning! I can eat them at anytime of day. :) I have seen recipes for sweet potato nachos, but I have never made them. I might just need to give it a try!

    • Sweet Miles says

      They do seem much healthier than using regular chips :) Makes me feel better about eating a much larger serving!

  2. says

    Woman, now let’s talk about these nachos! Seriously, I’ll trade you my pancakes for your nachos any day. Also, this is my first time discovering the awesomeness of your blog and I lurve it.

    Yes, lurve. I can’t wait to read/creep some more 😉

    Ashley @MilesonOats recently posted…WIAW #11: Mountain FoodMy Profile

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