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St. George Island Family Vacation Part 3

As promised, I’m finally back to share part 3 of our big family beach trip. It’s still hard to believe it was over a month ago because a part of my heart is still living on that beach, watching my babies play in the sand, and splash in the waves. I know I’ve said it a dozen times by now but it was just such a dream having our little family of four by the ocean. I remember dreaming about it before I was a mom, and even more once I became a mom, and it’s just simply the best.

Again, I actually didn’t take very many photos, and of course I’ve left out a lot of more personal family ones, or ones of the rest of the family mainly because I don’t want to blog them without asking first. (I mean hello, everyone’s in their swimsuits!) So, I’ve stuck to mostly the four of us throughout these recaps.

So this recap is basically the last two (?) days I guess, and pretty much more of the same – beach in the morning, pool before and after lunch, and hanging out down by the water in the evening before bed. Barrett really warmed up to the sand by the end of the week, and I can only imagine how much he’s going to love it next time we go back!

We actually just got our professional family photos back as well and ya’ll, I’m DYING! They are unbelievable and worth every.single.penny. I can’t wait to share them and print them and blow them all up to poster size and heart eyes over them all day every day. They’re just so good!! Will share soon, I promise!

Anyways, here’s a little glimpse at our last couple days, and we can move onto our regularly scheduled program!

Part 1
Part 2

So long, beach! It’s not goodbye, but see you later. Hopefully in a year or two!

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